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But seriously — the shit in the food — not clever — vegan over night … looking forward to post 2 x. I acutally had a similar experience when I lived in Austrlia for a few months. My hostfamily cooked every day from scrach. Normal healthy food. En tout cas je pense que toutes tes explications sur la prise de poids sont justes les portions, la composition de la nourriture en revanche le culte de la maigreur est malheureusement aussi fort chez nous et dans beaucoup de pays aussi..

It just took me a whole year to shape up, and permanently lose it! EG big lunch, tiny dinner.. And also yes, have perfect nails! Courage mais ne devient pas comme elles. Do these New Yorkers have tv or newspapers? Maybe they should take a look and see what REAL problems exist in the world…watching news nowadays show us poor, hungry people in Africa for example. Of course we cannot compare our lifestyle to their life, but we should never forget that food is something special and as long as we eat healthy food and try to live healthy everything should be okay.

We sould be thankful for that. I hope NY treats you well otherwise. The States are lucky to have such an amazing woman living here! Being skinny is really tough, no matter where you live nowadays. Thank you so much for so eloquently illustrating this point. Americans go to Paris and eat as much as we want, yet gain nothing, that same behavior here lands you in elastic waist pants!

Is it the walking? Although it seems the average urbanite walks quite a bit, at least that is true here in Chicago. Maybe you are on to something with the hormones and what not in our food….. Too much pressure! Garance, thank you for this post. It is so nice to understand that it is not just me but the country! All the three points that you talk about are true! Salut Garance! The worst part of it is that you start believing on being that skinny that you become obsessed with food but more as a repression than as a foodie.

Love your illustration! But, I really do think it is hormones and crap we put in all our food to make it cheap but also in the water! They have found traces of birth control in our tap water even! In the US, I have to work hard to stay thin. France is the only place I get drink copious amounts of wine and have cheese and then desert and not gain weight! We also put a lot more crap in our wine- ugh.

Je suis mannequin et les 10 pounds welcome me guette!!! As much as I love your blog…reading it reminding me of an episode I just had with a french girl while a cooking class. The french girl in the cooking class was so annoying asking questions like, do you guys eat ribs everyday? I lost all the weight when i moved back. So just buy organic. Organic everything! I completely agree with you, being a New Yorker of 12 years and now living in Paris for 2. I dare not call myself a Parisian ; Since I moved to Paris I cannot seem to gain weight true, no matter how many croissants I eat while in NYC the air seems to make you gain weight not really true, but it feels that way.

YES to the huge portions and everyone constantly on a diet and obsessed with what they eat. Oh, how true! Moving countries has a huge impact on your body. I love bread myself but you surely champion it! I really like the drawing. This is such a thought provoking piece, there really is such an extreme difference between the two lifestyles. I must say another big difference I noticed between US and France… the walking. I may have only worked out once during the week or more I was there, but I definitely got my exercise from walking everywhere!

It was fabulous. Yep Garance welcome to NYC. But, but i would definitely say that yes, in Europe we have better and higher consumer protection standards. The tastes great. So true! Though I did feel way more pressure in Paris to be supermodel thin — like Natasha Poly thin. Et je mange dehors tout le temps donc, ou takeaway. Cet article est vraiment tres interessant. Je viens de vivre un an en echange universitaire aux US, et cest pareil pour moi: des kilos en plus; et les raisons sont presque les memes.

The on-the-go lifestyle is more prevalent than ever and that includes take-out. Relax attitude, I do prefer! This is so interesting! I would love to hear more. I am one of those workout-obsessed Americans but I eat more like a Parisian! I believe in healthy, good food in moderation. This struck me as hilarious, because I wrote an article that was almost the exact opposite when I moved to New York from Florida.

At all. While New York is still America, the American South is so much more extreme, and the lifestyle in New York is overall a ton healthier for me with the walking culture here. New York might be my Paris. Thanks for keeping things in perspective. Keep preparing your meals at home. Your thoughts are so interesting to me because when I, an American, moved from Seattle to Paris I thought the same thing, but in reverse. In my mind, Paris was the culprit who forced me to gain 10 pounds. Skinny came quite easily. All American females that I know do likewise. Paris though. Seriously though, sometimes I catch myself walking behind someone and wonder how their tiny stick-like legs can possible support them.

You lose in New York because you were taught to finish everything on your plate. Apparently we only win if we stay put or adapt again, and then again. Super post Garance! Good read! This sounds very stressful. Change of country often means change of food and lifestyle which often results in bodily changes as well.

I had to go to Iowa a few years ago to edit a magazine for plus-size women and the further I got from NY, the larger and happier the people! As I got closer to NY, they got skinnier and angrier — probably because they were hungry! And what fun is that? Any time you want to get together for a lunch of Sancerre and steak sandwiches with frites at Pastis, just say the word! Let me tell you that some things are just typical NY or American e. How could that be so easy? Simple: they use butter to cook instead of the olive oil I was used to, the portions are HUGE, the food is greasier as the weather is colder and the only occasion to meet my friends was to go out and have beers!

