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More about Middle Child Return to ranked list Return to neighborhood list. Cadence is the other kind: a quietly competent, always evolving, gently brilliant BYO where the herb dumplings with mustard butter and the trout with blistered peppers and brown rice grits speak for themselves—no flash necessary. They are freeing and drenched in the open love of Jesus. Good post! If God had no call on Joyce Meyers life she would not be so heavily gifted! Same with all of them!

In fact God will judge u for not using your gift! I noticed he is against charismatics! That is case closed he is not grounded in the word…read the book of acts! That is charismatic Christianity in action! A lot of people think that one scripture cancels out another. Instead, we need to compare scripture with scripture and rightly divide the word. But it has to mean something! So what does it mean, exactly? Rather than trying to cancel it out with other verses, why not take some time to tell us what you think Paul means in this passage?

I sometimes listen to Beth Moore in the distance. That is, I listen to her on the radio while washing clothes, vacuuming, etc. Jonie, nope. But kindly back check whatever you hear. Paul commended them Bereans because they did not believe him point blank but went to the scripture and checked whatever Paul has preached. It applies to whoever we are listening.

You will know then for sure if listening to Beth Moore is profitable for you or not. Just saying.. Thank you for this article it makes me love Beth all the more as you are narrow minded and unloving in this article. Few are addressing this particular passage in their defense of lady preachers. I am personally interested in anyone explaining to me why Paul would forbid this if the culture of his time truly supported women in leadership…which is what everyone seems to be claiming. Clearly, using the argument of Paul forbidding women preacher because no one would accept women in a leadership role, is contradicted by what all the pro lady preacher crowd is saying about the early church accepting women in leadership.

I ask in response, why are you even turning to this scripture when referring to a woman who is a teacher of other women. All her books speak to the reader assuming the reader is feminine. Beth Moore never went to seminary. Because seminary is not where Baptist girls are supposed to go. Women are luck that Beth Moore studies scriptures as intently as she does.

You mentioned if your heart is telling you something is wrong, then it usually is. Actually, Jeremiah 17 tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. We need the word of God, not a feeling we have, to confirm the truth we believe. You need to read what the Bible has to say on this matter, and not go by your feelings. Please give your biblical justification for the art and science of hermenuetics.

What does this device of man have to do with faith? Acts How do those trained in science and observation, walk by faith, but sight, when we are not to walk by sight? In Acts 14 Paul rips his clothes to shreds when named in honor of this false god for the message he delivered. Why do we yet strive to be able ministers of the letter and not the Spirit 2 Cor.

One thing I have learned is that no one not even Paster. My Grandmother was my first preacher. Women were preachers. Who are you to Judge God and who he works through.. There is a vs that says in those days we will be has the angels neither male or few male. Paul commends the Bereans for being skeptical of his message. Should we not follow the same example for anyone who comes into our sphere? This point has been hammered enough in this thread. If it is wrong to judge, then stop judging. You are taking that verse out of context.

We are all equal in Christ, but we all have different roles. You will never sing bass, and I will not have babies. The real problem here goes back to Genesis …. God was saying that Eve because she was found in the transgression……. Bingo… her in lies the problem and has always been the problem.

I am so glad there is no marriage in Heaven….. Reading these comments is exactly why people struggle to understand Christianity. Would Jesus Christ judge a woman vs a man like this? It is so strange to see Beth and her ministry so judged based on scripture in Timothy. I appreciate your concerns and efforts. Please keep it up! To be forewarned is to be forearmed, spiritually!

We have a duty to be the watchmen in Ezekiel 3 and 33 to look out for false doctrines and anything that draws souls away from the simplicity that is in Christ. I am very encouraged by your example. Thank you Michelle! Paul had MANY women on his ministry team and left many women behind to start home churches.

Women always preached in the churches, always. Paul often encouraged it. In fact in 1 cor , Paul admonishes the Corinthian church to stifling a woman from preaching but instead encourages the church to allow her to speak. Timothy was having problems with these women snubbing him and working on their outer appearance as opposed to doing good works. He will one day give an account to God over all of this. So yes, you can teach outside the church walls and at conferences.

The article is weak. No references or teaching anything about the original language. Head, authority, submit, have often been misinterpreted from the original greek for purposes of power and control. Beth is clearly ordained of God. Not my personal liking, but she has been called to preach.

Kim, Michelle is not wrong and she most certainly knows scripture. Paul made it very clear that women are not to teach over men. And if they desire to learn anything, let them ask their own husbands at home; for it is improper [disgraceful] for a woman to speak in church. But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet. Beth Moore tells a lot of blah-blah me stories, with some Scripture verses thrown in.

Josh, thanks for your succinct list of the main problems with teachers like Beth Moore. Spot on! These pide pipers are twisting the word of God by not reading it in its full context. I can see many people oppose this article. They are the weak Christians voting for Hillary Clinton. I am sure they have not even recognized the evil Obama has done, but that pales in comparison to what Clinton is about to do.

