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Sparad i dina bevakningar. Laddas ned direkt. At age twenty, just before beginning her writing career as a reporter for the Washington Post, she learned the truth: Robert Jacoby, a Catholic convert with a Catholic wife, was also a Jew. In Half-Jew, Jacoby grapples with the hidden identity cloaked by the persona of a successful accountant and member of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in East Lansing, Michiganand with the secrets and lies that had marked her family's history for three generations on two continents.

Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. I was a religious mutt - a matzo brie pizza; a blintz marinara; a bagel and lox trapped inside a spaghetti and meatballs body. I needed an identity. I straddled for most of my youth.

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I was a Jew Catholic, or Cath Jew, or half and half, or half-Cath, or half-Jew, or Jewolic, depending upon whom I was trying to impress or what I was attempting to avoid. My Gram tried to convince me that I was a Jew by virtue of the 'mother of the Jew rule'. I remained solidly unconvinced and ambivalent.

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She opened the clasp on her purse and snapped it shut, signaling the official end of the conversation. That was my conundrum. This is my story. He focuses on telling compelling stories within a wide range of subjects and genres: from drama to suspense to humor, from fiction to non-fiction.

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All books can be found on www. Ritch has also written articles for magazines, including Private Wealth, Sidelines, Tango and Balance magazines and has been featured on national TV and radio, including a guest appearance on the Today Show, opposite Joan Rivers. In addition to writing, Ritch is a recognized artist who exhibits regularly in galleries and museums across the country. His portfolio can be viewed on: www.

He is also a recreational pilot and enjoys tennis and skiing. To contact Ritch directly: Ritch. Gaiti verizon. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. Deep within a maze of deceptions and betrayals, I uncovered a massive conspiracy among the most esteemed organizations in the world—and the truth that had sent my life into a tailspin ten years ago was far from true. Suddenly, this seemingly routine assignment suddenly had enormous stakes and consequences.

Now it was up to me to mend an ancient injustice and the fate of an entire culture. A n American classic of four lifelong friends, treachery, gambling, romance and a NYC fireman's quest to become the best horseplayer ever to play the game. Dutching the Book is about the depth of friendship that only comes with lifelong friends—each a unique and fascinating character—threaded together by an adventure that is based more on reality than fiction.

Now, over twenty years later, a fireman, he would be tested against the best. But this time he could lose everything as he takes on bookies to save his family and, on the journey, finds himself.

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Order from Amazon:. One guy can't change the world-- good thing that Glebe didn't know that. Big business and the government have met their match, as Glebe gives power to the people in a witty tale so unlikely, that it is totally plausible, definitely relevant, and very funny. A quirky, ex-adman, Glebe teams up with Hartwick, a black homeless gent, to create the movement that topples once powerful businesses. And his target included everything from dumb advertising, to incessant telephone calls, the economy, and being lost in the automated phone jungle.

They even take on the vestigial penny. It could have stopped there but, through the power of today's weapons, Twitter, Facebook and the net, it grew into the first worldwide boycott. Glebe just wanted to make a difference - and he wound up changing the world. Through Glebe, Ritch Gaiti digs into issues that are topical, relevant and funny. Search this site.

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Contact Ritch. Glebe's Blog. Paintings of another time, another place www. Press Release. Ritch Gaiti, author, artist, and an alumnus of Wall Street, has written novels, screenplays and many magazine articles and has been featured on national radio and TV, including an appearance on the Today Show. Ritch focuses on telling compelling stories and writes in several genres from humor to drama, both non-fiction and fiction. Welcome to CancerLand.

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