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Who sent the progress reports? Who collected the money Cal sent for supplies? Why did the school disband with no word to Callimachus? Of the ten teachers, he found news of only four: a murder, a suicide, a priestess in the cult of Dionysus, and one madman. The hills of Kursi and the tombs found there are home to the madman and the town is becoming increasingly frightened of the whole area. As Tallis investigates the disappearance of the school and the background of the madman, other forces are just as purposefully determined that he will not find out the truth about either one.

I found this novel hard to put down from the very beginning.

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The historical detail Groot includes about biblical Palestine truly evoked a real sense of time and place without seeming hokey. The people in the story know that something bad is going to happen and Groot made me just as nervous about it as they were. The Christianity in this book was subtle and powerful without being overwhelming. She has taken the biblical story of the Gerasene demoniac and rendered it into a story that makes you think instead of one that preaches at you.

Gunn, Robin Jones. Sisterchicks on the Loose! Bethany Press, Reading this book was like taking a relaxing and entertaining vacation for a day. As a twenty-something mother of a toddler, I wondered However, the story carried me across the world from my daily responsibilities and gave me a hour vacation!

I loved it!

Best friends and middle-aged mothers Sharon and Penny embark on a crazy trip to Finland to search for Penny's roots and relatives. While dealing with lost luggage and entertaining encounters with strangers and consuming great quantities of chocolate , they each discover new sides to their identities and hidden strengths in themselves and their friendship. The hilarious chapter describing their first encounter with a Finnish sauna is worth the price of the book alone! Robin Jones Gunn has created genuine, down-to-earth, endearing, unfailingly fascinating characters.

Just make sure you have plenty of time to read when you pick up this book because it will be hard to put down!

The Mermaid in the Basement (Lady Trent Mystery Series)

Hamilton, Jane. The Guardian. Nelson Publishing, This is the story of a guardian angel who is on trial in Heaven for the murder of a young boy, his human charge. As the story unfolds, we are introduced to human characters and each of their guardian angels. The intricate relationships between the angels, the human beings they protect and guide, and the angels themselves makes for a fascinating read.

This book transcends its genre to touch something deeply human in all of us. It is an uplifting story of how God's love and mercy helps one angel to move through tragedy to life. I recommend it to readers of any faith.

Bestselling Series

Jane's angels are witty, fun, and wonderful and her characterization and dialog are lively and thoroughly believable. Hamilton is a master of creating believable, enjoyable characters and bringing them to life. Heitzmann, Kristen. Bethany House, Heitzmann does the Romantic suspense category justice here.

Alessi Moore is a naive year-old who still believes in fairy tales and miracles, despite a past that has left her orphaned and alone.

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As she drives across the country, looking for a new life, she stops in the snowy northern town of Charity. Her car and worldly possessions are stolen, and Alessi finds herself dependent on the kindness of strangers. But something is rotten in Charity. The sheriff seems uninterested in finding Alessi's car; her stolen clothes turn up piece by piece in occasionally gruesome circumstances; and Alessi bears an eerie resemblance to a woman who disappeared several years ago.

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As the townsfolk talk of a mysterious "pact" they have made with one another, they muse cryptically, "Maybe they'd slain the devil, but his works were not forgotten. Heitzmann paces her story well, and there is an appealing tension as the plot unfolds. The joy of this novel is in Heitzmann's competent voice, engaging characters and many original touches. Karon, Jan. Viking, Karon's bestselling series of Mitford novels has concluded with 25 million copies sold to date, but to the relief of eager fans, she introduces a new series featuring Father Tim.

Christian/Inspirational Fiction

The beloved Episcopal priest returns to his childhood town of Holly Springs, Miss. The novel is thick with Father Tim's past, as Karon uses flashbacks to shed light on his early adulthood, especially his transition to seminary. In Holly Springs, his penchant for getting near strangers to open up to him—and his earnest, moving reflections on faith, prayer and the risks of love—are reassuringly present.

His wife, Cynthia, is on stage far less than he, but when she appears, she is charming and insightful, as usual. Yet the book is far from perfect. Development of the quirky locals in Holly Springs is thin, and the end is a tad abrupt. Most frustratingly, the central drama of the novel falls flat: Father Tim discovers a long-buried family secret, but he doesn't grapple deeply enough with the emotional consequences of his discovery, nor does Karon fully explore the ways in which the secret plunges us into the Southern quagmire of race. Still, Mitford fans will enjoy this newest visit with wise, winsome, lovable Father Tim.

Meyer, Joyce and Deborah Bedford. The Penny. Faith Words, I was not disappointed. This is a story of true friendship despite hardship maintaining it in a prejudiced United States. Inadvertently stopping a robbery when she makes a chance decision, fourteen-year-old Jenny Blake forges life-changing friendships which teaches her about meeting painful life challenges through faith.

I recommend it. Morris, Gilbert. Thomas Nelson, This novel of Victorian England is from one of our most prolific Christian fiction authors. This novel is book one of a new series.

The Mermaid in the Basement by Gilbert Morris

A woman of means …but not the typical Victorian lady who feels her place is to be seen but not heard. Now everyone except his sister Serafina believes Clive is headed for the gallows. Convinced of his innocence, Sreafina sets out with unlikely allies to prove it. Show of hands: who is not a morning person? Everyone hates mornings. A good morning? Does that even exist?

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