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Peri Peri Wings 6 pieces. Peri Peri Wings Meal 6 pieces. Served with salad, rice, and a choice of sauce.

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Classic Chicken Burger Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Chicken Fillet Burger Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Beef Burger Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Vegetarian Burger Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Doner Burger Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Chicken Tikka Wrap Tortilla wrap, chicken breast pieces, lettuce, and mayonnaise.


Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Peri Peri Wrap Tortilla wrap, peri peri chicken breast pieces, lettuce, and mayonnaise. Mexican Wrap Tortilla wrap, flame grilled chicken breast pieces in spicy Mexican salsa, peppers, cheese, and jalapenos. Lamb Doner Wrap Fresh naan.

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Chicken Wrap Served with salad and a choice of sauce. Single Kobeda Kebab Served with fresh naan and fresh salad. Double Kobeda Kebab Served with fresh naan and fresh salad. Chicken Tikka Kebab Served with fresh naan and fresh salad.

Insights from ALIS: Checking In With Choice CEO Pat Pacious

Since then, he has been very busy. In December, Choice announced that it would be acquiring extended-stay brand WoodSpring Suites—a deal that finalized on Feb. The company is also in the midst of launching a new central reservation system CRS that has, thus far, exceeded all expectations.

And busy. The impact of tax reform and the existing health of the consumer market, with unemployment being low and consumer confidence being high, is good for the industry. From a developer perspective, people are out looking to do deals. Lending is also in a good place—not too restrictive or too out of control. Interest rates continue to be at historic lows from the standpoint of having a favorable environment.

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I look at all those things as real positives. Also, I know everybody is trying to predict the end of the cycle. Having that favorable development environment helps us on that front especially. When we sat down and thought about our strategy, we had 11 well-segmented brands, and all 11 had growth opportunities. He is to room with Monmouth County's Robby Andrews, one of his biggest competitors on the track and in his race for college. Walter Pinder of Overbrook High School also worried about finding the money to go to college.

But as the year went on he worried about much more. In January, the poet and drum-line member was beaten and stabbed by a group of teens and left the state to finish high school in an undisclosed location. According to his Overbrook guidance counselor, about a half-dozen colleges, including Penn State's main campus, accepted him.

She had not yet heard his choice. Walter could not be reached for comment. Samantha DiFeliciantonio, a varsity first baseman for the Conestoga High softball team with an interest in international relations, did not spend the winter sweating it. She had known by September that she wanted to go to George Washington. Applying early was a smart move. George Washington accepted 58 percent of those who applied early, filling 38 percent of its freshman class by December. Ali had spent much of April sorting through financial-aid packages, examining academic programs, revisiting campuses, and, most of all, trying to figure out: "Where can I see myself?

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With college acceptances to top-notch universities, including Villanova, Fordham, and Boston College, she was in a position many students would relish. This decision process is crazy! Because she was on the wait list at Cornell - along with a couple of thousand other students - she had to choose a college without knowing whether she would eventually get in. She had received a full-tuition scholarship to Fordham, a Catholic college in New York City, which intrigued her. Her first visit to campus got her thinking maybe he was right: If she wants to go to medical school in the Philadelphia area, Penn makes sense.

Plus, she said, "it's hard to turn down an Ivy League education. The cost difference between the two schools wasn't an issue. On this warm, sun-drenched day, Ali and her mother walked the acre West Philadelphia campus, enamored of residence-hall courtyards that looked like scenes from Harry Potter.

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It doesn't feel like a city school. It feels like an old-world setting," said Ali's mother, Andrea. But off campus, she added, "I would make sure I was with people I knew or trusted.

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Inside the dorms, the rooms seemed larger than the ones she had seen at Fordham, where she felt "claustrophobic. She became even more encouraged during an afternoon panel in which Penn students gave the prospects the scoop on campus life. They were candid, diverse, and enthusiastic, not "nerdy" as she thought they might be.

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Partying is part of campus life, said another, but "you don't have to drink here. We're not all alcoholics. Then a premed major from Havertown explained that work was hard but that there was time for fun. That was my concern," Ali said. Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content.