As for the extremes… I agree with you, it can be annoying… But every time you think that you would like to scream for the frustration and the constant effort in adapting to your new environment look around you and notice once again that you live in one of the coolest and most beautiful cities of the world ;-. I am from Asia and visited Manhattan for 3 weeks. My stomach literally expanded. Back in Asia, I am an avid fan of pilates, yoga, kickboxing, the treadmill…. I let go and I enjoyed it.

It felt ok. Cos those croissants at City Bakery and the burgers at Shake Shack burgers were pretty darn worth it. Besides, I was walking more than six hours a day when I was exploring the city. Well, I am back home now. I miss the butter and grease but I would say it still felt like home back in the gym. You sound so fabulous as you describe yourself eating like a Parisian amongst New Yorkers, with your cigarettes, bread, and multiple desserts! I just came from there, and each time I go- I go on a crazy food spree trying different bakeries, street food, ice cream, etc.

Good luck- I hope you can continue to order desserts! Women who live life sensually with a piece of bread and glass of wine now and then are more attractive than grizzled, rigid women. I had a model boyfriend once—it was like sleeping with a bicycle. You are thin and look amazing in your clothing including short shorts! You and your beaux are what got me excited about fashion again. I gave up on those. I looove this post! Being a brazilian, it was interesting to learn how differently americans relate to food when I lived there for an year.

The large meals impressed me!! In time, we learned how to deal with this. The waiter would look at us as if he was seeing aliens, but I just got used to it. And there were always leftovers! I also came to realize that line about the dress size and I lived in Kentucky, not NY! Loved the article! I think as Americans we are far to obsessed with skinny, skinny. Being healthy is far more important. Not everyone can be skinny, skinny and need to be happy with who they are. Life is short and should be enjoyed! NY women are so neurotic, as was I when I was there in the fashion industry.

I really thought if I was thin, men and women would like me better, when in reality, when I like me better, and have fun, so do others. This is so true! I just moved back to Manhattan a month ago and my muffin top has grown too hahaha…the trick is…walk, walk, walk!! I really like this post. Garance I feel for you. I have never been to NY and I am.

From Angola a very diffent culture, but I have been in Paris for long periods of time. However I come from a very diffent culture so that is all a bit foreign to me but I understand what you are saying. The post is funny, there is good touch of humor and lost of good taste, it is well written and I really enjoyed reading it.

I love the illustration, so cool, so you. Flippant en effet! How funny is this post?! Well you are right about one thing, the fashion crowd in NYC definitely IS laughable at how they treat food. I feel like I may be ostracized for having a bagel or anything with bread! Although its interesting to hear you have gained weight…when I moved here I lost weight!

After the constant running around , I was just always on my feet walking in addition to when I actually worked out. I lost 5 pounds here, but I lost 15 living in France…and I did it by running a lot and eating bread, cheese, and yummies and drinking LOTS of good red wine. The food in France is definitely more natural and that makes a difference. You just have to do everything in moderation. Both are unhealthy.

Anaca3 un mélange d’actifs minceur

Good luck haha ;. I completely agree about the growth hormones. Have you ever seen a Purdue chicken drumstick at the grocery store? I often do a double-take, they are almost as large as turkey legs. All the walking around should offset some of the pounds, though. I grew up in NYC, I had a cousin from the west coast who came to live with us for a few months and she lost a ton of weight because instead of driving everywhere like you do in LA she had to walk everywhere.

Je suis une grande blonde mince mais avec des hanches et ne porte donc pas de slim. Moving to Canada 11 years ago, I used to saw wow seeing the portions of the plate they feed people here… I could never finish a big honking burger or a big plate of pasta. Of course now I too, have a muffin top, where else would all those supersized food go? I gained so much weight in the States — from the huge portions, the little movement, the yummy yummy junk food… until I went to San Francisco where I did nothing but cycle up and down theses steep hills , went to the gym all day and to no smoking, non-alcohol!

Garance, this is such an acute observation!!! So you have to watch out what you eat and exercice yuck. Very interesting. Pfffff que dire? Ne te poses pas trop de questions. I absolutely agree! Apparently it is ok and approved here to do so, meanwhile that is what goes into your system on a daily basis! I started to go Organic pretty soon after moving here, realizing that would be the only way I could somewhat control what goes in, and also do start cooking! I believe you can eat good food with yes, whole fat and all and the added glass of wine,as long as you know where it came from and what is in it.

I highly recommend the movie food inc to everyone, as it is such an eye opener on the food system here. I really enjoyed this article. Besides the amazing illustration, you really described the differences between the lifestyle in New York and Paris — places I would both like to visit very soon. I would definitely like to know your comparison to other places in the world like Stockholm or Montreal. It would definitely be a very interesting point of view…. Garance, since this is my first time posting, just want to say that I love your blog. About the hormones in food in the U. I know so many friends who move to the States and gain those 10 lbs immediately.