I have attended several teachings of Beth Moore. I personally love what she has to say. God talks to me on a regular basis too. I am not catholic… I am a daughter of my king! The king of kings and the Lord of Lords… and yes, my Father talks to me because He loves me and we have a relationship together. The God I serve is a God of Love and not dictatorship.

Josh you contradicted yourself in the same message… you said that the apostles died and so did the miracles… and then later you said that the Word of God was true. The first 12 apostles died but there are modern day apostles and there are still many miracles today.

You need to spend some alone time with God and practice the art of humility along with a whole lot less self-righteousness. On a witch hunt now are we? Let me lead the way!! Militant feminism has and is creeping into the churches. The apostate church as described by Paul in II Timothy embrace her heresies. The rise of a dark, subtle sensual spirit of antichrist blended with Babylonian charm is sweeping over our land like a storm. This fits perfectly with the pattern of the rise of the LGBT occult.

The stage for the antichrist to soon emerge is rapidly being set up with hurling velocity. Notice this: Moore.. If they were as spiritually astute as they profess they would be at home serving their kids and loving their husbands. Are you serious? You sound like one of those male chauvinists. The preferences of Paul are not to be taken literally. He is writing from a male Jewish perspective.

I am not saying she is completely right but you need to watch how you treat women. Timothy must have had problems with them and the ladies basically told Timothy to Buzz off. Paul always encouraged women to preach as many of them had home churches as seen in a lot of his letters. Woman do not want to be put in the back of the church, not allowed to speak, lets just turn the universe back years. He plainly stated that though he believes he speaks with the mind of God, he was still a man and therefore capable of mistake. Jesus had many women within His inner circle. Mary Magdalene, an independently wealthy, unmarried from what we can tell from scripture was only one of them.

Jesus appeared first to a woman, not by mere coincidence. All i here here is jealousy. This Sounds of the preist who worked to get Jeasus crusified. How sad you are that you harp about men , i seen none should she eject any that show up? I find it ironic that we hold Lottie Moon up for the saint that she was and tell how she led men and women in China to Christ, and that was OK because she was called a missionary.

But here in the states women cannot do that. I think you make a good point, Peggy. Clearly, God utilized Lottie Moon in great ways to His glory. Rather, he stated that he does not allow women to exercise authority over men and the context of that prohibition is in the church. He states that women should remain quiet, and the context of that is in church gatherings. But she spent most of her time and efforts evangelizing women and children. But each has his own gift from God, one of one kind and one of another. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion. Lottie Moon seems to be a tremendous example of what is possible when God works through a single believing woman.

My pastor once said, when listening to ANY human teaching, eat the meat and spit out the bones. The primary command of Jesus Himself? My heart breaks when I read articles like this one. May God have mercy on your soul! Randy, you are correct. This is a big issue, that women bring their feminist views and try to alter scripture to excuse their sin. Like they know what it means more than God does! Many have their idols that they are unwilling to let go of, believing that they are teaching rightly the word of God without searching scripture to see if what they teach are true.

No discernment. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right. Since they hear Beth Moore teach some truth, her avid fans assume all truth comes out of her mouth. Men are to be over their wives, not the other way around. Same goes for teaching, women do not teach over men. Good luck with that. Have you heard her teach? What specifically have you heard her say that was flat out a lie and unbiblical?

But sadly this article is false too. Hey scripture says greet each with a holy kiss oh my why are you not doing that Also say how terrible it is for a women not to wear head covering. Context matter most. The article even hypocrite as it say Moore Faulty Biblical Hermeneutics. You the writter just as faulty.

Hello Peter daughter were prophet to the church. Judge over Israel was a woman. Romans guess what a women was a apostle. The name is a female name. So many cannot read the bible. So things are custom of the day not a absolute for all time. Washing feet was the custom does ever church do that today? Sadly women run to Meyers and other false women without any discernment at all. Paula White another false women love. You cannot be serious????

I cannot believe that you are believing what you are even saying… Jezebel spirit?!?! At home serving their kids and husbands? You clearly have studied Revelation…sadly, the ones arguing against this article have not. Even setting aside the argument regarding women teaching men, the rest of this critique of Beth Moore is spot on! A significant reason is because of secular humanism tied to feminism creeping into Biblical interpretation, and thus misinterpretation of scripture to fit secular society falsely empowers women in the church to the point that they overstep traditional Biblical boundaries, and intimidate and virtue signal men, to the point where men stop attending due to the false doctrine that is turning churches lukewarm, apostate, and ultra-feminine.

Jesus help these men not be so obtuse when it comes to interpreting scriptural Context and give the rest of us credit for knowing the scriptures as well as they do and have done our own studies and conclude just as intelligently but differently than they. Thank you for this, pastor. This is discernment done correctly. Are you kidding? Where are the men? There are far more women in the church then men. When did you ever serve in the nursery or bring food when needed or sing in the choir or teach a bible study. Most men sit at home while the wives go to church and take the kids.

