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Before stress can be managed, however, it must be identified. Jefferson also shares the results of a comprehensive survey of Americans who candidly discuss their own stressors, and the steps they take to manage them. The quotes from the survey respondents are incredibly moving and inspiring. With this book, you no longer have to suffer in silence. Stress and pain are nearly unavoidable in our daily lives; they are part of the human condition. This stress can often leave us feeling irritable, tense, overwhelmed, and burned-out.

The key to maintaining balance is responding to stress not with frustration and self-criticism, but with mindful, nonjudgmental awareness of our bodies and minds. In just weeks, you can learn mindfulness-based stress reduction MBSR , a clinically proven program for alleviating stress, anxiety, panic, depression, chronic pain, and a wide range of medical conditions.

Taught in classes and clinics worldwide, this powerful approach shows you how to focus on the present moment in order to permanently change the way you handle stress. Even though we have massive amounts of modern technology claimed to make life easier, we seem to accumulate more and more stress just trying to use all the technology designed to make life easier—rather ironic. But combine that with the financial instability in our economy, the wars, and dangers surfacing around the world, the threat of terrorism, political climate, severe weather, etc.

Meditation for Stress Management by Julia Green is a quick and easy guide that will help beginners to learn the basics of meditation. Why it works, how it can help you reduce stress in your life and finally, how to meditate. Meditation helps control your stress levels, which invites a healthy lifestyle. Stress basics Mayo Clinic.

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The American Institute of Stress. Additional Life Balance Resources. Patient Online Services Request an Appointment. Issue may have led to limited disclosure of patient information through Mayo Clinic app Learn more. In the past, we have seen Pam call out her coworkers for their mistakes or attempts to cover up their errors.

5 Crucial Reasons to Carry a Moral Compass

Although she tried to clear Cece of lice the night before, she accidentally infested the office. However, she allowed Meredith to take the blame since she is one of the few employees with children. Not only did her cover-up highlight her selfishness but it led to Meredith shaving her own head to eliminate the problem. Her secret came out when she answered a phone call from her mother and had to use the speakerphone to receive it. Poor bald Meredith.

Throughout the series, fans rooted for Jim and Pam to get together. Though they mainly referred to each other as only friends, the audience could see there were deeper feelings between them. Even if their time together looked like innocent fun, Pam always seemed to look slightly guilty when Roy would show up to leave for the day. Incidentally, after their talk, she found out that he decided to get a divorce. Instead of speaking to her father for more details, Pam immediately lashed out at Jim that his actions caused their impending divorce.

She then began to have anxiety about her own relationship with Jim and the possibility of them not making it. Pretty big irrational jumps there, Pam. When she returned to Dunder Mifflin, Pam found herself failing in sales. Unable to meet her mandatory quotas and land new customers, she decided her best option would be to lie to her company about her job title. Since Pam was failing at her real job, why not create a new one she could be good at doing? She then proceeded to inform Gabe that she had not been paid for her office administrator job she had been given a few months prior.

She hoped to take advantage of the confusion of the acquisition of Dunder Mifflin by Sabre and sneaked the new title in. After successfully tricking all of the department heads into signing a document confirming her faux title, she almost got caught when Gabe called her bluff. However, she successfully convinced hi and she got the job. Jim revealed his feelings for her and kissed her. Although she did kiss him back, she said she did not feel the same. Fast forward a few episodes and we find Jim happily dating Karen and Pam being a single woman again.

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Although she never took the initiative to call Jim and confirm her feelings, she did wait until he returned to the Scranton office to make her move. Pam continued to flirt with Jim and get his attention. Her re-appearance in his life eventually put a strain on his relationship with Karen and he soon became quite unhappy.

Jim and Pam were beyond ecstatic when they discovered that Pam was pregnant with their first child. The couple excitedly prepared for the arrival of their firstborn along with their coworkers, family, and friends. Because if she delayed until after midnight, she could have an additional day in the hospital. Although her reason made sense sort of , she still risked the life of her unborn child and herself by being stubborn.

