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Bac de Philo : bien rédiger son accroche et son ouverture en dissertation

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  • Information wants to be open, transparent and common;
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Lacy, New York, Garland, , p. Monograph, 1 , , p. Rupert T. Pickens, Lexington, French Forum, , p. The J. Yvan G. Sciences religieuses, 64 , , p. Speech production and understanding is an innate property of individual human brains. But as humanity is a social species, language is a property of human societies. Languages are conventional, shared by members of the same culture and learned by social contact.

In human cognition, the categories that organize perception, action, memory and learning are expressed linguistically so they may be reflected upon and shared in conversations. A language works like the semantic addressing system of a social virtual database. But there is a problem with natural languages english, french, arabic, etc. But instead of using statistics, deep meaning adopts a regular and computable metalanguage.

IEML words are built from six primitive symbols and two operations: addition and multiplication. The semantic relations between IEML words follow the lines of their generative operations. The total number of words do not exceed 10 From its dictionary, the generative grammar of IEML allows the construction of sentences at three layers of complexity: topics are made of words, phrases facts, events are made of topics and super-phrases theories, narratives are made of phrases.

The higher meaning unit, or text, is a unique set of sentences. Deep meaning technology uses IEML as the semantic addressing system of a social database. Given large datasets, deep meaning allows the automatic computing of semantic relations between data, semantic analysis and semantic visualizations. This new technology fosters semantic interoperability: it decompartmentalizes tags, folksonomies, taxonomies, ontologies and languages.

When on line communities categorize, assess and exchange semantic data, they generate explorable ecosystems of ideas that represent their collective intelligence. In the new public sphere, every netizen will act as an author, editor, artist, curator, critique, messenger, contractor and gamer. The next platform weaves five functions together: curation, creation, communication, transaction and immersion.

By curation I mean the collaborative creation, edition, analysis, synthesis, visualization, explanation and publication of datasets. People posting, liking and commenting content on social media are already doing data curation, in a primitive, simple way. Active professionals in the fields of heritage preservation library, museums , digital humanities, education, knowledge management, data-driven journalism or open-source intelligence practice data curation in a more systematic and mindful manner.

The new platform will offer a consistent service of collaborative data curation empowered by a common semantic addressing system. Augmented by deep meaning technology, our public sphere will include a semantic metadata editor applicable to any document format. It will work as a registration system for the works of the mind. Communication will be ensured by a global Twitter-like public posting system. But instead of the current hashtags that are mere sequences of characters, the new semantic tags will self-translate in all natural languages and interconnect by conceptual proximity.

The blockchain layer will allow any transaction to be recorded. The platform will remunerate authors and curators in collective intelligence coins, according to the public engagement generated by their work.

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The new public sphere will be grounded in the internet of things, smart cities, ambient intelligence and augmented reality. People will control their environment and communicate with sensors, software agents and bots of all kinds in the same immersive semantic space. Virtual worlds will simulate the collective intelligence of teams, networks and cities.

A prototype is currently in a pre-alpha version, featuring the curation functionality. An alpha version will be demonstrated in the summer of How to bridge the gap from the fundamental research to the full scale industrial platform?

[email protected] - Psychologie — BIU Santé, Paris

Such endeavor will be much less expensive than the conquest of space and could bring a tremendous augmentation of human collective intelligence. Even if the network effect applies obviously to the new public space, small communities of pioneers will benefit immediately from its early release.

On the humanistic side, I have already mentioned museums and libraries, researchers in humanities and social science, collaborative learning networks, data-oriented journalists, knowledge management and business intelligence professionals, etc. On the engineering side, deep meaning opens a new sub-field of artificial intelligence that will enhance current techniques of big data analytics, machine learning, natural language processing, internet of things, augmented reality and other immersive interfaces. Because it is open source by design, the development of the new technology can be crowdsourced and shared easily among many different actors.

This distinction being made, we can imagine a consortium of big tech companies, universities and governments supporting the development of the global public service of the future. We may also imagine one of the big techs taking the lead to associate its name to the new platform and developing some hardware specialized in deep meaning.

Another scenario is the foundation of a company that will ensure the construction and maintenance of the new platform as a free public service while sustaining itself by offering semantic services: research, consulting, design and training. In any case, a new international school must be established around a virtual dockyard where trainees and trainers build and improve progressively the semantic coordinate system and other basic models of the new platform.

Students from various organizations and backgrounds will gain experience in the field of deep meaning and will disseminate the acquired knowledge back into their communities. The prototype to be issued in May will be mono-user but the full blown app will be social. Christian Desjardins implemented a second version of the dictionary. The version 1. Carte des devenirs.

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  5. Quelles sont ses structures? Le langage — b. Nous nous engageons dans des promesses et des contrats. On sait que la sociologie est un rejeton de la philosophie. Ou les deux? Dans le monde — n. A quels principes obeit-elle? Dans la vie — f. Les empiristes fondent la connaissance sur les sens. Pierre Levy's Blog. Archives for posts with tag: IEML. Categories English , Semantic Sphere. Tags communication , IEML , internet , linguistics , semantics. The rise of platforms.

    What is IEML? IEML Information Economy MetaLanguage is an open GPL3 and free artificial metalanguage that is simultaneously a programming language, a pivot between natural languages and a semantic coordinate system.

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    When data are categorized in IEML, the metalanguage compute their semantic relationships and distances. What problems does IEML solve? Decompartmentalization of tags, folksonomies, taxonomies, ontologies and languages french and english for now. Semantic search, automatic computing and visualization of semantic relations and distances between data.

    Giving back to the users the information that they produce, enabling reflexive collective intelligence.

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    Who is IEML for? Content curators knowledge management marketing curation of open data from museums and libraries, crowdsourced curation education, collaborative learning, connectionists MOOCs watch, intelligence Self-organizing on line communities smart cities collaborative teams communities of practice… Researchers artificial intelligence data analytics humanities and social sciences, digital humanities What motivates people to adopt IEML? IEML users participate in the leading edge of digital innovation, big data analytics and collective intelligence. IEML can enhance other AI techniques like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and rule-based inference.

    An API allowing access to the dictionary, the library and their functionalities semantic computing. Who made it? Dice sculpture by Tony Cragg. Our thesis is that Lost encourages this sort of risk-taking. Ils ont donc pour fonction anthropologique de nous faire re garder ce qui est disparu. Pourquoi eux? Brad Bird, Il a fini par en voir la sagesse lui aussi.

    Dominique Noguez, Paris, Klincksieck, , p.