That, combined with eating out and less need for walking is not a good combination. I hope you share more on this experience with us. Come have a few laughs in Montreal, Garance! What an interesting perspective and gorgeous illustration! I guess I should should to Paris. I am from Mexico City, and moved to the Central Coast in California two months ago… your article made me laugh sooo much… I can relate to that!

Superbe illustration. Ca doit etre les additifs dans la nourriture pourtant je mange tres sainement et je fais mes courses que chez Whole Foods le plus bio possible! I can also appreciate your thoughts. Nice post that gives me something to think about. Excited to read your next entry on the topic. I absolutely LOVE your articles always!

I was just telling my bf about it, he has to start reading it too now ; Anyway, this one is sooo good again. I am not sure if I would manage to stay happy you know what I mean, not in a depressive way of course in NY! I would be swollowed by the feeling I have to get thinner too…not good! Stay you Paris skinny way, as much as possible. People have to change their mind first. I just have been in Paris studying abroad this summer and I think you are so correct about all that you have said.

The pressures in NY are at the extremes and Parisian life is so much more relaxing and nurturing. Thank you for posting this because it really hits a huge point that I have been faced with while being in France! So interesting!

Fatiha Kerroum (fkerroum) on Pinterest

Such interesting observations and thoughts. I was raised in the midwest and currently live on the east coast and there are SO many differences between the two. Skinny or not skinny, why does no one care about being healthy? Interesting, well written post and great sketch!

In America with our smoking bans everywhere, I find myself wanting to eat since I cant smoke. Perhaps without you realizing it you are smoking less and eating more to compensate here in the states. But if I stood next to celebrities or women in NY — would I suddenly be the curvy one? It must take a confident woman to squash the NY and LA point of view. Garance, beautiful illustrations and insightful observations as always! LA skinny puts New York skinny to shame!

It is interesting how closely our self image in tied to the world around us! My degree is in nutrition and dietetics, and although I no longer work in that field, I remain forever interested in the various cultural, dietary, and physiological aspects that lend to how our bodies put on and lose weight and how our image of ourselves and others influence how we feel about this process. I believe that can be directly related to the amount of processed food consumed. Great observations! Love the cultural distinctions and perceptions of food and exercise.

Looking forward to future posts! I totally agree with the idea that all of those hormones must get into the food. No dieting or anything. Haha, great article! Enjoyed reading. Et cela arrive de plus ne plus.. Thank you Garance for the amazing post. I completely agree with you! I myself, work in New York City and in fashion and I struggle with this daily. La parisienne est aussi super skinny. I love this post! I recently moved from Europe to Canada, and here I also find it harder to eat healthy.

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Hot dog stands are everywhere, and also my Starbucks intake has grown significantly. Though people seem to be more sporty here and I went with that lifestyle for the first little bit. I feel more stressed out about being slimmer since I have lived here, probably also because I started my blog a few months back. I am planning on going organic and combine a protein diet and exercise once I have found more structure in my life. You are so spot on! Catering on shoots is bad too.. I think the worst is the dietary norms, its the food quality… I rarely snacked or drank anything either than water, walked everywhere… I cooked at home a lot too, so… Now that i am back i fit in my old jeans, back to my size They will feel better than new!

Man you are good Garance! I go back to my home country and stuff my face with all the polish goodies and I end up loosing weight somehow. At least we have good yoga and pilates….. Love this. That happened when I moved to LA. Then you realize the importance of sample sizes being 1 size. I need to lose the rest of my moving to Cali weight so I can too be sample size skinny. Damn you skinny status quos! I love when I go to France and everyone is sitting around grabbing bread and wine! It is so not like that in LA either and this is one reason I relish and love my vacations in France.

It is so much more relaxing and refreshing to not worry about your figure every single second and just enjoy life! Garance, I love your perspective on this. New York Skinny!! What a timely post. I just returned to LA from 3 weeks in Italy. I ate and drank whatever I wanted, bread, pasta, wine. No gym workouts either. Gained 2 lbs only. Something is so wrong in the US. OK — rant over. Merci pour votre article Garance.

Merci encore, et bon courage! I always enjoy the posts including illustrations of girls in current designs the Spring RTW Miu Miu dress in a picture is one of my favorites. I recently visited America myself, and I was finding I was having to eat only one meal a day to stop myself being sick from overeating! The portions are ridiculous over there, I cannot fathom how they stay so skinny! Its good to be back in London with normal food so I can shed the holiday weight. Hello Garance, Fraichement debarquee de Paris a New York, ca me rassure de lire que je ne suis pas la seule cool parisienne plus du tout cool.

