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Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. By the way, I only buy organic fruits, both for myself, my guests, and Puppy Girl. Traditionally-raised fruits have some of the highest levels of pesticides of any produce. Update: Even dogs like variety. I've begun feeding her a small peeled, cored no seeds! She goes into the kitchen and 'asks' with one bark for two homemade buckwheat crunchy treats and an apple by a.

You can almost set a clock by her! Just be very careful to steer clear of fruit seeds which contain a type of arsenic , stems, and pits. Also, avoid those fruits known to be highly toxic to dogs, such as grapes, raisins, and prunes. Ingestion of only seven grapes can be fatal to a moderately sized dog, something you don't want to chance.

Avocados and macadamia nuts are also very dangerous for dogs.

All dogs go to heaven: 'I miss her every day. I sniff her bed and her collar and cry most days'

This is so crucial I will repeat it further in this article, along with an expanded list of foods known to harm dogs. Carbs , as mentioned previously, provide good fiber for a healthy and active dog, and whole grains are the best carb choices, preferably organic to avoid both pesticide residue and GMOs. Note: When I first began making home-cooked dog food, I used brown rice, the preferred whole grain type which I also ate at the time ; however, after reading a news report that brown rice grown in the U.

The source of the rice crop is also important. It seems that much rice is not safe because of toxins it picks up from the earth in which the crops are grown. Asian rice is frequently grown near industrial sites with heavy runoff. Rice brands that are grown in some U. Fortunately, I read an article from a reliable source stating that Lundgren's organic basmati white rice grown in California tests lower for arsenic than any other rices, significantly below the 'allowable' level, and I've since seen charts showing arsenic levels in rice products that substantiate that claim.

Although I've switched almost exclusively to certified gluten-free oats for Puppy Girl's grain, I occasionally use the Lundren's organic basmati rice for variety. Sometimes I add either cooked sweet potato or white potato to the mixture in place of oats. Why wouldn't dogs like some variety in their diet? Humans do, and dogs have evolved to be very like humans in many ways!

I purchase organic, gluten-free oats, usually buying them online because there are only a few brands that are both organic and GF. Oats give the food a good texture, and the pumpkin holds the blended food together. I vary at least a couple of the veggies and fruits in the mixture from week to week to give my dog some variety.

Again--I wouldn't want to eat the same veggies and fruits day in, day out. Variety is, as the old saw goes, the spice of life. This is where I become redundant, but I gave you advance warning and hope you'll read all of the following warning. Repetition aids memory, and I'll add to the list of foods that are toxic for dogs.

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Some common foods may be dangerous to dogs even in small amounts. Xylitol, which is an ingredient used in sugarless gums and toothpaste for humans should be kept away from dogs, as even a small amount of xylitol can be fatal to a dog. The smaller the dog, the more likely one of these foods will several affect him or her. S mall amounts of garlic may not harm your pet and may, indeed, have some health benefits—some people swear it repels fleas— but garlic should be used with caution, preferably with the supervision of your vet, because a lot of it can cause organ damage.

Since my dog has a compromised immune system because of a very serious reaction to a vaccination, I choose to be cautious about any ingredient with the slightest potential for harm.

Homemade Dog Food With a Special Ingredient

I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, but there are family members who would swear I have it--especially where my Puppy Girl is concerned! Assemble all the ingredients, cooking pans and utensils. I cook the meat separately until tender. These are the healthiest oils, for dogs as well as humans, and are beneficial to their coats. If you'd prefer to forego the oil and steam the meat in a very small amount of purified water, that will work just as well.

After breaking the meat apart into small bits with a heavy-duty steel spoon, I stir and brown it, and then cover the pan with a lid to let it finish cooking on a low heat setting. At that stage, it remains moist until I'm ready to mix it with other ingredients. When I use chicken breasts, they are simmered in water until done. I remove them from the broth and transfer to a bowl, cover and refrigerate while I cook the veggies and if used grain so the meat will be easier to dice before adding it.

Chopped veggies are boiled or steamed together in a separate large cooking pot while the meat is cooking. I drain them in a colander and use a potato masher so they'll be in small bits before adding vegs to the meat. This mixture contains enough moisture and heat to "cook" the instant oats.

Just be sure to stir all the way through the meat and again when veggies are added so oats are evenly distributed throughout the food mixture. The heat helps the pumpkin get mixed very well. The diced chicken goes in last. You can add fruit raw after the other ingredients are cool.

By the way, I eat only organic vegetables and fruits, and I feed my dog the same quality organic produce that I consume. Dogs are as vulnerable to cancer as humans. We all must establish our own priorities; however, I can't resist asking this question. Do you want your dog to be healthy and have a lifespan within the range hopefully, on the far side that is normal for her or his breed? If you do, you may decide it's worthwhile to shop organic for your buddy, too. You can do without all those pricey drinks from Starbucks if the sacrifice will make you feel better about buying organic produce, especially since commercial coffee drinks are loaded with sugar YOU don't need.

