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And there, ladies and gentlemen, is where the novel stops being a good story and turns into a telenovela that'd put the Latin American telenovelas to shame. Catherine loses her heart and her brains to Arnaud, and why? Because he looks e-x-a-c-t-l-y like Michel, but expanded and improved: taller, more muscled and much handsomer. Can you believe that's all it takes to convince this girl that she's found the love of her life and that both are Fated to be together?

No joke, that's what happens. But, whilst they're in the process of happily ripping each other's clothes to shreds for reproductive purposes, the good knight finds out the girl's name is Legoix and everything changes. No joke! He was so sure she was the love of his life, was ready to bed her and all that, without even knowing what her name was!

And now that he does, he hates her, calls her a whore and kicks her out of the room, a room SHE is paying for. Because he is under the mistaken impression that the killers of Michel were the Legoix family one of Catherine's relatives participated in the lynching and has sworn vengeance on them. The girl is too proud to disabuse him, and despite his hate for her, contempt for her and his name-calling, she still thinks he's the love of her life.

Dear old gods Fortunately, he disappears from the story until the last part. But don't think the novel improves because of that. Not at all. Remember Duke Philippe? He still plans to make her his mistress, but a royal duke can't just bed a commoner, so he marries her off to one of his noblemen, Garin de Brazey, a mature Councillor with just one eye and a very interesting personality. Predictably, the girl tries to alternately keep herself "pure" for her idiot of a knight and to seduce de Brazey so the Duke can't claim her maidenhead; all of which only results in misery for poor Garin, who seems to genuinely love her and has to suffer her caprices.

And to complicate things more, Arnaud reappears in a very unexpected circumstance I won't spoil, and Catherine immediately forgets she was planning to bed her husband to rush to Arnaud's arms. Again they're interrupted on the brink of sinning by Jean of Luxembourg, one of Philippe's retainers, who comes to arrest Arnaud for supposed treason. Can you guess what happens?

Arnaud immediately decides she was sent as a seductress to distract him for long enough to have him arrested, and calls her a whore again. Oh, and he again calls her a whore next day when she "mistakenly" is retained at Philippe's bedchamber. So, tell me again: Why exactly does Catherine pine so much and so fiercely for this man who always assumes the worst about her and slut-shames her at every turn?

Why does she decide to alternately be with Philippe, then with Garin, whenever Arnaud is away, as if he doesn't exist, only to forget everything to run to Arnaud's arms every time he comes back? If that's not the very definition of clingy, needy, inconsistent and stupid, I don't know what it could possibly be. Anyway, I'm giving this 3 stars merely for these reasons: 1. Garin de Brazey, and 4. Besides that, there's nothing else to recommend this novel for, certainly not the heroine nor the hero, and much less the "romance. View all 21 comments.

L'Autre agence, agent littéraire à Paris

Jun 20, Sophia El Kerdini rated it it was amazing. Ce livre je l'ai lu au moins cinq fois. Because of the utter lameness of Avon to title Book 1 of the series the same as the French edition of Book 3, there's no end of confusion about combining the editions here on Goodreads.

This book has now been grouped under all the other editions of Book 3, when it should be with all the other Book 1 editions. I've separated this from all the Book 3 "Belle Catherine"s, but it'll probably make its way back into the flock by s Because of the utter lameness of Avon to title Book 1 of the series the same as the French edition of Book 3, there's no end of confusion about combining the editions here on Goodreads.

I've separated this from all the Book 3 "Belle Catherine"s, but it'll probably make its way back into the flock by some ham-handed librarian combiner. I was more than a little disappointed with this book. There was some stuff I liked about it, but a lot more that irritated me and made me seriously wonder just what the hype is all about. Maybe the rest of the series is better. She falls in love with the wrong guy and the whole chaste affair naturally ends in tragedy. This part was a bit slow-moving at times, but there was great tension and build-up to the tragedy that the gawky, freckled Catherine suffers which ends up dictating all of her future actions, foolish as they are.

While not much nitty-gritty detail was given to the rivalry between the Duke of Burgundy and the royal family, there was enough to make the strife within the streets seem real and dangerous. This, I liked. Her troubled childhood dispensed with, Catherine enters Chapter 1 as a feisty, freckle-free and beautiful young woman who spends a lot of time on hair and clothes and is a spoiled little bourgeois maiden. I was hoping that this was when the book would really get cooking, but so many scenes tended to ramble in the stews and bourgeois circles of Paris with much of it seeming like the busy work of extras in a Franco Zeffirelli production.