No one warned you not to drink wine at lunch? Besides being a high calorie drink it makes others highly suspicious of your daily alcohol intake. I love how sincere this post is. I had been the same size since puberty so to gain weight was truly novel to me. I preferred the latter…. Just takes a little adjustment! What a fantastic article, Garance!

I relished in the relaxed, order what you want to eat, not what you feel you have to attitude. Eager to hear your next installment :. Ici, les skinny sont franches, elles se battent dans les gym pour leurs corps. I loved this article oh so much!! And I always look forward to your amazing illustrations!! I live in Australia. For all of the good things that have come out of that country there is the one whopping bad thing, their food culture.

For a while now I have been struggling with my own feelings surrounding my body and my relationship to food it needs more work than any other relationship in my LIFE — how awful when food not your man is first! The problem was I still felt horrid on the inside. So I set to thinking about why….

A little while ago I got hit by an idea. I am a vegetarian — who occasionally eats fish.

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I eat very little dairy as I am allergic to it yuk! I eat fresh and well, I cook at home. So now, when I eat, I am French!!!! I enjoy it! I cook fresh and flavourful. And I try to tune in and listen to my body, so when it is full — even if my plate is still half full, I put my fork down and sit content with my delicious meal!!!

Exercise it not supposed to be an army waging war against the ills of food and fat — its supposed to just be about YOU feeling good. Garance, it sucks that you put on weight — no lady likes to!! Get back to how you were, but keep that Parisian attitude.

Listen to your tummy and it will tell you when to stop. Most importantly — what is life for if we deny ourselves everything and are scared of our very own flesh???!!! All during the times of your life when you are dreaming of some far off ideal which will make you happy, you are still alive and UNhappy. What the hell is the point of that??!!!! I am in absolute agreement with you on this! I am from Seattle and I moved to Japan about a year ago. Within about 6 months I lost weight! Plus, the food size is smaller and there are no take out boxes.

It is considered wasteful and rude to not eat all of your food. Nice job with this article. I think most people can relate to this in one way or another. I usually have a short attention span when it comes to reading blogs, but this entry was just too good to skim through.

Garance, how refreshing it is to read an honest-to-goodness piece about what every woman worries about- her weight. Your piece, however, resonates with an actual concern and honest observation about cultural differences. The illustration is amazing, too! All of my projects going forward will likely be in HD. Bliss : Are movie directors you work with concerned, interested by those high def contents that they may have to provide for future HD DVD or Blu-ray releases?

Whether for a new projects or past projects? Van Ling : The younger generations of filmmakers are already savvy to the possibilities of the HD formats and are usually very open to creating or participating in new HD content, while the older generation of directors view it as a good way to get more people to experience their films, which are still the most important component of any release. They are usually thrilled to see their films in such high resolution. Is it easy to do? Does is really open some new doors for you as a DVD producer and maybe the consumer or is it just a gimmick?

There are a lot of gimmicks, but I hope that some of them will evolve into actual useful features. How do you deal with that? Van Ling : These HD formats are much more clearly computer formats, and the more like a computer your format is, the more capabilities you have… but the more opportunities you have to mess things up. From my standpoint, I just keep pushing. I find out what they think the format can do, and then come up ways for it to do more.

And try to work with people who are willing to try it.

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And the only way the consumer will win is if there are really good combo players so the viewers never have to worry about whether they can or cannot play any disc they buy. Terminator 2 Van Ling BD menu. I can say that IF you have access to visual elements that are potentially of higher quality than standard definition video, obviously anything you produce will be of greater value eventually, as the world switches to HD.

Originally, we intended to shoot and finish all new materials in HD because the North American distributor intended an HD home video release. But shortly after starting work, we were told that due to confusion in the industry over formats, the plan was to release the DVD in just standard definition. We created menus and some bonus materials for the release of Marie Antoinette which may get a BD release. The menu preparation and programming is different, but we only do graphic design elements which are authored by others. Many industry insiders have told me that, according to their marketing research, most people think standard definition materials viewed on a up-converting DVD player or even a HD-DVD or BD player like a Sony PS3 when seen on an HD display look great, and they have no motivation to spend more money to re-master the bonus elements in HD.

Every case is different. There are HD X transfers of films made years ago that are not very good. There are other HD transfers made 6 years ago that are fantastic. Some films are finished for creating theatrical 35mm release prints using Digital Intermediate technology for color correction, replacing the laboratory color timing step.

Indeed, most films finished with DI, end up with a film negative element that is scanned on a Telecine for home video, which might sound a bit strange. I say, this is a constantly evolving process, and the most important thing a responsible studio can and should do is to consult the filmmakers anytime they re-transfer the image to confirm that they are reflecting the original artistic intent. At the moment, some of the distributors are having internal discussions about what characteristics make an older film title suitable for HD-DVD or BD release. Bliss : What about future archives you might dig up, which kind of technical treatment would you do for the HD formats or not?