When is the last time you invited someone to church or lead someone to Christ? Barbara, none of that matters. As Justin Peters one of the most humble men I have ever met said, she is one of the most dangerous women in evangelicalism today. She is so skilled at twisting the Scripture that she makes it virtually unnoticeable by the less discerning.

Maybe the problem is the lack of male leadership which some of the comments here seem to leave a sense of threatened men. As you know, prophesy is a word from God. Why do people keep mentioning Deborah? Deborah was a judge. It says absolutely nothing about Deborah teaching the Word or being in authority over men or anyone in spiritual areas. And in Judges 5 she sings a song of praise to God for what He had done. Just read Judges chapters 4 and 5, friends. Barbara Your forgetting the important part here. This is a commandment from the Lord.

And if you read in the bible and look up 1st Timothy 2 you will plainly see what it indicates that God himself said those words. And are you better than God huh?? If you are denying God. You need a wake-up call. God specified why he wanted man as a prophet. God is perfect. Just remember that. Quit being a racist person. And think women rule everything. Because they sure do not. If you are not saved. You would not understand the ways of the Lord. As God says that in the bible also.

The loss are like the blind leading the blind. They know not the lord and his ways. You might do things in Church. But your a lost soul who truly does not understand the Lord. I will pray for you. One tip bit here. I do a lot for the church. And I also do bible study. So I am well knowledgeable in the words of the Lord. And I do read daily the bible as well. Do you??? Doug — Deborah WAS a prophetess. Further, Paul mentions women using the gift of prophecy in 1 Cor I have no problem with good male leadership. Just wish I could see more of it once in a while. Barbara, I sympathize with your frustration.

Read my comment above. Satan is attacking not only the American church, but America as well. There are positive movements among men in Christ; Iron Sharpens Iron is one of them. I agree with you. Her ministry comes from the Bible. I am the shepherd of my little home flock and that being said, I become a servant to my lovely wife and beautiful daughter leading them by example as I follow Christ.

They would have it no other way. We, as a family, seek only to Glorify God and enjoy Him forever. Read more Scriptures and there is plenty of evidence of women ministering and even leading. I have seen some very powerful and anointed female ministers, who are called of God and not to the egocentric whims of men. Muslim, gypsy to name a few, are cultures who also believe women are not equals or viable and merely there to facilitate men. When a man loves his wife as how his own flesh would like to be treated and cares for her as Christ gave His life for the church, then a marriage can be filled with love and respect.

Unfortunately, where women are regarded as second rate citizens, the country is economically weak and a place where none care to immigrate. Dewy Beezly, Gal is referring to salvation. Meaning there are no social, economic, or gender barriers when it come to receiving Christ. Many people use that scripture in error. Men and women are equal, but have different roles. We see this in marriage and the church, institutions created by God. For they are not permitted to speak, but should be in submission, as the Law also says.

If there is anything they desire to learn, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is shameful for a woman to speak in church. Or was it from you that the word of God came? Or are you the only ones it has reached? You are referring to a verse that is about the elect as a whole. A elder must be someone who has one wife.

If so, why all the legalism when it comes to the role of women in the church while turning a blind eye to head coverings, fine jewelry, and expensive clothing? And what do you make of Paul permitting women to prophesy i. And why would God have blessed Deborah of the Old Testament — knowing she exercised authority over men as judge and prophetess? You speak of scriptural context — can we not consider that Paul was addressing the very specific needs of the early church? You tell us to read Judges, right? Amen to that , and Josh picking out a couple scriptures should check himself for Pharisee attitude.

The Spirit speaks through all believers and their anatomy has nothing to do with it!! Thank you, Dewy. Finally someone who speaks from well studied and rightly divided Truth. If only Craig and Josh were brave enough to accept the challenge of opening their minds to deeper study and scriptural exegesis. They are blinded to the fact that the Jezebel spirit they are projecting onto women, they are actually embodying in male form. I wish these men and some women would get about the business of winning souls to Christ instead of foolish arguments that stem from uninformed and unlearned teachings.

Peace to all and a very Happy New Year. Wild west of Christianity? Have you witnessed a Benny Hinn crusade lately? Every kind of disorder in those meetings. And men leading the way. He is a heretic of the highest order. Wave his hand and people fall in thier seats. Yes I agree with you on this man. Yes, Tracy and James…. Benny Hinn scares me. Very true. Women tend to let their emotions get in the way. James : Beware of the people of the evangelist on TV or in person.

If you remember God says beware of false prophets pretending to be something they are not. There are a lot of people in this world. They do this to make the money and are like wolves in sheep clothing. Just saying here. Thank you, thank you, for this article! This is in my church and am trying to get the word out about all these false teachers.

So hard to get people to listen. I think I agree with Rick. Why not publish an article about what women can do as they serve in the church. The article made me feel like I should do nothing; however, I know there are women in the bible who did great things. Look at Esther for one. What is your point? Jesus redeemed Mary Magdalene cleansed her of demon possession after which she was among the women along with Mary the Mother of Jesus and others who followed Him, and she was the one at the tomb that He appeared to first after His resurrection, so she ran to let the others know.

