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Stepping back from Harry slightly, Hermione looked up at his face. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but then abruptly shut and turned her back to Harry. As she went to leave, she was stopped by Harry's whisper. But never you. Hermione clenched her hands closed and turned around, her nails digging crescent moons into her palms.

I wish I could get you out of here Harry, but I had already made a vow that I wouldn't stop what they were going to do. I should have been more suspicious. I should have realised that there was something off with what they were saying. But I didn't. And I just wish I could turn back time.

If only I—. With watery eyes, she obliged, the door slamming with a sense of finality. The hours blended into days and the days weeks until Harry no longer had a sense of time. His vision became even poorer than it had been, his eyes constantly being exposed to the dark. He spent most of his time in his head, thinking and reminiscing in memories that seemed so long ago.

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He was not told what he was there for. He hadn't even been visited by the Auror or Weasley since the first day. Only Hermione, and she learned quickly enough to not speak to him despite trying so hard to mend their broken friendship. But it was so filled with betrayal that that would never happen. But then, all of a sudden, his rather peaceful time in his cell ended. The Auror started to visit him again.

The Auror entered the room with purpose, smoothly unlocking the cell with an Alohomora. Standing in front of him, he lifted his wand so it pointed at Harry. After a few moments the Auror canceled the spell. Are you going to talk now? This time he did scream out in pain, his vision blurring momentarily at the loss of one eye. With another flick of his wand, the Auror casted a Sectumsempra at Harry's right foot, cutting it clean off. With another howl of pain, Harry's vision blurred once more and black spots appeared in his vision. Another Auror entered the room and then he passed out from pain.

The Auror would visit his cell seemingly everyday, torturing him and trying to get information he didn't have out of him. Sometimes he would be in a rather good mood, choosing to stick to Crucios and Diffindos. Other times, he was in a bad mood and he would sever his fingers and toes and carve into his flesh. And always, after the torture, another Auror would come in and heal him up. But the healer never reattached his missing limbs and eye.

The days of torture continued, until Harry was just numb to the pain and stopped screaming. He had no idea what information they were trying to get out of him. That is, until one day the Auror visited him in a piss poor mood. Walking to Harry's cage, the Auror quickly unlocked the cell door and closed it shut behind him. This time he had no wand on him, instead unlocking the door the old fashioned way.

With a key. Yes, Albus. He organised this whole thing. You were already trying to make your inner circle, sneaking off in the middle of the night to recruit Slytherins and try to corrupt Hufflepuffs. He had you following his lead like a dog and trained you to eat out of his hand. Once you killed You-Know-Who, you would be easy pickings and we could interrogate you so that you'll never succeed in becoming the next Dark Lord. Can't believe it worked, but then again you are a Gryffindor. He was beyond pissed, betrayal and anger warring within him.

He wanted to bring Dumbledore back to dead just so he could kill him and bring him back over and over again. And the fact that he had been slipped who knows what by his friends made him want to just Crucio them until their brains turned into mush.

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If only you could keep your emotions and temper in check, we would resume the usual kind of interrogation methods. Quickly approaching Harry, he unlocked his manacles and Harry fell into a heap on the floor, his body too weak to stand from the torture and hanging for months. He could hardly move his own limbs without them shaking shaking violently.

Such Sweet Revenge

Disrobing, the Auror went over to Harry's fallen form and pulled him up so that he was on his knees. Grabbing his chin roughly, he directed Harry's mouth to his cock, the member already half hard. Gripping Harry's hair, he harshly tugged on the now long locks, making it as painful as he could. Unless I did. Then, I guess I could get some of my friends to come here and help me out with you. Opening his mouth, Harry took the Auror's cock in his mouth and swirled his tongue.

Licking up and down the Auror's cock, he expertly used his tongue to stimulate his cock.