We are doing some restoration work for some wonderful documentary films made in the s and s. We encouraged the filmmakers to locate the best film elements possible and we transferred them to HD format on a good telecine. We see that the cost of doing transfer and restoration at HD is far greater than SD, because imperfections that require DNR or other kinds of treatments are far more visible at the greater resolution, and digital repair work is far more time consuming and expensive. See 2 above. Since But this is changing, as filmmakers recognize the importance of the home video and electronic record we are creating, both artistically and commercially.

Coke and Pepsi. We accessed the original 16mm documentary negative more than 20 hours of behind-the-scenes footage negative which was pristine, and we transferred it to HD. We cropped the original aspect to on a scene by scene basis. We also made use of over 80 hours of informal doc footage shot on Hi 8 videotape at 60i.

We had to treat this footage to make it 24 fps progressive. We are working on creating bonus materials for a new feature that began photography in North Africa with a doc unit shooting in HDCAM, but after a few weeks, for budget reasons and uncertainties about BD and HD-DVD, the documentary unit actually switched down to standard definition cameras!

Ironically, the older films with doc footage on 16mm will make the transition to HD better. Charles de Lauzirika : Pas encore. Charles de Lauzirika : Pas pour le moment. Aucun des deux formats ne rend mon travail plus facile ni plus satisfaisant. Everything else is icing on the cake. Both formats have their pros and cons. Neither one makes my job any easier, or more fulfilling. Kingdom of Heaven DVD menu. Charles de Lauzirika Bliss : What part of your work you are most proud of on this 4 DVD edition? And did you fail to achieve something you were aiming at? We try to avoid promotional fluff at every turn.

He got it. It was literally just me and my camera. End of story. Point final. Kingdom of Heaven. On ne peut plus reculer maintenant. Et enfin il y la prochaine Final Cut. Nous ferons humainement tout notre possible. Cette ressortie du montage de est une surprise pour moi.

Bliss : Why are there several editions coming up by the way? For me, there are five major versions. Theatrical Cut, with the narration and happy ending. And then there will be the Final Cut. Bliss : Can you tell us some of the technical details of those releases? Anything else? Surely in ? Again, hard to say. Quand la passion se transmet. There is an archivist working full time at Zoetrope to drill and organize past documents… Could it be because he found new materials that this Apocalypse Now Complete DVD is coming up?

This was before we even conceived of making Apocalypse Now Redux, and it was early days for DVD…few had players, the mastering technology was primitive. Then in , Walter Murch became available and after doing a feasibility study to determine whether original film elements negative and sound still existed, we embarked on the adventure that eventually became known as Apocalypse Now Redux.

By the time we completed the project and prepared it for theatrical release we premiered at Cannes in May of , we already had experience putting together elaborate DVDs with bonus extras, such as The Godfather DVD Collection. This was a decision based on the belief that 49 minutes of additional scenes would provide a great incentive to buy the DVD, and the studio did not want us to take months to prepare additional documentaries.

They must have been right, as the Redux DVD was commercially very successful, despite the fact that it had no commentary or featurettes. While producing Redux, I came in contact with many artists and crew involved in the post production of the original film in I discovered so many fascinating stories about the finishing of the film, in that chaotic time in the remarkably experimental, eccentric atmosphere that was San Francisco and Zoetrope in the late s.

While digging in the Zoetrope vaults for original 35mm materials from AN production, I re-encountered many kilometers of 16mm documentary footage from the Philippines AND from the post production phase in San Francisco. Eventually, we were given a date by the distributors for this enhanced Apocalypse Now DVD, and we spent approximately 16 months in researching, interviewing, writing and producing the new materials. Amazingly, Zoetrope did not have a full-time trained archivist on staff during the editing and restoration of Apocalypse Now Redux of the new soundtrack re-master of The Conversation.

We relied on the kindness and professionalism of a legendary Hollywood negative cutter name Mo Henry of Donah Bassett. Those experiences in locating and tracking old film assets were so arduous, that it allowed me to argue for the cause of recruiting and hiring a staff archivist. Zoetrope finally did hire a wonderful qualified film archivist in who is still there maintaining their film vault and materials archive.

Bliss : The market circa seems to be flooded of so called new editions of films already released on DVD. How many times one person can buy the same product, even an immortal one? I can understand how consumers and the press may become cynical as they see various editions released over the years. But speaking for myself, I can say that creating documentaries and in-depth features takes time. So in the case of Redux, the feeling was, it was not wise to hold back the release of Apocalyse Now Redux until we had spent 2 or 3 years to plan and produce all of the bonus extras we wanted to do.

It also needs to be said that technology marches on, and the image quality of film transfers improves with time, technique and new equipment. If the Blu-Ray or HD-DVD formats catch on with the public, then certainly some may choose to buy new higher resolution images of their favorite films. I still play vinyl LPs from time to time; but bit by bit, much of my favorite music collection is being replaced with CDs.