I consider the cost of organic foods a preventive that's much cheaper than medications or other medical treatments for disease. Viewed in that perspective, you may find organics less expensive in the long term, both for the human members of your family and your much-loved pet. The nutrient-enriched water in which the veggies and grain were cooked makes her food moist.

A good bit of a dog's water requirement is provided in the food. I mix the meat with all the other ingredients in a very large bowl that has enough room to thoroughly stir it until well mixed. I've had people walk through my kitchen while I'm doing this and say, "Mmmm You can imagine the reaction when I reply, "It's for the dog.

I put enough food to last three days feeding twice per day into a glass bowl with cover and refrigerate it. The remainder is frozen in daily amounts that can be easily defrosted overnight in the refrigerator. Just before serving her meal, I add 2 tablespoons of chopped organic parsley, possibly another leafy green. I also add the recommended amount of plant enzymes and probiotics for dogs to her food, as well as a natural seaweed calcium supplement you can use bonemeal if you prefer and stir.

This supplement is a natural digestive aid, and she rarely has a tummy upset. One of the enzymes, amylase, helps dogs properly digest starchy carbs such as starchy veggies and grains. I encourage anyone making dog food at home to add enzymes and probiotics. The very good brand I use Animal Essentials is shown in a photo below and is available online in two bottle sizes from Amazon. Once she's slurped it down that's the sound she makes , I tell her to "back up to your rug", and she does. She's so cute backing up and sitting until I give her the "okay" to eat another portion that I often laugh when I see her do it.

This happens again until she's eaten the third portion. She rarely drinks water just after eating, but usually returns a bit later to the water bowl. Healthy crunchy treats, including those formulated for doggy dental care, will give your dog something to chew that will help keep her teeth clean. Cruncherz dog biscuits formerly known as Barkwheats , actually contain no wheat, a grain to which some dogs—including my furry friend—are sensitive. These treats, which come in several flavors, contain antioxidants and have minimal calories.

Unfortunately, they also contain canola oil, which I've learned is not healthy--despite the hype. That's why I began making Puppy Girl's buckwheat treats myself, using organic buckwheat flour, organic ground ginger sprinkled into the dry flour and mixed, adding organic pumpkin puree and organic unsweetened applesauce. With the applesauce, there is no need to use any oil. I roll them out, use a small cookie cutter about the size of a quarter and twice-bake them slowly, like biscotti, so they will be hard and crunchy. She also likes a couple with her morning apple pieces. A regime of daily tooth-brushing with toothpaste formulated for canines—never human toothpaste, which may contain ingredients harmful to dogs—is recommended for thorough doggy dental care--especially important when feeding your dog moist home-cooked food.

Moist food will stick to the teeth and form tartar that hardens into plaque and causes gingivitis if not removed. Prevention is better than cure, since professional cleaning of a dog's teeth requires anesthesia and is costly. As a dog grows older, the idea of anesthesia is worrisome, as well. Always read labels to ensure you never feed your dog anything containing either sugar or the very toxic-to-dogs artificial sweetener, xylitol. I avoid feeding my dog other artificial sweeteners as well, but xylitol is especially harmful to canines.

It's an ingredient in some sugarless chewing gums, as well as some toothpaste formulas for humans. If you buy those products, please keep them where your pet can't reach them. A multi-vitamin and mineral supplement may be in order once a day or every other day. The amount to feed depends on the size, age, activity level, and breed of the dog. I find it best to halve the daily allotment and feed two meals of the home-cooked food per day. This is in addition to her fruit-and-two-treats "breakfast. This is even easier for a dog to do with softer home-cooked meals than when eating commercial kibble.

Now you see it, now you don't! Dividing her day's food into two meals keeps her from eating too much at one time, helped by three separately spooned "servings" at each meal. This is a good procedure to use when feeding dogs that customarily eat too fast. You wouldn't want to eat dinner off that dirty plate smeared with dried food you used at lunch, would you? You'd be surprised then again, maybe you wouldn't how many people never wash their dog's food and water dishes! You can't put a price tag on this addition.

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It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. Both flaxseeds and chia seeds are high in valuable nutrients, including omega oils and fiber; however, they are higher in omega-3s than omega-6s. You should get input from your vet about the proper ratio of these two omegas, especially since you're also adding fish oil. As long as you're adding the appropriate amount of each to your dog's diet, they can provide energy as well as healthy skin and coat.

Your vet can tell you the right amount for your dog. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Thank you so much, Vanessa. I'm glad you're feeding your two furbabies healthy homemade food. Good for you! So grateful for your article! I agree that it's really important to make your own dog food and get away from commercial pet food.