She persuaded the office to continue to distract her from the pain of the contractions while Jim became a nervous wreck worrying about them both. In the end, she waited entirely too long to leave for the hospital and nearly had the baby in the office. When we first met Pam Beasley, she worked as a receptionist for Dunder Mifflin. Eventually, she tried to branch out and pursue her love of art. When she finally made it to art school, we all hoped she would finally be happy. Once again, she failed. Upon returning to Dunder Mifflin, she then made up a new position and gained the title of office administrator.

And guess what? When faced with the possibility of being a mere receptionist for the rest of her life, Pam found herself wishing for more interesting pursuits. Having always had an interest in art, she eventually started looking into art schools. However, Roy never supported this dream and she placed her passion on the back burner. However, thanks to the ever encouraging Jim, she found the courage to try it out although she failed.

So, when it came time for Jim to pursue his passion at the up-and-coming Athleads, you would think Pam would return the favor. Yeah, not so much. She basically discouraged him from following his passions, guilting him that she needed him instead. Granted, they had two children now, but they still could have worked it out.

When Michael could no longer take being mistreated by Dunder Mifflin anymore, he bravely decided to quit the company and start his own business. However, he was determined to find his new start on his own. Yet again, trying to be the voice of reason but being unsupportive too , Pam criticized his hasty decision incessantly.

When his actions are finally discovered by Charles, he made one final speech in hopes of bringing some of his employees with him. Surprisingly, Pam decided to join him despite initially criticizing his idea. The two leave together in pursuit of their new foolish dream together. With few funds to begin the company and very few initial clients, they soon discover they are in financial trouble. Even with the few clients they manage to steal from their former employer, they soon find themselves on the edge of going under. It is at this moment that Pam fully realized she would soon be unemployed.

However, instead of finding ways to help the company, she tried to weasel back into Dunder Mifflin. She tried convincing Charles to take her back in her old position which he declined. However, with the appearance of salesman Danny Cordray, she seemed to slip back into her previous cloud of low self-esteem. Despite being a happy relationship with Jim, she began obsessing over why Danny never called her back despite having been on two dates.

Considering they dated while Jim had moved to the Stamford branch, this knowledge was no longer relevant nor necessary for her current happiness. Another blow to her self-esteem thanks to her actions. Never the self-assured person, Pam often let her insecurities get the best of her. From dropping out of art school to questioning the strength of her relationship with Jim, she often had to overcome her own self-doubt just to be happy.

Although he adamantly responded that he did not find her attractive, Pam became obsessed with proving he was lying. Although her anxieties stemmed from her hormones and the pregnancy, she still became too aggressive in her pursuit of the truth. Now that is just desperate. Complimentary refreshments and resources provided. To book: please email me alex changinglifecourse. Explore, discover and begin to set your agenda for meaningful goals for yourself. Learn skills and techniques for all the above in a series of interactive exercises.

Come along with a pad and pen and an open mind. Refreshments provided. Half price for one of you if you bring a friend. To book your place call or text Alex on Or email alex changinglifecourse. Could you do with a boost for applying for jobs or volunteer work?

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Do you lack confidence in how to put yourself across more confidently? Learn how to:. Are you considering a change in career or lifestyle direction? You have your vision.

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You have an idea of where you would like to go. Or perhaps you have a vague idea but need some clarity and motivation. Now is the time to start to give it shape. This inspirational workshop is designed to guide you through the process of getting started. Promises to be fun, informative and inspirational! Friendly and supportive atmosphere. Whether we admit it or not, we all have it! We are dualistic by nature. We all have parts of us that we repress, reject or deny; self-judgement, low self-esteem, negativity, lack of authenticity,, addictive behaviours, judgement of others, the list goes on.

They usually live in the subconscious, affect our behaviours and reactions and sabotage our best-laid plans and intentions. The nature of our shadow is to hide and remain outside our awareness. From there it can do its work. The shadow itself is not a problem, but our failure to accept and acknowledge it is.