How much does it change the process, or restoration for instance, to work for HD? This was despite the fact that there was no practical consumer HD home-video format. The mastering departments at the studios led this effort, because it was felt that the film elements were deteriorating and delicate and it would be best to get the best possible copy from these film elements on a digital medium in case the film elements degraded further.

This transfer took over hours to complete ; and Storaro and his colorist had to access the delicate original camera negative in many cases to get the very best color reproduction possible. What is new, is the idea of preparing bonus content for the next generation HD home video channels in high definition. But in this case, we were commissioned by the studio Sony to create most of our new bonus content in high definition. New interviews are all shot in HD. And much of the documentary behind-the-scenes footage was shot in 16mm, making for a very high quality new HD transfer.

It is a huge undertaking for a small company like ours. Fortunately, we already had limited experience with working in HD, and are slowly, sometimes painfully getting through the process. It is early days, like the Wild West, in HD post production. Procedures and formats are not standardized; software is buggy. We were always being asked to adapt TV, recording studio and computer technology to the art and practice of making films. This allows a greater bit rate which means less compression. The intermission is not so disturbing, as the filmmakers originally intended for there to be an intermission in the cinema right after the Puppy Sampan Massacre scene.

The scene is followed by a dip to black and silence and the next scene begins with a very long fade in from black and silence. We see Coppola at work with his sound department team discussing details of the sound mix and soundtrack. The original 70mm soundtrack itself was completely painstakingly re-mastered in by Walter Murch at our facilities in Napa and in San Francisco for the release of Apocalypse Now Redux, and this mix is on the DVD soundtrack in Dolby Digital 5.

Does this feature work differently depending on which format it will be published on? Could the same feature be done in a more integrated and fluid way? When watching the Redux version of the film, if this mode is turned on, a logo appears on screen ONLY during the scenes which were added to Apocalypse Now Redux. I am sure that when HD-DVD and BluRay mature, and we get into the second wave of releases, much more sophisticated interactivity will be available to DVD producers like me which will make creating them much more interesting and viewing them more fun.

Can you answer why at this point?

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Is it a question of copyrights? The good will of someone? Kim Aubry : There are rights and clearance problems with the documentary so sadly, it is unavailable for distribution at this time. I am reasonably certain that these issues will be resolved and the documentary will become available at some point in the future.

All agree that it is a terrific documentary. The editors and producers of that documentary were extremely helpful to us in making some of the new featurettes that will appear on The Complete Dossier. How long is it? Did Brando knew that his complete recording would be publicly seen one day? As far as you know, was he happy with his interpretation? A few brief excerpts are in the finished Apocalypse Now film. The run-time of this featurette is 17 minutes. Was Coppola tempted at one point? Is it now technically and artistically fully exploited to the point where the new high def supports are welcome to go one step beyond?

Kim Aubry : I have always been content to work within the limitations of the medium I have at the time. Those limitations inform the style and art we create. Of course when we had the chance to go back into that soundtrack and update it for DVD in , we did so with utmost respect for the original, and it allowed us to realize how great the original really was. The interactive features on DVD are primitive; and they reflect the technology at the time of DVD development in the mids. The idea was to make a cheap consumer product, the set-top player that would be completely functional, easy to operate, universal, with a very small amount of RAM as this was expensive at the time.

That is the DVD system we got in It was essentially a cheap adaptation, though inferior, of the functionality of basic CD-ROMs of that era. An advancement over Laserdisc. But as consumers, we are spoiled with our personal computers, video games, sophisticated websites, TIVO and so on. But it needs to be said that of course, as soon as they commit to hardware and software standards to ensure inter-operability between manufacturers and low cost for the retailer, the standard will seem obsolete and everyone will attack it in 2 years as short-sighted.

PLUS, there are many who question the future viability of this model: delivering movie content to consumers on physical media, which requires physical hardware, packaging, shipping, inventory, and a trip to the store. In retrospect, it seems as though it was a natural means to an end. I hope to remain firmly in the front lines of creative enterprise and technical quality control of the mastering process.

Who drops the ideas first? Is Coppola very specific for what he wants or is he more opened minded to discussion? Kim Aubry : Sometimes, we brainstorm about what should go on a new DVD, or what topics we should cover within a documentary featurette. For example, the dinner — reunion in Napa with the cast of The Outsiders was something he was not so crazy about, but then it turned into a wonderful and fun event for all concerned, and gave us very good material for the DVD. Maybe the best way to describe the paradoxical relationship is this: Francis says he hates thinking about the past, re-hashing old films, events, relationships.

He resists. Sometimes, he gets angry before a scheduled video shoot. But when the red light comes on, he transforms despite any infirmity or mood. Coppola is simply the most eloquent, engaging, skillful raconteur I have ever met. Recording the Godfather Part I commentary was especially grueling. He had a fever of degrees, and was coughing constantly.