How does that relate to this? I do not understand how you could be left with that feeling. The Bible lays out a beautiful calling on women. If women want to know how to serve in the church, they should try opening their Bibles. Barbara: if you read more about the crucified of God on the cross. As when one stood by asking and telling God. Look over yonder is your mother and brothers. And instead they should be praying to God directly. And the Catholic people go constantly to denounce their sins.

And what does God say about that huh? He teaches us not to continue to do continuing sins of the same sins over and over again. It is not about equal rights or about What Men can do Women can do the same. There are many things women excel in even in the Church.

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It is never about competition or jealousy or equality. Besides why do women have to show they are equal to men. Whom do they have to proove assuming if the issue is about equality. It is not about playing second fiddle. Very encouraged to see this article based on scripture. Many women follow Beth as if she is Christ and do not test her teachings against scripture — 2 Timothy Beth Moore loves Jesus and is a bold teacher of the Word of God.

Go Beth!!! Yeah Right…For those who like buying products and attending emotional entertainment events. So the preacher at your church is not paid a salary? Both speakers are, to heed Paul, worthy of their pay.

A Historical Overview of Natural Products in Drug Discovery

Satan must be delighted when he can keep Christians busy fighting against each other rather than directing their animosity toward the true enemy. Which Jesus!?.. Certainly not the one in my Bible…He came preaching repentance…something you will never hear at these heretical gold diggers gatherings. Amen, Jvd! I just wonder how many of those who are criticizing her have actually heard her speak or read any of her books. It is sad that, as someone else commented, we as Christians get so wrapped up in having our own way that we beat each other down.

Satan loves it when that happens! It gets our eyes, minds and hearts off Jesus! Exactly what I was thinking. Our nation, in particular, is in need of women who are strong in the Lord. I will attest to the fact that when going through a Beth Moore Bible study, I am immersed in scripture- the studies are more about reading and getting into the Word and gleaning as much as possible. How do we understand the scripture? Beth Moore is a tool the Lord is using to speak to the hearts of women.

Crosby, etc. End times coming to pass. Church fighting against church. Who is right and who is wrong. I take what all preachers say and test it against Gods word. Try it and stop the nonsense you who are so righteous. For this reason her ministry is focused on teaching women. Further, she has declined offers to become a pastor which certainly backs this conviction.

Strikes me as an interesting double-standard. Allegorical interpretation is NOT the same thing as drawing comparisons to scripture i. This is not what Beth Moore is doing in her studies. Does she seek to draw out practical examples from scripture? I saw no cited examples in this article. Just broad-stroke assertions. The points on the charismatic movement, I believe, are the real crux of the argument.

So to align with a charismatic in any way amounts to heresy for many. Suzy Askew will guide the process of making a miniature design from kit materials including a tiny perfume bottle, and other tiny containers made of bamboo, acrylic, and pottery. Kit also includes mechanics, line materials, and mats.

Garden types include: eclectic, cottage, formal, zer0-lot line, Japanese, serene, and whimsical gardens. Visitors can tour organic vegetable gardens, see free range chickens, and beekeeping up close, and look at compost methods. Other highlights: a hand build Pagoda, ponds, fountains, arbors, raised beds, outdoor showers, fruit trees, and much more. Pre-registration required; free; Register online at Germantown-tn. Three completed designs given away as door prizes at end of program. No need to preregister.

Speaker Booker T. Leigh, University of Tennessee Extension Agent. Microorganisms living on and around the plant roots, together with the roots create a zone called the rhizosphere. Join Tina Marie for an evening of exploration of life underground and why that matters to herb gardeners! She coordinates annual herb events and facilitates the production of herb seeds and plants for the park.

She co-authored the reference book, the creative herbal home with Susan Belsinger. Memphis Herb Society Flyer. Each year new plants emerge. Learn from our local garden expert which new plants are worth finding and which ones are not worth your time and money. Seven fantastic gardens! In addition to inspiring gardens to give you design ideas and solutions to common problems there will be detailed plant lists available at each garden as well as garden experts to answer questions and demonstrations to help you become a master of your garden! Donations accepted.

Bring a friend! Barbeque, drinks, and desserts provided by MHS. Please bring a side dish that goes with BBQ. Hope to see you all for a fun night. Assistant professor Beverly Tsacoyianis, University of Memphis. Free to Dixon members. The first two hours will be spent weeding, grooming, thinning, planting, or whatever else needs doing in the Herb Garden.

The last hour will be spent learning how to use herbs in making and using sugars and salts. Michael Dirr. Some of the topics to be covered are tree biology, soil properties, water management, nutrition and fertilization, tree pruning, selection, disease and problem diagnosis.

See listed website. Often people are confused about how best to take care of their water gardens. This class is perfect for new pond owners or those who are considering making this investment. Bring your questions! Sale is open to the public from 10 a. Quantities are limited so get there early! Here's a peek at some of the varieities we'll have. Call or email for locations. Alpe Lane Crawfordsville, Ark. Shade is often considered difficult to garden in. Learn which plants create the best show in your shady areas.