Your individual shadow has a function. How helpful is it? How much is it hindering you and stopping you from having a better and more fulfilling life for yourself? What does it have to teach you? What can it show you? In this workshop you will:. When : Saturday May 14th, A fun and revealing workshop on Saturday 30 th April.

Do you see the glass full or half empty? Does it feel like a struggle to make or attract money? Deep down, do you respect it, fear it or love it? Explore your relationship to and perception of money. Is your attitude towards it attracting or keeping it away? Together we will uncover your unconscious emotions and beliefs around money and discover how you are stopping yourself from attracting more of it!

Gain tools on how to change your money mindset and increase abundance in your life! Promises to be fun, inspiring and insightful! Book early as places are limited. To reserve your place, please email Alex Klokkaris on alex ChangingLifecourse. What if there were ways of managing negative thoughts so that the mind can be used as the tool that it is and not the master we make it out to be? Saturday March 19 th Take charge of your own Life Script!!

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Discover h ow we get in our own way… and how to get out of it! Do you find yourself getting stuck, procrastinating, doubting yourself frequently? Are you expert at stopping yourself from moving forward? We operate mostly on automatic through deeply ingrained patterns or scripts gathered over the years. They predetermine our life experiences and mostly live in our subconscious. Gain insights into your own self-sabotaging patterns and learn techniques for new self-supporting ways of thinking and being. To book please call Alex on or email alex ChangingLifecourse. Explore, discover and exchange in a small, safe group environment, with expert guidance and the wisdom of the group entity.

Resources and activities for any sessions missed will be emailed. March 19th. Limiting Beliefs: How we get in our own way and how to get out of it! Exploring how we turn against ourselves, doubt our abilities, procrastinate and self-sabotage. Identify your own patterns and learn techniques on how to separate from your own critical voices and begin to dismantle your perceived limitations.

How do these ideas help or hinder us in the way we lead our life? We operate mostly on automatic through deeply ingrained scripts gathered from childhood onwards. Gain insight into your own patterns and learn how to develop new life-enhancing ways of thinking and being. April 2nd. Creating Purpose, Direction and Meaningful Goals. How do we find or create meaning in our lives? April 16th.

Resilience and Managing Negative Thinking. What do you do when negative thoughts take you over? Learn tools and techniques for managing negative thinking, worry and anxiety more effectively and bringing more lightness into your life. April 30th. This session will offer a chance to stand back and re-evaluate your internalised messages about and relationship to money!

How to Stay Motivated When Stressed - Brian Tracy

Also some fun with the very revealing money game! Learn tips and strategies for developing an abundance mentality! May 14th. Find out how to recognise these aspects of ourselves and how we can make shadow our friend. May 28th. Gain powerful insights and practical strategies to make peace with yourself, develop self-acceptance and begin to enjoy being you!

June 11th. Learn how to get in touch with your own internal compass and how to access your intuition that contains all the guidance you need. June 25th. The Law of Attraction in action! What if we really attracted events, people and circumstances in our lives through our own thinking and feeling process?

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How does that work? Learn tools, techniques and strategies which have been tried and tested. Includes weekly preparation emails with resources, catch up email if you missed a session, and free refreshments on the day. Feedback from Personal Development and Coaching group:. I enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them each week.

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I enjoyed that I could add as much or as little to discussions as I felt comfortable with. Also it has proved cheaper working in the group as opposed to one to one, which I would like but not in position to. Also able to look at things from a different angle and a greater sense of perspective. Would recommend to anyone. I am practising self-acceptance also when things are not going right and the group made me realise that I am not alone on many things I am struggling with. Others seem to have different versions of what I struggle with.

A one-off pre Xmas workshop to pause, reflect, review! Or are you relieved it is coming to a close? Get things into perspective and prepare for the New Year with new confidence. A unique opportunity to review your year and get a dose of inspiration…. Alex Klokkaris, experienced Life Coach and Trainer, offers you a space to stand back and evaluate, with expert guidance, all that the year has brought for you!