We were recording this episode after midnight in an industrial warehouse in Brooklyn with no sound proofing and mid-way into the session, it began to storm outside with the sound of rain torrents on the skylights impossible to filter out. But he carried on to record one of the most interesting personal, vulnerable and illuminating commentaries we ever did. It was as if he transported himself psychologically into the incredibly arduous period of shooting The Godfather in , during which he was sure he was about to be fired every minute of every single day.

I showed him rough cuts of the documentaries we prepare for his films and he usually has a few constructive suggestions or corrections. We have been doing this for so long that it is rare we come to blows over content or form in these. My designer Elisa Tanaka and I prepare two or three concepts for graphic menu designs, and he selects his preferences, or makes suggestions for improvements and refinements. We have never disagreed although in a few cases, I may have had a hard time understanding a concept.

But when we executed the concept, we were very pleased with the effect. How come? Kim Aubry : Film image restoration is a hugely technical process that involves proximity to a film laboratory, negative handling, and then very computer-intensive functionality. There are some companies that have gotten involved in film restoration for TV, meaning they use packaged solutions hardware and software that allow them to bring in a digital videotape transfer of a film and scene by scene, frame by frame, make corrections and repairs.

This is an area in which we can essentially revive and resuscitate a great sounding stereo mix for DVD or even theatrical release. The score was composed by the great Georges Delerue, and I think it is one of his best, if somewhat unknown. So why really bother? Or the other way around? Kim Aubry : I am not sure what you are asking here. They decide. Kim Aubry : This happens occasionally. Less than you might think. Remember, the film originally was work-printed and reviewed by the cinematographer in a proper screening room on a large screen so major flaws in original photography are usually caught at this phase.

But it is true that dirt, dust and film damage can be more apparent in HD transfers compared to the original standard definition TV presentation and sometimes, we need to spend more time and money to clean up defects. A more significant consideration is this: Films were originally shot and edited with the intention of showing them in the cinema to a viewer ONCE at 24 frames-per-second. Perhaps there would be a subsequent TV broadcast. But home video has changed this. If you own a videotape or DVD of a film, you can watch it over and over, using the frame-by-frame control to study in excruciating detail the architecture of every shot and every transition.

Films are essentially magic shows. Tant pis. Check our website for the most recent releases that are available. I am generally not permitted to disclose film titles that we are working on if their release dates have not yet been announced. Bliss : More generally, how long you and Coppola think the HD market will really take off, if it does ever?

Coppola said in at the Academy Awards Broadcast that he imagined a future for filmmakers that involved computers, digital electronics, videotape and satellites. He had recently seen a primitive demonstration of high definition television at NHK in Japan. He confidently predicted that film was to be replaced with an all-electronic cinema in 5 to 10 years. So there is no advantage in predicting these things. HD TV is already modestly successful here in the U.

For sports broadcasts and other entertainment. Mais qui sait? There are about 90 mins. Bliss : You filmed a documentary of the shooting, how many hours did you record and how long is your final documentary? Was Ridley Scott involved in the editing? Did he have specific demands you had to fulfill? Comment convaincre la production? Bliss : Please, for the record, state your current job title and the company ies you work for…. I have offices at Deluxe Digital Studios, who have been kind enough to provide a roof over my head. Naturally, I have a longtime relationship with Scott Free , which continues to this day, but my services are also available to other filmmakers depending on my availability.

My core staff consists of about three people but depending on the workload, that number could easily go up depending on the workload. For Spider-Man 2, I had four editors, a coordinator, an associate producer and a couple of production assistants. For Alien Quadrilogy, I had even larger team, but of course, it was a much larger project, over a much longer period of time. Bliss : Alien Quadrilogy had some of the most complete bonus of all time, so does Black Hawk Down, and the Bonus material on Spider-Man 2 are supposed to total 10 hours audio commentaries included I suppose … How come your projects become so enormous?

Is it something you decide up front? Or your way of digging so deep for material, that you come up with so much? Is it in your nature to work all the way or a conscious decision? Sometimes you have no choice, for legal reasons, for marketing reasons or because certain material is lost or unavailable. But I always try to load my discs up with as much quality material as I can. Ultimately, I just try to make discs that I myself would want to own, so that makes understanding my process very easy to grasp. Bliss : So much material to gather must cost a lot of money and time to the production… How do you obtain their agreement to such a huge commitment?

The Spider-Man 2 DVD would sell great without so much work and money anyway, how do you convince the production? The variables are always different. How much were you able to decide and ask for before or during principal photography? But because of the very tight security on this project, I really had to beg and plead for every scrap I could get a long the way. Beyond that, most of my work took place after the film wrapped. He gave me total access from the very beginning, and the result is an extremely rare glimpse into the creative process of a master filmmaker.

I find that material to be far more insightful than the promotional interviews I sometimes have to use to cobble together featurettes. Not entirely, anyway. At least I was allowed to cover a lot of different kinds of material this time. For new blockbuster films, there are a lot of politics involved. A lot of control issues. The DVD supplements are sometimes seen more as a marketing tool than as a meaningful archive of substantive material.