Growing grass in the shade is always confusing. If you have problem areas, come get a solution. Check flyer for additional information. Program on Tropical Bonsai. Members urged to bring Tropicals or other variety to work on. Rotating education programs: Heirloom tomatoes history, tomatoes in a Grow Box, Tomatoes in a straw bale, Tomatoes in a burlap bag, Tomato pruning for yield, Tomato pests and diseases, Making salsa with kids , and Tomato recipes.

Friday: Entries accepted and judging begins continuing through Saturday with judging and awards ceremony on Saturday. Great Tomato Schedule Summer Lecture Series: Dr. Wayne Estes - "Restoring Our Grasslands". Dont' miss it! Garden talks, plant sale, vendors. John Romano presents "Nobile-type Dendrobiums. Sasha Daucus, professional herbalist, healer, and owner of Golden Light Center in Southern Missouri, presents "Healthy, Herbal and Wise" an informative program on herbs for strengthening your immune system and your nerves. Program includes a plant walk in the herb garden, plus a picnic dinner supplied by members.

You can make and take home an herbal remedy. Cactus Rescue, program on rescuing cactus from development in the Southwest. Also, bring any of your own plants in need of rescue or advice. Perennials, annuals, ferns, hosta, tropicals, shrubs, trees. Don't miss it! Heather Holm, horticulturist and biologist, the author of Pollinators of Native Plants and Bees: An Identification and Native Plant Forage Guide, travels from Minnesota to discuss native bees and other pollinators and their relationships with native plants.

She will also sign copies of her books; a limited number will be available for purchase at the event. Call, email education wolfriver. Prepayment required by August 7th. Join Sherri McCalla and learn how to turn herbs into tasty beverages. Sherri will demonstrate and guests will be able to taste herbal waters, juices, teas, shrubs, and cordials. Tasting the cordial will require proof of age 21 or older.

Recipes will be provided. For questions or to register, If you have a lease or own land and want to learn best practices for food plots, this seminar is for you. Seminar by David Glover, the Bartlett Bee Whisperer, will enthrall you about bees and his exploits with them. Members share and demonstrate their favorite tools, tips and tricks for potting, transplanting and caring for their plants.

Participants receive a copy of newly revised Tennessee Christmas Tree Production manual. The page manual covers everything from site selection, tree species and how to market trees. While workshop is free, due to limited space registration is required. Call by August For more information call Booker T. Leigh at same number. Learn from certified local experts how to maintain the trees in your yard and protect the trees in your community.

For a total of 20 hours. Flyers and applications are available in the Master Gardener Office. Classses are open to anyone and will run 5 consecutive Wednesday mornings from A. Flyers and applications are available in the Master Gardener Office at the Agricenter. Native plant sale, hummingbird banding demonstrations, speakers on various wildlife and conservation topics, craft market, and more. Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Registration form available for download below.

Registration Form: reuse-reduce-recycle Jason Hoeksema - "Wild Mushrooms". Soil, pH, getting your lawn ready for winter and applied pre-emergence herbicide will also be discussed. Sample herbed popcorn and other appetizers, blend and take home some herbed cream cheese. Class fee includes a handout with recipes and tips. Call to register by September Open to all educators, formal and non-formal.

Lunch will be provided. Certificate of completion will be available at the end of day. Farm to Park Teacher Development Day. Discussion led by Dr. This program will focus on the importance of supporting pollinators like butterflies, moths, bees, beetles, and even flies! No registration necessary. Selection of perennials will be larger than ever, and plants are well-suited to thrive in our Mid-South climate. This will be the perfect timing to add a variety of pumpkins and gourds to your home or lawn decor.

Beetles ladybirds, click beetles, fireflies, ground beetles, and weevils to name a few comprise the most diverse group of animals on Earth. Duane McKenna from the University of Memphis Department of Biological Sciences will present a lecture on beetles, including information about their diversity, their roles in Earth's ecosystems, and his research to unravel their family tree and remarkable habits, including their apparent success in feeding on plants.

Shade garden expert Gene E Bush presentation featuring subtle, and not so subtle, combinations that bring out the best in each other and prove there is no shortage of color for shade gardens. Drawing from over thirty years of gardening experience and twenty years in the nursery trade, he uses both native and non-native perennial shade and woodland plants to form what he refers to as a casual "Wild" style.

Social time and refreshments begin at p. Graham Ramsey presents program on Repotting with Orchiata. Over 50 different cultivars of daffodil bulbs that grow well in the Mid-South will be on sale.

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Plant list attached. Cash and checks only. Local gardening expert Tonya Ashworth will sort out the beneficials from the baddies. She will also explore ways to make our gardens more welcoming for beneficial insects. Open to the public and free with Membership or regular admission. Learn to make Kokedamas, Japanese moss balls that contain a living plant, under the direction of Ann Lanphere. Silent Auction of handcrafted items such as herbal teas, vinegars and more. Refreshments at Alex Kumok presents the program "Orchid Inventory: How to keep track of your collection.