Gain some insights into your year and add clarity to your way forward. There will be interactive exercises where you will have a chance to review, explore and receive feedback, as well as gain your own insights. Safe , supportive environment, small group, free refreshments provided, all you have to do is turn up and tune in! Limited places. Bookings closing date is Wednesday 9 th Dec. See you there! From the Buddha, to Gandhi and from Plato to Jesus, to the great sages of all time, all seem to be giving us the same messages about how we create our own reality.

Like a radio station, we all have a pulsating vibration that broadcasts our individual signal and determines everything we attract to our life. The power of our most dominant thoughts plus the force of our most frequent and intense emotions produce the resonance of our personal energy field. In turn, we attract circumstances in our reality that match these. So how do we go about changing our energy to attract better things in our life? Find out how:.

Come with an open mind and a willingness to explore. The Courtyard Studio, over a cup of tea! Call me, Alex on or drop me an email at alex changinglifecourse. Places are limited. For the full programme please drop me a line or leave your email as a newsletter subscriber see above. An 8-week course for your weekly dose of inspiration, support, insight and who knows… some personal breakthroughs! We will be learning, exchanging and growing together!

The aim is to enjoy the process and give you a weekly boost and methods to apply to your own life and challenges. Confidential, safe environment. Limiting Beliefs — How we get in our own way. So often we make do with a level of personal dissatisfaction and stay in our comfort zone. Learn coaching techniques that you can apply to your own life to set yourself meaningful and doable goals.

Learn how we can begin to give ourselves first what we need. Pick up strategies to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence which you can begin to immediately apply to your own daily life. As children we internalise a whole set of patterns which we unconsciously replay. Who were the key Influencers in your life and what did you pick up from them?

We attract situations in our lives that present similar themes. Learn tools on how to turn around patterns of the past that are no longer working for you, and how to substitute them with life-enhancing new ways of thinking and being. We all have our own inner Wise Self that can guide us through life, from the smallest to the biggest decisions, directions and dilemmas.

Learn some techniques on how access and learn to trust your own intuition. Connect to your internal sat nav system that contains all the guidance you need. In this session we will learn how to navigate relationships more successfully, be more authentic and how to encourage good communication, assertiveness and a free-er expression of your own truths without fear.

A number of tools and techniques will be discussed which you can try out and choose from, to bring more lightness in your daily life. Law of attraction. What is it all about? Do we really create our own reality, if so, how? How can we create a better reality for ourselves? There are a number of ways in which you can learn to do this and we will cover some of them today, including visualisation, affirmations and gratitude. No worries if any sessions are missed, you will receive the main points covered, plus exercises to do by email for that given week.

I will also be available for any questions and feedback by email or telephone in between sessions.

Could you do with somewhere to check in on a regular basis with like-minded people for inspiration, support and for your own development? Each week we will focus on a different theme, with interactive presentations, group activities and sharing. Topics on the course will include letting go of old life scripts, finding your direction, accessing intuition, and Law of Attraction principles among others. Sunday 18th October Dealing with Negative Thinking. Practical techniques for rising above fear, anxiety and insecurity. One of the most common themes that emerge from my coaching practice with clients is dealing with negative thinking and emotions.

In this experiential workshop we will explore the following:. Come along with an open mind and a view to looking at your own patterns and beliefs that may be holding you back. We will experiment with new ways of looking at old themes and you will come away with a set of practical tools and strategies to apply in your own daily life. A follow up email will be offered to each participant to find out and share how you are implementing your new strategies!

Emotional Resilience Workshop. September 15th Resilient people perform well under pressure and bounce back more quickly. This is a course to equip you with powerful and effective tools to deal with the fast pace of change and pressures in our working and living environments. A range of prevention and intervention skills will be given to help develop the ability to maintain focus, balance and well-being. Topics covered include:. Course format:. Courses are highly interactive with a variety of activities, feedback and discussion.