Being a new movie, they are still trying to sell the film, rather than trying to shed light on the hard work that went into it. How much time it takes, how many decisions have to be made, all for a few seconds of film. I had never seen it done before quite like this. There has already been plenty of talk about Spider-Man 2. Otherwise, most of what I wanted to include on the disc is there. Did you work on any of his past DVD? Will you? Bruno Bonnell. Vous avez pris un risque avec Outcast par exemple… avez-vous une branche de recherche chez Infogrames? Le public est versatile.

Prenez la Nintendo Et puis Nintendo savait, avec raison, que le support CD-Rom serait une proie facile pour les apprentis pirates. En attendant, il y a Sega et sa Dreamcast. And I was very bored because I was going to meetings, like local government meetings, city councils and stuff like that, out of my mind bored. Eventually I thought that I should write about something more interesting like, say, video games. I decided to look if it was possible and I started freelancing for video games websites. I would send emails to every websites I could find and pitched myself to them that I could do reviews.

At some point I got a job writing for Wired and their magazine and their website. And I have been writing for Kotaku for six and a half years now. Not bad. At Wired you wrote about games or other subjects? Game culture, game industry, the stuff I was most interested in. Je viens de Paris. Ils en rient avec moi. Les corbeaux tournoient au dessus des ermitages. Le vent me cueille au tournant. Je descends les mains.

French Words Frequency List

Le bac en poche, je suis parti habiter une chambre de bonne boulevard Voltaire. Au coin de la rue, Olivier riait avec Sultana. Nous avions bu un petit calva. Pourquoi ce rapprochement entre le verbe et la terre? A qui puis-je en parler? Dont acte. Les plus sveltes font les majorettes, les autres la queue pour une frite.

La course est cruelle et les derniers passent avec une demi-heure de retard. Qui colle qui? Et Sagan? Et Cancellara? Ils arrivent! On en prend plein les dents, plein les yeux. Le vainqueur est dans ce groupe. On croit voir le dernier mais il en passe encore au compte-gouttes. Ils se regardent. Encore un tour. Dans leurs vieux maillots de la Fassa Bortolo, les hommes oublient le sport.

Les casaques de clubs hurlent de tous leurs logos. Bobonne y va de son petit baiser tandis que les selfies triomphent. Prise de relais puis sauts de puce de gruppetto en gruppetto. Je rattrape un ami, puis un autre. La section est une lame de fond. Elle lessive le malheureux moulineur dans un remous de galet anguleux. Allez, serrons les dents. Des fans en avance nous encouragent depuis leurs camping-cars. Le taureau Jupiler bataille avec le lion noir des oriflammes.

Les sensations de course sont garanties. Demain, on y sablera le champagne en attendant le triple passage des pros. Comme en politique, tout finit par se niveler. Les chemins deviennent routes, presque autoroutes. La mention est au choix. Les deux sont en nous. Le risque? La nuit est tenace car le soleil aussi doit gravir ces cimes. La route serpente sur le versant Nord. Je cache mon visage dans mon tour-de-cou et entame la descente. Je suis si engourdi que je pique du nez. Le soleil rase les balcons de la Durance.

Vais-je parvenir au bout? A Embrun, on prend de mes nouvelles. Le halo de mes phares vacille. Le soleil brille, la montagne est belle, les routes sont avenantes. Il y a ce hameau que je ne connais pas. Allons voir si la joie y demeure. Je prends mon temps. Il faudra en tenir compte si je veux atteindre mon objectif. Il faut y aller. Le nez sur le Garmin, je traverse les tristes avenues de Gap et rejoint des pentes inconnues. Quelques moineaux transis se disputent les miettes que je leur abandonne volontiers. Le soleil baisse, le jeu des contrastes se poursuit. Je retrouve les terres fertiles qui bordent la Durance.

Les vergers profitent de cette irrigation contenue. Retour en terrain connu. Grave erreur. Mon hypocondrie fait le reste. Je ris, mais la piste devient chemin. Je reprends la route, les joues creuse et les mains froides. Le col des Garcinets prend des airs de bout du monde. La descente se termine par des gorges intimidantes. Dans une boucherie-superette, je me rue sur deux malheureux Twix que je grignote en tremblant.

Un vieil homme sort en trainant sa patte folle. Heureusement, le sucre fait son effet. Je suis heureux. Je savoure un peu, beaucoup. Je tire des plans pour Col ouvert? Je suis sur le versant hostile. Leurs sabots claquent sur le bitume. Il reste la Route des Puys. Comme les premiers et les derniers, je suis seul. Knock down. La montagne a rompu les connexions. Vous ne recevrez aucun soutien. Allons, en avant calme et droit. Les vannes sont ouvertes et la sueur ruisselle. Saint Guy a perverti Saint Christophe. Il lui fallait un complice pour y retourner.