Eugene McKenzie conducts a class on fern propagation through spore sowing. All who attend will have an opportunity to propagate a fern. Celebrate the winter solstice with the opening of The Dixon Collects: Amaryllis Exhibition featuring the Dixon collection that started in Visitors will view the amaryllis in the collection as well as new additions.

Meet the young horticulturists of Memphis. Refreshments MHS members free. Recycle your beloved Christmas tree and support the Garden! They are located at Thomas Rd. For more information, call Master Gardener, David Fuchs, will present a class on the on creating a landscape plan. A "how to" for drawing a master landscape plan plus a very basic introduction to design using repetition and rhythm, simplicity, unity, scale and balance will be discussed.

The presentation discusses which hydrangea species does best in what type of location, how to prune it and the varieties available. Talk includes many photos of hydrangeas in the speaker's garden and from garden tours. Presented by the Dixon Gardens Staff. Dixon garden docents will focus on the Memphis Garden Club Cutting Garden each week for these new tours on Saturday mornings.

Each month, another aspect of the workings of the cutting garden will be featured, including the Catmur Potting Hub, the 58 planting pots, the perennial border, the sculpture, the greenery, and the secrets of how the garden staff produce fresh flower materials for the twice-a-week displays in the Catmur Foyer and residence.

First meet in the Catmur Foyer to see the large urn design, and then we will begin the tour of the cutting gardens. Earn a reward at the end of the year December by collecting signatures on your frequent visitor card. Join Jim as he demonstrates almost everything you could possibly want to know about propagating plants.

The demonstration will cover seeds, cuttings, air layering, division and grafting. Seating limited, please register early to avoid disappointment. McKenzie, past president of the Memphis Fern Society, leads participants in a discussion and planting of fern spores to take home. Bernhard Meck thinks outside the box. His art, all at once practical and visionary, is difficult to categorize. No slight to brick, block, and stone layers, but this is not that.

Come hear about the work Bernhard has done in landscapes all over the world and right here in Memphis. TN Naturalist Program. Mondays, a.

First class and last class end at 3. One evening session TBA. The Tennessee Naturalist Program is a corps of volunteers providing education, outreach, and service, dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities. TN Naturalist Program participants will complete a training course of 40 hours instruction plus 40 hours of approved volunteer service activities. Class size is limited; registration is required. Call to register or e-mail Charity. Siebert memphisbotanicgarden. Schedule of classes can be found online at www. Lowering inflammation with herbs, presented by Mary Jones Stupin, Certified Health Coach, who will discuss the types of herbs and spices in use in your diet to reduce inflammation.

Trained Master Gardeners are available at our Ask a Master Gardener Clinics to provide you with the latest University of Tennessee research-based home gardening information. Check these nine rules for a mixed and blended garden and compare them against your garden to get some great ideas for improving the overall look, dressing up a particular area, using your own unique creative style and pulling it all together. Patricia Harding, author and orchid enthusiast, will present a program on the orchid species rupicolous rock dwelling cattleya.

Free to museum members. In this free one hour class, learn the history and science of terrariums, from Wardian cases to paludariums. Nancy Morrow, the Memphis Plant Lady, will bring specimens from her collection of exotic rain forest plants and mosses to build a terrarium in this demonstration workshop. Reduce your pruning by learning why, when and how proper pruning will keep your plants attractive and vigorous adding years to their usefulness and beauty. Join Jim Crowder for this program on a Feb.

Lawns, winter damage, pruning, bed prep, and weed control are just a few of the topics to be covered. There will be ample time left for questions at the end of the program. With more than a decade of experience as a grower and propagator at leading nurseries such as Plant Delights and Camellia Forest, she now combines her passion for plants and sustainable land management by communicating the value of gardening across the US.

Brie has been dubbed a revolutionary for her leadership in the suburban Foodscape movement and for her work with public schools across the US. Some of the topics covered in class are tree biology, soil properties, water management, nutrition and fertilization, tree pruning, selection, disease and problem diagnosis. Applicants for certification will take the on-line certification exam independently. To be certified, applicants must have either 3 years of arborist experience, or a 2-year degree in a related field. More information about the exam and Certification can be found on the ISA website.

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Web-site: www. Guest Speaker: Jim Crowder. Horitculturist and retired manager of the Dan West Nursery in Memphis. Hosted by Millington City Beautiful Commission. Krekelberg, will be providing information about various shade plants for the midsouth area; how to deal with root rich soil and pick shade plants that pop. Registration is required.

Call or stop by the front desk to register. Are you planning herbs in your garden or planning an herb garden? This class will present thoughts about growing herbs and some ways to use them and preserve your harvest. Guest Speaker: Jason Reeves. Jason's presentation will highlight the many underutilized plants on the market today that not only flower, but have interesting bark, great winter leaf color and interesting textures. Not only do many of these beauties look good in the winter, they look good in the spring and summer too.

With just a few additions, the landscape can be something to admire all year long! Call to register by Feb. Are you hesitant to prune your trees because you are not sure when and how to prune? Learn the basics of tree pruning, including the correct season for pruning, the appropriate tools and the proper techniques for cutting.

