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Mr Hancock may have been infertile; Warren Hastings being suggested, with evidence, as the father. Ennos has difficulties with Hastings' character, not surprisingly, of course. My personal best guess is that Jews profited from the opium 'trade', and offloaded as much as possible of the opprobrium onto British officials, including of course Hastings.

Jane Austen

Ennos qualified as a solicitor has a good eye for trustees, marriage laws, baronetcies as a royal money-maker, tax evasion by Warren Hastings, wills. Unfortunately Eliza is not illustrated copyright reasons , but represented only by her grave slab St John at Hampstead, though 'Wikipedia' doesn't list her as someone of interest. The sections on destruction of letters, largely by Cassandra, remind me of the destruction of Alfred Russel Wallace's letters to Darwin. Nicholas Ennos has in effect three introductions, the third outlining his reasons for investigating Jane Austen in italics.

Musing over some online writings by Miles W Mathis, on New York hotels and landowners and the aristocracies of England and Scotland as transposed into the Americas, it occurred to me that without Eliza's bastardy, her literary works would not have existed; and we would have as little idea of the realities of the lives of such people as American 'Janeites' do now. My guess is that Ennos will become as well-known as Thomas Looney, of de Vere fame. But path-breaking is difficult. I wonder if Ennos means it.

My only reservation, which perhaps would not interest many people, is the greater world: and the Rothschild money grab was bang in the middle of the Jane Austen novels, and might have been considered important. RW 30 Dec The idea that Jane Austen may have been poisoned with arsenic surfaced in or was popularised then.

Eliza de Feuillide, Jane Austen’s Saucy Cousin and Sister in Marriage | Every Woman Dreams…

Ennos's book does not consider the idea. However, he has an online comment posted after his book was published: Jane Austen's cousin, and sister in law, Eliza de Feuilide, was the author of the novels and not Jane, as I prove in my book "Jane Austen - a New Revelation". There's a certain horrifying fascination in reading comments by women on Jane Austen. I wonder if whites are genetically inclined to live in, or at least imagine they are in, fantasies and dreamworlds.

Perhaps it's something to do with long dark nights in northern Europe: hobbies, obsessions, indoor activities, repetitions, survival necessities for some, escapism for others. I couldn't find a single Internet comment from a woman interested in Nicholas Ennos's book. They all seemed to like, or say they liked, the breathy nothingness of Lucy Worsley and the British Broadcasting Corpse. The ones who weren't impressed disliked Worsley, not her weak presentation.

In Hamilton's books she is extremely anti Jacobin. The Jacobins were basically illuminated Freemasonry who were behind the French Revolution. They were ultimately controlled by the Rothschilds.

Eliza de Feuillide was married to a French nobleman executed in the French Revolution. She also had aristocratic friends in France. As such it seems she belonged to a different wing of Freemasonry. It is likely that she belonged to the Mopsorden, or Order of the Pug, a quasi Masonic order open to women and Catholics.

Women belonging to the order owned pug dogs, as Eliza did. Parts of Jane Austen novels contain hidden references to Freemasonry. Her father Warren Hastings started the sale of opium to China, a trade in which the Jews were to be heavily involved.

However, he was strongly against slavery, another trade dominated by Jews. One thing I did not mention in my book as it is purely speculative, is Eliza de Feuillide's possible authorship of some of the Walter Scott novels, in particular Ivanhoe. Eliza was deeply interested in history and it would have been strange if she had not attempted to write historical novels. The author of Ivanhoe seems to be English, as it deals with the conflict between Saxons and Normans, which never happened in Scotland.

Random Musings of a Janeite

From the accurate portrayal of the female characters and the style of writing the author also appears to be a woman. The introduction to Ivanhoe also states that the writer is using a pseudonym and is more famous for novels in other genres. In Ivanhoe one of the heroes is a Jew and his daughter Rowena.

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So it seems that Eliza was deceived about Jews and did not make the connection between them and the Jacobins. Rerevisionist Terrific.

Liberals, Conservatives, and Pride and Prejudice Part 2: Crash Course Literature 412

My Scott mention was really to his history of the Fr Rev, which is I think available now on Internet - of course he preceded Nesta Webster. The Authorship Problem. The Life Of Eliza Hancock. Eliza and Jane Austen.

Jane Austen - a New Revelation

Literary Influences on Jane Austen. Was Fanny Burney Known to Eliza?

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The Epitaphs of Eliza and Jane Austen. Stoneleigh Abbey. The Juvenilia.