It was evocative of the times, but I often wondered if there was any point. There was usually a kernel of plot in there, but too much else swamped it. Get to the damn point. Or at least make the detours interesting. As it is, she is more immature at twenty-one than she was at twelve when the prologue occurs. She does stupid things, says stupid things, and is in general a self-centered, impulsive idiot.

So this book had the feel of a character trying to find herself - or rather an author trying to find her character. Her desperate love for Arnaud is based on his physical likeness to her first love view spoiler [who was his brother hide spoiler ]. Not to mention immoral, since she is determined to go to very drastic ends to be free and pure for Arnaud, even though he hates her.

And since the object of her plot was the only character I really liked and who also happened to be the best-characterized of the bunch, she gets an extra black mark for that. The mature, one-eyed, tempted - and therefore tormented - Garin de Brazey rocks.

Les Rois maudits by Maurice Druon

Since it was nearly the last page, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Your earlier caresses were obviously a plot to entrap me! Off with you, wicked and vile temptress! I curse your name and hope you rot! I love you! It can only get better, right? View all 4 comments. May 30, Laura rated it liked it Recommends it for: Misfit. Shelves: roman-historique , fictionth-century , french-literature , read I just found a couple of books of this series by only 1,5 Euros at www. This is the story of Catherine Legoix who fails in love the nobleman Arnaud de Montsalvy but she is obliged to become the wife of the great financier of the Duke - Philippe le Bon, Duke of Bourgogne.

Even if in the beginning the main character has a more juvenile than a grown wom I just found a couple of books of this series by only 1,5 Euros at www. Even if in the beginning the main character has a more juvenile than a grown woman, the story flows quite easily.

The historical background is the Hundred Years War. View all 6 comments. The historic background is brilliant written, medieval customs are described with precision and the action is full of unexpected twists. I am in love with this book and plan to read a whole series! View 1 comment.

This was the first romance novel I ever read and it do impressed me that it started me on the long path of being a lover of historical romance novels. The novels in this cycle of Les Rois Maudits are all this, so they were a most fortunate find. And one can see, reading these accounts of real events, that series like A Game of Thrones are not that far fetched Already ordered the other 4 books of the series!

Another two volumes of the historical series Les Rois Maudits. Thrilli I always liked historical novels, it's such a pleasant way to learn about the past, especially when they're serious and well researched and are also enjoyable to read. Thrilling and engaging, very much like A Game of Thrones for real, with no need for the supernatural, and much better written.

A kind of I, Claudius in the Middle Ages, which is a compliment. These are the two final volumes of the Rois Maudits saga. Le Lis et le Lion finishes the story of the cursed progeny of Philippe le Bel, and Quand un Roi perd la France tells the follow-up, until the battle of Poitiers, one of the lowest points for France in the Hundred Years War. It's a well written historical novel, with plenty of intrigue and infamous characters, a very good read.

Five stars for all the parts GRRM stole; 1 star for Cardinal Perigord and all the dragging, boring parts, and the contrived author-addresses-the-reader bits. I can't believe how long it took me to read this. I don't know how many French synonyms I learned for "rags" and similar words. I took a lot of breaks. And it's not that it's bad; the best threads are riveting -- really, everything around Robert d'Artois is worth the price of admission -- but it's uneven.

Book 7 was a mistake, even if it gav Five stars for all the parts GRRM stole; 1 star for Cardinal Perigord and all the dragging, boring parts, and the contrived author-addresses-the-reader bits. Book 7 was a mistake, even if it gave Druon an opportunity to remind us how unreliable any narrator in historical fiction must be, measured against history itself. It's also too bad we had an abrupt jump at Philip V's reign; up to that point, he's one of the most interesting characters.

To Druon's credit, these books made me interested in the history of a place and time of which I was completely ignorant before. I avoided wikipedia articles about any related history or areas because I didn't want to spoil what would happen next. Sep 20, Elisabeth rated it it was amazing. Rien de comparable en terme de roman historique. Jun 24, Vasilena rated it it was amazing. If I could rate with more than 5 stars on here I would! Just flipped through a few pages of my editions today quite the battered copies! Some excruciating research went into this classic historical fiction saga, but the details aren't boggling it down, as just the right amount of speculation is added.

I was lucky enough to have read it early on in my life, and few have been comparable since then. It really bugs me when I can't find the right edition of the book I read I read the first book in this series "Le Roi de Fer. It made for good class discussion and comparisons with contemporary politics. May 03, Esperanza Perez rated it it was amazing. Particularmente hasta el libro 6 me gusto mucho , el 7 fue mmm diferente. Sep 10, Peter Tonkin rated it really liked it. I don't read much historical fiction but I have gobbled up this whole series over the last year or so - would have been a shorter period but I had to order some of them from France.

