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Both accommodations offer brilliant pool facilities floating Lego bricks are a great touch , which were rarely used during park hours hint, hint to parents desiring down time. The hotel also offers daily master build classes, which include a hands-on tutorial from an actual Lego master builder. I know, it sounds pathetic and perhaps dangerous, but at a. All guests will appreciate Miniland, a collection of Lego-built miniaturized cities comprised of more than 32 million Lego bricks. All family members will love The Great Lego Race, a roller coaster enhanced by virtual reality.

A new subpark, The Lego Movie World, will open this spring. We returned to the spot at night for a fireworks display, which was enhanced by 3D bursts of virtual Lego pieces. A Legoland shuttle operates daily from Orlando; reservations required. Wisteria senensis Chinese Wisteria Throughout the Gardens. Aponogeton distachyos Water Hawthorne Cypress Lake. Viburnum Tinus Viburnum Throughout the Gardens. Spiraea Spirea Throughout the Gardens.

Zephyranthes atamasco Atamasco Lily Cypress Lake.

Osmanthus fragrans Tea Olive Throughout the Gardens. April Annuals - throughout the gardens. Liriodendron tulipifera Tulip Tree Throughout the Gardens. Azalea Indica Azalea Throughout the Gardens. Cornus florida Dogwood Throughout the Gardens. Robinia pseudoacacia Black Locust Middleton Tomb. Magnolia macrophylla Bigleaf Magnolia Azalea Hillside. Rhaphiolepis indica India Hawthorn Inner Garden. Orontium aquaticum Golden Club Cypress Lake. Clethra alnifolia Sweet Pepperbush Cypress Lake. Magnolia grandiflora Southern Magnolia Throughout the Gardens.

Canna flaccida Golden Canna Restaurant South. Hibiscus coccineus Scarlet Rosemallow Restuarant South. June Annuals - throughout the gardens. Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay Magnolia Inner Gardens. July Annuals - throughout the gardens. Nymphae 'Mrs. The pictures and descriptions with the videos make a fantastic hub. You are just incredible!

So happy to hear that you enjoyed reading this hub about the beautiful Cypress Gardens in Florida. I had a lot of fun taking pictures I would have a heyday now! Thanks for the nice comment. Hi Peggy, I really love your posts. They are very informative and nice to read. God bless and more power! They are truly amazing and so beautiful. Thanks for adding this information regarding the beautiful Cypress Gardens in Florida.


You were fortunate in living nearby to such a pretty site. I have pictures from the 70s of myself near or beside these landmarks. Don't forget the swimming pool shaped the state of Florida. The boat ride took you up beside it. Hope that you enjoy the beautiful Cypress Gardens as much as my mother and I did when we were visiting in Florida. Peggy, I've got to visit this place on my trip through Florida. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures and rich content. So very happy that you liked these pictures of the beautiful Cypress Gardens in Florida. You certainly live in a pretty State of the Union!

Thanks for the very nice comment. Glad that you liked them. Cypress Gardens is so beautiful that it would be hard not to get good photos in that scenic part of Florida.

Southern Bells

Thanks for stopping by. Happy to hear that you enjoyed the photos of Florida's Cypress Gardens. Thanks for leaving a comment. So happy that you enjoyed this hub about the beautiful Cypress Gardens in Florida.

Welcome to United States Botanic Garden | United States Botanic Garden

Going over to your site now to see if you have written any articles about gardens. I love gardens and I enjoy gardens and breathe gardens LOL thank you for this beautiful hub! They have acres and acres of gorgeous garden scenery at Cypress Gardens in Florida. Not to worry! Cypress Gardens is a beautiful attraction.

Pictures of the beautiful Cypress Gardens in Florida

Glad they were able to keep most of it available for viewing. Hope you enjoy your outing at Cypress Gardens as much as we did. Wow, this is gorgeous, I've always loved Florida. Thanks for showing these pictures and writing this hub! Have a great day. Hi Laila, Imagine having a place this beautiful in which to relax and unwind every day. A bit of paradise on earth! Thanks for commenting.

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Hi ripplemaker, Happy that you could enjoy this journey via my photos. I agree about nature being a wonderful place in which to bask and unwind. Yes,just keeping the quiet beauty of the gardens is a great idea as they are so relaxing and soothing to the mind! Hey this is so cool. I love watching the photos and the well tended gardens and would definitely love to watch the shows including the acrobatics performed on water.

Oooh, I would love that a lot! Nature is very soothing and calming and it would be a joy to bask in it. Thanks for sharing the photos you took Peggy W! Hi frogyfish, Glad that this brought back some good memories for you. Writing about places that I have seen does the same for me.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I visited Cypress Gardens as a young teen, and that day there were none of the 'workers' in uniform'. It is or should I say was a quiet beautiful place. Loved traveling with you! Hello Birte, So many places in the U. That is one nice thing about hubpages.

We can all learn from one another. Hope you get to see Cypress Gardens if you would like as well as other places high on your list of things to view. Hi Pete, Glad that this brought back memories for you of the water show. Did you get to see the human pyramid? That was an amazing sight! At least for those that will never be able to see it in the future I have a photo of it in this hub.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I couldn't agree with you more about gardens being quiet places of beauty. Somehow roller coasters and gardens do not fit my idea of something that I would enjoy seeing blended together. Glad to read that they are getting rid of those rides. Thanks for reading this and leaving your comments. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics, Peggy. I think you are so right about getting rid of the rides, gardens should be places of quiet, except for birds and frogs etc.

The topiary is out of this world especially the horse and carriage. Thanks Peggy for showing yet another side and place of the US that someone like me has not yet had the chance to see. Melody, Thanks for reading and my wish is that you get there and many other beautiful places in the world! Hi K ri, Where in Florida do your parents live? I've only seen parts of the west coast of Florida and some of the interior of the state.

But from what I have experienced, Florida is a wonderland filled with attractions worth seeing. Intend to write more hubs regarding things we have experienced. Thanks again for commenting on this and many other hubs. Appreciate it. Enjoy your hubs as well. Beautiful pictures Peggy! I can't believe there are people sitting in that horse and carriage! I never knew you could sit in topiary. The ground look lovely. We also loved the ones in Vancouver equally well. Guess we simply like beautiful gardens where ever they happen to be!

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Awww that was great.. Loved it sweetie I also was impressed with the water pictures, very nice.. Thanks for sharing G-Ma :O Hugs.