Pre-registration required. JRoberts Germantown-TN. Free with garden admission. Rescheduled class. Guest speaker: Dominique Bellott, garden historian and world traveler. Join Farm Park staff and learn how to set up your own backyard chicken coop, select the right kind of chickens and care for chickens from hatching to maturity.

Learn how raising chickens can be a fun activity for the whole family. Local ordinances and guidelines will be discussed. Farm Park is located at Cross County Drive. Memphis Area Master Gardener, Suzanne Allen, will provide information on how to improve the "curb appeal" of your home. Brenda Oviatt from Botanica Ltd. She will have plants to sell. This class will cover tools, timing, and techniques. Dress for the weather as this is an out-door demonstration and practice class.

Optional: bring your own pruning tools to practice what you have learned. Class size limited to 20; register early to avoid disappointment. Rare plants, appetizers, cash bar and entertainment! Join us for the fun at when the bidding begins. Weather permitting, the first two hours will be spent weeding, grooming, thinning, planting, or whatever else needs doing in the Herb Garden.

Work will be moved indoors in case of bad weather. Labor is traded for education when Sherri demonstrates Herbal food mixes in jars. All that will need to be added for prepared food is the wet ingredients. Participants will leave with recipes for a beverage, soup, and dessert. Please arrive at the Horticulture Building in the South end of the parking lot between a. The group will leave the building promptly at Please dress appropriately: wearing layered clothing is suggested for this time of year. If you have any questions not covered here, call Sherri McCalla, Join Jim Crowder and get a jump on Spring garden chores.

This session deals heavily with soil prep, proper planting techniques, lawn care and the "what, when, where, and how" to fertilize trees, shrubs and gardens. Bring your questions, your problems, and your neighbors! This is a family-friendly event and is perfect for anyone looking to broaden their environmental impact. Presented by Fed Ex and International Paper, volunteers of all ages are needed to pot and plant 4, native tree seedlings at Shelby Farms Park.

Register today to be part of the largest annual volunteer event and help us restore and improve the Wolf River watershed. Please visit our Annual Tree Planting event page to register for this event! Want beautiful productive gardens? The secret is in the soil. Learn how to utilize composting materials and other amendments to improve soil and boost productivity in the home garden.

A tour of the community gardens in included. Participants will leave with one beverage, one soup, and one dessert, recipes, instruction cards and gift tags. All that needs to be added for ready to eat food are the liquids. Jenny is a renowned gardener, educator, historian, and author.

Jenny is also an avid, hands-on gardener who has gardened in both her native England and the United States. Thousands across the country have visited her own garden, Northview, a 4. Free to Hosta Society members. Refreshments begin at Learn how to remove and repel unwanted insects and weeds from gardens without the use of toxic chemicals by establishing your own organic pest control regimen.

Riddle is a Tennessee lawyer specializing in estate planning, business planning, and real estate law. Having a diverse background in real estate development, farming, and landscape, before he began working as a lawyer, he developed an expertise in tree law as well. Disputes with neighbors regarding trees will be discussed in depth. Wes will review and build on the material discussed in his previous presentation in November He will also be available for questions and answers after the talk.

Hughes Pavilion at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens is the location of the meeting. Eugene McKenzie email address: ewokhrc comcast. Space is limited. Free Admission. Admission and parking are free! The Master Gardener Plant Sale includes more than 2, plants and bulbs in a wide range of selections just in time for the gardening season. Have a gardening question? Pick young flowers, put them in water and bring them in to get tips from members of the American Daffodil Society about exhibiting your favorite blooms to their advantage. Join Master Gardener David Fuchs as he teaches you about the basics of proper drainage, fertilization, and weed control for your flowerbed.

Register online today at website listed below. Presentation in the Halle Meeting Room. The Photography Division celebrates the Daffodil. Eight different classes are available to enter, such as daffodils in the landscape or garden, daffodils and people, daffodils with animals, and youth 20 years of age or younger entering a photograph incorporating daffodils, Please see the show schedule www.

Minimum print size is 5x6 inches, and a maximum mounted size is 11x14 inches. Photographs should be mounted on lightweight neutral, stiff card stock or foam board. An exhibitor may make up to two entries in each class. Exhibitors should register in advance by contacting the Photography Chair, Hannah Underhill to indicate the intention to exhibit and the number of photographs, if known.

Daffodils whose names are not known are welcome in the 'Just for Fun' section. Entries of daffodils and photographs of daffodils will be received on Friday, March we, from p. The schedule for the accredited show can be found at www. Bring a friend and enjoy seeing the many different varieties of daffodils that can be successfully grown in our area.

Chris Cooper. Come hear Dr. Chris Cooper on presentation about "Weeds", something we all have to deal with. After the presentation there will be time for questions. There will be refreshments at pm prior to the presentation. Open to the public. How Does Your Yard Measure Up Worksho - Learn: Essential steps to a healthy landscape;Key strategies fo manage your soil, turf, and mulch; How to use rain water; Landscape design essentials with curb appeal tips; Use of environmental friendly fertilizers and much more!