Got the lot: poison, intrigue, and the unforgettable horror of the assassination of Edward II.

Qui sommes-nous ?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Maurice Druon. Maurice Druon. Maurice Druon was born in Paris. He is the nephew of the writer Joseph Kessel, with whom he wrote the Chant des Partisans, which, with music composed by Anna Marly, was used as an anthem by the French Resistance during the Second World War. In he received the Prix Goncourt for his novel Les grandes familles.

He was Minister of Cultural Affairs in and in Pierre Messmer's cabinet, and a deputy of Paris from to Source: Wikipedia Books by Maurice Druon. Trivia About Les Rois maudits. No trivia or quizzes yet. This work is famously known as being against the view of William Robertson. It analyses Robertson's historical account of the case of Mary Queen The first five volumes of this fascinating and renowned encyclopaedia on commerce between Europe and the Far East, also focusing on religion, slavery, and other popular subjects.

This work A scarce Annual register for , containing details of members of Parliament, events of the year, and more. Preceeded by Rider's British Merlin, printed in red and black. A scarce and extremely important work regarding the history of India by noted authority on India and British historian, Robert Orme. Profusely illustrated with many fascinating and demonstrative folding maps and plates In a lovely original binding. The works present are the following: 1.

Volume I of Nouvelles Prefaced by a brief biography of the author Hudibras was an extremely popular work with pirate copies and a spurious second part being issued A very scarce memorial by Count de Guines from the eighteenth century. Translated from the original French into English, this work offers an insight into the diplomatic career of this notable French nobleman.

A well preserved copy of this history regarding a noted figure of the Valois dynasty. Margaret of Valois played a notable role in French history and this work, in the original French, gives an insight into her politics, A handsomely bound copy of the 20th volume of this long-established work of reference. First written in under the editorship of Edmund Burke, and produced continuously since that date, the Annual Register records and analyses A scarce annual register for , containing details of members of Parliament, events of the year, and more.

In the poem, Tasso depicts a highly imaginative version of the combats between Christians and Muslims at the end of the First A very scarce collection of ten letters written by Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, talking about his love for his country. A very scarce work. A collection of ten letters A scarce edition of this history of the world from Reverend John Blair.

With vignette title page.

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A book on paintings topographical, scenic, natural, historical, moral, political and literary of Switzerland. Volume I only of V volumes. This volume contains a Discourse on the Natural History of the Swiss. Bound without the plates. An eighteenth-century guide to genealogy. Part I contains a dictionary of technical terms, whilst Part II contains the use of arms and armory. Illustrated with numerous engraved plates, depicting different aspects of heraldry Very early and part first editions of Edward Gibbon's seminal work on the Roman Empire.

Illustrated, with a frontispiece and three engraved maps. Volume I is dated , Volume II is dated An historical work on the customs of Normandy. A new edition of this work, with corrections. Pocket sized. A comprehensive history work on England. This is the second edition of this work which was first published the previous year.

Collated, complete with all plates A very scarce volume by the noted priest and chronologist John Blair. Orignally published in the edition of his work The Chronology and History of the World, the dissertation was printed seperately for the first time in this A volume of the list of titles of the French nobility, between until An important work.

Preceded by an alphabetical table of names which they have obtained. A smartly bound interesting look at the commerce of the United States, written by the politician John Baker Holroyd. This work is an interesting look into the commerce of the American states An early copy of Wraxall's history of medieval France. Second edition, with very considerable augmentations.

In Wraxall published his Memoirs of the Kings of France of the Race of Valois, to which he appended an account of his A three volume first edition set of French language books, detailing the impact of the American Revolution in 'the four parts of the world'. Although described as impartial and relating to the worldwide affects, the books lean somewhat A dialogue regarding the marriages of protestants.

This work is a dialogue between a bishop and a priest. Copac attributes authorship to Louis Guidi. Publication date and place unknown. An uncommon collection of French funeral orations from Jacques-Benigne Bossuet. New Edition. Complete with a life of the author to the start of the work. A very scarce pamphlet from late Eighteenth Century France. Written by Benign Francois Louis Bertier de Sauvigny, a French politician who oversaw many unpopular agricultural reforms before his execution in , the volume details an An uncommon work on the reign of Edward I.

Transcribes the wardrobe account of Edward I in and with an introduction by John Topham and a facsimile page of the manuscript. The King's Wardrobe, together with the, made up the An uncommon copy of this work on the study and art of heraldry by Mark Anthony Porny. A handy pocket-sized historical reference text. With an engraved frontispiece depicting personified History and Time.