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Done with teasing the cock, Harry put it in his mouth half way and started to suck. Continuing, Harry sucked and bobbed his head, trying to not gag in disgust and horror. He kept repeating the motion until the Auror above him stiffened and grabbed his hair. With a tug, the Auror pulled Harry's head forward so that his cock was fully sheathed inside his mouth and he was deep throating it.

With a few hard thrusts, the Auror finally came into Harry's mouth. Harry felt hot liquid squirting down his throat and started to gag and choke on the flow of liquid shooting down his throat. When he thought he was going to pass out, the Auror pulled out, leaving Harry to cough and choke from cum. Exhausted, Harry believed that the Auror was finished with him and fell down onto the floor.

But the Auror was not in fact done with him. Bending down, the Auror flipped Harry over so that he was flat on his stomach. Hands parting his cheeks and the hard tip of the Auror's cock was the only warning Harry had before the Auror brutally thrust into his hole. Harry couldn't help but scream in pain.

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It burned and it felt like he was going to split in two. Brutally, the Auror continued to pound into Harry, and as he continued to thrust, the pain started to numb and the cock was able to penetrate in and out easier and easier. All of a sudden, Harry gasped in pleasure when the cock hit his prostate.

The thrusting stopped for a moment, before it continued, hitting the same spot over and over again. And Harry did, the pleasure so intense despite who was doing it to him. Tears started to form on his face as he silently cried in shame and humiliation. Gasping each time his prostate was hit, there was one last thrust before the Auror buried deep inside him and released his seed once more with a shout. Harry too came soon after, giving out his own strangled yell. The Auror stayed inside Harry for a while, with Harry crying beneath him.

He was horrified and disgusted at himself. He had enjoyed it. Enjoyed it as if he were some whore. After what felt like minutes, the Auror finally pulled out of Harry. Not even bothering to chain him up, the Auror locked the cell door and left him lying in cum and a little blood. Harry blacked out soon after. When Hermione walked in for his daily meal, she ended up dropping the plate and cup in shock.

They landed with a crash, the glass shattering on the ground. Harry was still there, lying on the cell floor in dried and crusty cum, his face stained with tears. At hearing the cell door open and Hermione rush in, Harry looked up at her and stared her in the eyes. With pleading eyes, Harry begged her, even getting on his knees despite the pain that shot up inside him.

Pah-please kah-kill me. She was hesitant, that Harry could see. She was at war with herself, but she finally came to the conclusion that he was right. She had wronged her friend so much already. Martin announced that he would step aside. The ill will toward his close-knit team of advisers hasn't dissipated, however. For many Liberals, the silver lining in their loss is the very public failure of strategists such as David Herle, who chaired the campaign, and Scott Reid, the communications guru who said Canadian parents would spend daycare money on beer and popcorn.

This kind of Schadenfreude -- taking pleasure in the misfortune of someone you dislike -- prompts a similar neural response to revenge, scientists said in a paper published last week in the British journal Nature. But it is not exactly the same thing. It is as if someone can see the glass of wine or bar of chocolate, and can anticipate the pleasure it will bring.

More bittersweet than sweet

But they aren't actually doing anything to get it, says Tania Singer at the University College London. Call it revenge lite. Singer's study was the first that indicated there may be differences between the sexes when it comes to revenge. Her economic game included the drama of physical punishment -- small electric shocks equivalent to bee stings -- delivered to actors who were planted among the volunteers.

Some of the actors played the game fairly. Others cheated. Brain scans revealed that both men and women felt empathy for the actors who had played fairly. But the men were far less empathetic than women when they watched the cheaters get shocked. They also seemed take more satisfaction in watching them get punished. Singer said additional work needs to be done before concluding that men are more likely to enjoy Schadenfreude than women, but the experiment opens up an intriguing area for further study.

It may also be that merely planning to take revenge, such as hatching a scheme to egg the house of a cheating boyfriend, prompts a similar feeling of satisfaction, although there have been no studies on this yet. Thinking about revenge is certainly easier than exacting it. Blumenfeld recounts how she tracked down the member of a PLO faction who attacked her father, who was severely injured, but recovered.