Registration All supplies are provided but students will need to bring some hand tools. Prepayment due by March 22nd. Call for more information, tool list, or to register. The Birmingham Botanical Garden has become a center for the study of native plants in the Southeast. The convention features a national daffodil show and educational sessions free and open to the public. To read about the schedule events, visit the ADS website.

Optional tours to The Parthenon and The Hermitage, judging, show open to the public, social hour, and awards dinner. This session deals with lawn care, fertilizer, weed control, living with moles and voles and more Bring your questions, your problems and your neighbors! Spring Gardening Wisdom by Greg Touliatos. Her presentation at the Dixon will draw from this book and will take you on a delightful journey through the four seasons of her southern garden.

Betty, who lives and gardens in Spartanburg, South Carolina, started her collection of hydrangeas about 21 years ago and has now amassed over cultivars. Get the first pick of the plants at this year's Plant Sale Preview Party. Enjoy botanical cocktails as you stroll through our new nursery with our hort staff to answer all of your questions! Beautify your yard, go green, learn something new and have fun!

Come peruse an extensive selection of native and wildlife friendly plants grown onsite at Lichterman Nature Center for this one-of-a-kind sale! The Spring Plant Sale will be a two-day opportunity for you to shop from a variety of plants, trees, shrubs and edibles propagated in our own nursery and greenhouse.

These selections are ideal for our regional growing conditions, and are grown for their hardiness, adaptability, and unique characteristics. Year after year, plant nerds, couch potatoes, novice and expert gardeners flock to the Garden's Spring Plant Sale. We are proud to offer perennials, annuals, tropicals, trees and shrubs. You'll shop from a vast selection of plants grown in our own greenhouses, so you can be sure that they are healthy and suitable for our Mid-South growing conditions.

Expert staff and volunteers will answer your questions and offer care and growing tips. Admission is free. Shop a wide assortment of annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, tropicals, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, and more while helping those in need. Fayette County Master Gardeners and plant experts will also be on-hand to offer advice and guidance.

The event offers fun for the whole family including expert demonstrations, a Kids Zone with a free inflatable bounce house, coloring contest, and snacks and concessions. Chris Cooper, Shelby County Extension. Though in a wheelchair, Josh maintains a thriving business, has developed a lovely home garden, and is active with the American Hosta Society and hosta community. Violets, their relatives and supplies will be on display and for sale. Master Gardener, Linda Phillips, will give a presentation on "Recycling". This program is for children. The public is welcome.

Reni, born in Austria, shares typical recipes and methods learned from her own and other Austrian families who provide for themselves from the bounty of their gardens and farms through the harvest seasons. Free, public iris show at the Pickering Center. Anyone may enter a stalk of a named iris variety on show day from a. Hank is only two years old and will needto mature to at least seven years of age before blooming for the first time. After that, with luck, he will re-bloom every three years or so.

Interest in the corpse flower comes from its size - it is the largest unbranched inflorescence flower in the plant kingdom, powerful stink, and fleeting presence. Referred to as the corpse flower or stinky plant, its putrid smell is most potent during peak bloom at night into the early morning.

The odor of the flower attracts carrion flies that help pollinate it. The corpse flower does not have an annual blooming cycle. The bloom emerges from, and energy is stored in, a huge underground stem called a "corm. It requires very special conditions, including warm day and night temperatures and high humidity, making botanic gardens like ours well suited to support this strange plant outside of its natural range. While not normally on public display as we nurture his growth, Hank will be available for viewing in our Visitor Center beginning Tuesday, May 1st for only one week.

In its natural habitat, the corpse flower can grow up to 12 feet tall. Hank currently is about 4 feet tall, having doubled in size since the Memphis Botanic Garden acquired it some months ago. Target Bloom Date: est. May ! Bring your questions, problems and your neighbors. Victor Maddox, a Senior Research Associate at Mississippi State University, has had a lifelong fascination with plants that have inspired him to collect thousands of specimens from all over the globe. His collection is housed on 9 acres near Maben, MS and includes both outdoor plants and several greenhouses.

During college, he managed a private university collection of about 7, hybrid orchids, some dating to the s. Now he manages his personal collection. The collection is arranged thematically with Old World plants from Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe in front of the house. Maddox is regarded as the premier plant taxonomist in the Southeastern United States. Join us for this evening with Dr. More than 1, of the newest and most popular hostas, including Hostas of the Year since Come early for best selection.

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If you would like to receive a copy of the plant list prior to the sale, please contact Mitch Robinson at mrrobinson audubon. Come see beautiful orchid exhibits May 19 and 20 and purchase orchids and supplies May For more information, visit www. These are native and wildlife-friendly plants, all grown on-site by volunteers. Come see beautiful orchid exhibits and purchase orchids and supplies. Expert demos, hands-on learning, and vendors for makers of all ages, from 3D Printing to Gardening.

Hank is only two years old and will need to mature to at least seven years of age before blooming for the first time.