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Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Top Stories Top Stories What to watch in markets for the week ahead Fed Chair Jerome Powell's two days of congressional testimony is the big event being watched by markets in the week ahead. Market Insider read more. Here's where the jobs are — in one chart CNBC studied the net changes by industry for June jobs based on data from the Labor Department. Economy read more. El-Erian: The market has 'gotten carried away' with Fed rate cut The Fed read more. Amazon lessons from the last 25 years, according to one of its Technology read more. Beto O'Rourke pushes student loan forgiveness for public school Trump administration will continue fight to put citizenship Politics read more.

Strong June jobs report sends stocks lower—5 experts explain what Trading Nation read more. Here's how criminals use stolen passport information Passport data sells in three formats on the darkweb, digital scans, templates for creating a finished passport and actual physical passports. Broadcom looks to old software names Symantec and Tibco for a Graduateland cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from use of any Graduateland Site.

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Your first job Congratulations, you've found your first real job! Sort by Your first job View all categories Hide all categories. Sort by All. Career inspiration. Application advice. Job interview tips. Your first job. Virtual Career Fair. Article overview. Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to find and keep a job Your IQ might help you ace university exams. Communication skills: what you need to know Ever wondered what "communication skills" really are? How to deal with rejection Being rejected for a job is not the most fun part of the application process.

What drives us at work? A brick new world: Experiences from the the LEGO Graduate Programme How do you challenge yourself, go beyond your comfort zone, travel and learn something new everyday? Graduateland's guide to networking Networking has become a buzz-word within career development, but what does it actually mean to network and how do you do it How data is shaping the world Data is changing how decisions should be made.

Show your true colours with a personal brand Interested in getting ahead in the job market? How to improve your listening skills Listening is an essential part of communication, and improving your listening skills can be a big advantage in many different job How to improve your writing skills Even if you don't use written communication much in your job, it's an important skill that many employers want you to evidence.

How to improve your speaking skills Knowing how to speak confidently and clearly is an important part of many job roles. Career Branding - Attract the career you want and deserve Less job security, more options to choose from - the youngest generation of job-seekers needs a new approach to careers. How to negotiate your first salary When you get your first job offer, you might be so happy that you forget to negotiate the terms.

Career Branding Part 1 - Set your GPS for career success If you want to move along your career path, you first have to know where you want to go. Which commute fits your work style? Career Branding Part 2 - Get noticed in a noisy job market In this part of our series, you get to know more about how you find your niche, create your value proposition, and come up with a Career Branding Part 3 - Online footprints can ruin your career opportunities Do your social media profiles work for you or against you?

Career Branding Part 5 - Take complete ownership of your Career Brand Do you want to take your career brand to the highest level, and take complete ownership of name and brand? Once you get there, keep thinking as if you are not Educated from Copenhagen Business School and with experience from Copenhagen, London, Zurich, and Chicago, David shares his story.

How volunteering is a great career move Volunteering on your own time is not only impressive to future employers, but a label of quality that a lot of companies are trying to Problem-solving skills: what you need to know Problem-solving skills are one of the first things employers look for on job applications.

Working in finance at Yahoo! Dublin Maria is 25 and currently works as a billing specialist for Yahoo! Graduate programme at ABB What is it like being employed as a graduate for an international company? Graduate programme at Swiss Re Doing a graduate programme at a international company is one of the best opportunities to land a dream job abroad. Graduate programme at Danske Bank Are you looking for a way to get a head start and boost your career as a graduate?

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The graduate guide to working in Denmark Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in Denmark as a university graduate. The graduate guide to working in Sweden Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in Sweden as a university graduate. The graduate guide to working in Norway Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in Norway as a university graduate. The graduate guide to working in the Netherlands Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in the Netherlands as a university graduate. The graduate guide to working in Germany Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in Germany as a university graduate.

The graduate guide to working in the United Kingdom Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in the UK as a university graduate. The graduate guide to working in Ireland Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in the Republic of Ireland as a university graduate. The graduate guide to working in France Our top tips for finding jobs and managing work life in France as a university graduate.

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How do you know which words to use? A good place to start is the job description. Depressing statistic: recruiters and hiring managers only spend an average of six seconds reading your resume. We know, it hurts. That's not a lot of time to capture their attention.

That's why it's so important to know what potential employers are looking for in those few precious seconds, and put them in your resumes. Consider: technical skills, soft skills , examples of impact , certifications , and quantifiable success. No one wants to end up in the slush pile — stacks of resumes that will never see the light of day— because they don't catch the eye of recruiters or hiring managers.

But what if we told you that not only can you stand out to a recruiter , but you can become irresistible to him or her? You definitely can — by being the most informed candidate to apply for the job. HR insiders say that being knowledgeable about the company as well as highly engaged are the keys to standing out in a stack of resumes. We've all been there at one point: staring into the abyss of a job site, wondering how to find the right job — and then, how to apply for it. It's a daunting task. But it doesn't have to paralyze you or keep you from getting your first job.

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Being prepared, writing a killer resume , tapping your college network and using the best online tools can all make applying for your first job so much easier. If you're applying to multiple jobs at once — and we bet you are — things could get a little hairy if you don't stay organized. After all, you don't want lose out on a job because you missed a deadline or lost a phone number. But getting organized is easy — and you won't even need a trip to the Container Store! In today's work climate, competition for a single job can be fierce.

So how can you beat your competition? Experts agree it comes down to information — to knowing more than they do about the job and the company. But more importantly, it's about conveying you have that extra knowledge to a potential employer. To do that, you'll have to figure out how to organize the information you've gathered, come prepared to an interview with the right questions, and pay attention to detail.

You'd never purposefully tank an interview. But you may unknowingly be hurting your chances of getting hired. By being inconsistent.