The shooter, Omar Khatib, was in jail, but she found his family and got to know them, telling them only that she was an American journalist. She set out to seek revenge. For years, she had imagined confronting the shooter, grabbing his collar, and shaking him -- hard. But she ended up corresponding with him by letter, learning about his health problems and testifying on his behalf at a hearing on whether he should get out of jail before serving his full sentence.

He has promised to find a non-violent way to promote his political beliefs," she told the Israeli judge.

Revenge can be a strong urge, but you may not feel better if you act on it.

It was only in court that Mr. Khatib and his family found out who Ms. Blumenfeld was, and they were grateful for her intervention. So much for the instant gratification of a good, swift shaking. But perhaps she got something equally satisfying. Her revenge was forcing the shooter, and his family, to see her father as a real person. And we're people.

Not 'targets. And you can't just kill us. It is rare that a story of revenge ends in peace and understanding. Khatib didn't get out of jail early, but he did write David Blumenfeld to apologize for shooting him. It is not a good idea to betray or anger a writer. They use words to devastating effect when they exact revenge. Just ask Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame.

Nora Ephron's novel Heartburn was read by many as a fictionalized account of why Mr. Bernstein, her former husband, was such a jerk. The novel opens with her character, a year-old wife who is seven months pregnant, coming to terms with the revelation that her husband has had another affair. His first was with her best friend. When she confronts him, he calls her "a shrew and a bitch and a nag and a grouse," says he loves his girlfriend and won't give her up, but that he thinks their marriage should continue.

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She also describes the Bernstein character as "capable of having sex with a Venetian blind. Bernstein's reaction? He was worried that it would hurt their children. Evelyn Lau was unsparing in her description of her former lover, novelist W. Kinsella, in an article she wrote for Vancouver Magazine in She described the state of his teeth, jowls and the rest of his aging body in unflattering terms, and insulted his manhood. He sued, but the lawsuit was settled when the magazine agreed to run an apology. Canadian writer Margaret Atwood once asked that her books not be displayed next to Robert Fulford's memoir, which included a passage about her, Brian Busby says in his book Character Parts.

Atwood may have been enjoying a little literary revenge when in a short story, Uncles , she described a newspaperman as looking like "a peeled potato, with small features glued on, old-fashioned rimless half-glasses, and a little tuft of fuzz on top. When the Guardian newspaper published an excerpt of a speech Mr. Rushdie saw an opportunity for revenge. Nor did I take the easy path of proclaiming him to be a shining innocent. My position was that there is no law in life or nature that says great religions may be insulted with impunity.

In Mr. Rushdie's view, he says, anyone who questions him is "an ignorant, pompous, semi-literate unperson. Rushdie had the final word. It's true I did call him a pompous ass, which I thought pretty mild in the circumstances. I wouldn't dream of removing them. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff. Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way.

Click here to subscribe. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. Site navigation Your reading history. Customer help. Contact us. Log in. Log out. For the most part, research on revenge has focused on romantic relationships and the workplace.

Instead, revenge often involves breaking the typical rules of a relationship: not returning a text message or phone call, purposefully being unreliable or being less affectionate. Many brood about getting revenge because they think it will make them feel better. The people in the group that imagined taking revenge consistently thought it would feel better than the actual punishers found it to be. In fact, some studies indicate that people experience a range of positive and negative emotions when contemplating revenge. In one study , researchers asked a group of MBA students to tell two stories they personally knew about a time that they or someone they knew had taken revenge on a coworker.

For example, imagine a manager of a computer store who sets unusually strict standards for cleanliness, and constantly keeps the workers on the job past the end of their shift; to get revenge, the workers are extra meticulous about cleaning every last shelf, drawer and corner so they can keep the manager on duty longer than he or she wants.

In one study , participants played a problem-solving game with an assistant who was instructed to take more than a fair share of the winnings in this case, raffle tickets.