History is resisting time from destroying a column of books containing events from the creation to the present time. Clark and Wormull's Introduction to Heraldry with both parts bound as one. Elizabeth Greenly, born at Titley Court, Herefordshire, was a noted A complete four volume set of Henry Home's influential study of human history, bound in a uniform speckled calf binding with marbled endpapers. Henry Home, or Lord Kame as he is more widely This fascinating tome contains Printed posthumously.

Volume I only of II. With a Frontispiece. The 7th edition of this work of ancient history, designed to provide material in English for Latin prose composition school exercises. An uncommon edition of this work on the Estates-General. Originally a firm supporter The Journal des dbats French: Journal of Debates was a French newspaper, published between and Abridged, in two volumes complete.

An unusual early abridgment with Gibbon's agreement. The History of the Decline A scarce abridged edition of Gibbon's 'Decline and Fall' published during his lifetime. A scarce publication, which was published by Strahan and Cadell using the same sheets as the sheets printed An extensive genealogical history of the nobility of Britain. A scarce copy of this interesting encyclopedia of important historical events, written by John Trusler. It is stated on the title page that this work was intended to set people right in conversation.

A copy of The Constitution of England by J. In which it is compared, both with the Republican form of Government, and the other Monarchies in Europe. A scarce bilingual meditation from one of the most eminent Greek epistolographers, Alciphron. Alciphron was an ancient Greek sophist. Regarding his life or the age in which he lived, there is little information. A scarce copy of this book. The scarce Dublin first edition of this fascinating historical work by noted Scottish historian William Robertson, complete with two large folding maps.

This work was published in this An historical work on the French revolution. This work discusses the revolution from its inception until the year The very scarce first edition of James Fennell's first account of what happened in Paris in , during the French Revolution. The third edition of this eighteenth century historical work. Four volumes bound in two. With three folding map plates of Asia, Italy and Germany.

Unfortunately lacking the folding plate to volume I titled 'The Ancient World'. A late eighteenth-century copy of this history of ancient Rome, illustrated with plates. Featuring an illustrated frontispiece and three illustrated plates. A veery good set, though in a library binding and priced accordingly.

Philippe Casassus

Daniel neal was born in London The hero, a young Scythian descended from the famous philosopher Anacharsis, Bailly Mayor of Paris A scarce edition of the Court and City Register for the year With Many The very scarce first edition of this history of the French Revolution by John Moore. John Moore was a physician, writer and Presbyterian minister. The writings of Madame Roland whilst she was incarcerated. Roland fell out of favour during the Reign of Terror.

A biographical work on George III. Pratt was a British politician and was the Earl Camden from before being styled 1st Marquess Camden. Written by political writer A work of heraldry by Thomas Brydson. With attractive script font to the title-page. A heraldic work written by Thomas Brydson. The first edition. With writings on chivalry, tournaments, crusades, political departments of heraldry as well as distinctions in rank and more.

Sur les origines du roman grec

A first edition of this history of Poland. Complete with an engraved frontispiece and fold out map of Poland as called for. To which is prefixed an accurate account of the geography and government of that country and the customs and A complete set of Mitford's History of Greece. Mitford as encouraged by French scholars whom he met in Paris, Avignon and Nice to give himself Four volumes of Vertot's Histoire des Revolutions.

Volume I features a frontispiece of Verot. Vertot - was a French historian. A scarce history of the English Poor Laws.

Le Roman de Saint Louis, interview de Philippe de Villiers

The English Poor Laws were a system of poor relief which existed in England and Wales that developed out of late-medieval and Tudor-era laws before being codified in An early edition of this fascinating work regarding police reform from the founder of the first regular preventative police force and noted magistrate, Patrick Colquhoun. The fourth edition The first edition thus of this translation of Charles Dumouriez's travel work on his time in Portugal in The first edition thus of this work, being the first edition of this English translation A very scarce first edition copy of this fascinating history of the Medici family, by the biographer and genealogical and literary researcher Mark Noble.

Supported by the Earl of Sandwich A beautifully bound third edition copy of this important historical work on India. Penned by a prominent Scottish historian whose contributions to the field of history were significant. A very scarce copy of one of the supplementary volumes to the valuable six-volume Works of Sir William Jones - London - Robinson. Something of a polyglot and a polymath, Sir William Jones was a Welsh officer An early nineteenth century edition of Robertson's reputation-sealing work. A scarce edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of Ancient Rome.

Abridged by himself for the use in schools, this volume traces Rome from its kingdom to the Republic.