I've been making food for my two pups for years and it makes such a difference. I also add a mix in supplement called Azestfor to make sure they are getting all their nutrients which I think is super important. Thank you, Freki. I hope the suggestions and recipes in this article will help you feed your miniature schnauzer healthily from the beginning.

Best wishes to you and the new four-legged family member who will be coming to live with you soon. Mini schnauzers are delightful and loyal dogs. You are certain to enjoy him or her and get lots of love in return. Thank you so much for the article! It's been a real pain in the neck to find a good easy-to-put to use article!

I'm planning on getting a Miniature Schnauzer next month and really don't want to give him any canned or dry food! Been looking on Russian sites, since I live in Russia, but later decided to check some international sites, since I really want all opinions possible on that matter. Thanks a lot! If she's losing weight while eating plenty of nutritious food with a good appetite, the vet should check her thoroughly for anything physical that might be causing the problem.

I no longer trust either canned or frozen salmon labeled "wild" because much of it is processed in Asia China or Vietnam where quality and safety standards do not exist. Often when you pay for what you think is wild-caught Alaskan salmon, you're really getting farm-raised fish from a really nasty and unhealthy environment.

If your girl can't tolerate beef, can she eat chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, domestic rabbit, or bison as a protein? Also, a daily canine supplement containing multiple vitamins and minerals may be helpful. You should, however, be guided by your dog's vet in selecting the appropriate diet for her to keep her from getting too thin. Also, those "lumps" might herald something more than fatty cysts, so a biopsy may be in order. I don't mean to frighten you, but it's better to be certain there's no tumor causing weight loss. Best wishes for you and your sweet girl!

Great article. Well written. Your dog sounds so cute. I only make 3 days worth at a time though. I also pour a good few T flax oil on top of the food in her bowl, and add apples or more sweet potato and sometimes some warm oatmeal to the meal. Weighing her weigh self, then holding her showed 59 and now 56! I think would be right for her, but more to the point than numbers is how she looks—she just looks gangly now.

Her ribs show, her spine shows! I feel like she is getting protein from the fish, oil from the fish, olive oil and flax, and plenty of carb from the veggies, rice, fruit, oats, and potato. Also, I give her a probiotic, selenium, and spirulina. And some Chinese herbs the vet rec'd for lumps we dont want to remove yet. What am I doing wrong? Does she need more of one macronutrient or maybe more food overall? I feed her about a cup and a half of this glorious mash each meal 2x day. Maybe 15 oz salmon per batch spread over 6 meals 3 days isnt enough "meat?

Love your thoughts. PS I get hungry when I look at and smell her food too! Most of the items you list as bad foods to feed to dogs I agree with, however raw salmon is fed as a main staple for sled dogs in Alaska and they thrive on it. Thank you so much, Jay Thomas, for your kind words!

I'm glad you enjoyed this article and hope it proves helpful to you. Hi, Peggy - I use an 8-ounce measuring cup. However, your dog may require a bit more food if he gets more exercise than my fur baby. You can always adjust the amount if he either still acts hungry or doesn't eat it all at once. However, I've never seen a schnauzer that didn't have a big appetite! Thanks for joining the discussion. Thank you Jaye for sharing the above detail information. I also have a Schnauzer, 9 years old boy, and i have been struggling in finding a right meal for him.

He has a hyper sensitive digestive system and very easily have upset stomach and diarrhea, and he almost killed by those commercial dog food! From kibbles to raw food, they are poorly produced and have very bad ingredient. So, I am now making food for my boy. However, I encounter a big problem is I don't know how much food to feed him every day. I feed him twice per day just like what you do to your girl, morning and evening. I saw on the above photo you use a cup to fed your puppy, can I know the cup size? My dog is around 15lbs, how much food should I feed him per day?

What a great hub, so full of good, solid information. I knew that some things are dangerous for dogs to eat, but I was not aware of several items you mentioned. So glad it's helpful to you, Mary. We have to take good care of our babies, don't we? Looking through the hub I realize that I need to make some minor revisions--just updates. One of those things I'll 'get around to' as soon as I have time. Thanks so much for responding to my concern about Baby's diet.

I used to give Baby Milk Bones as a treat, but then after I read the label, I see they have a grain in them can't remember which one , so I no longer give them to her because of her gluten sensitivity. Mary- I'm delighted to learn that Baby is improving on a home-cooked diet.

And, regardless of what your vet says, I know that some dogs are sensitive to gluten.

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My Puppy Girl can't eat wheat without scratching, and I haven't given her a bite of it for years. The oats don't bother her, but I've switched to the steel-cut brand. Sometimes I substitute Basmati rice or potatoes. Oh, and I always add some organic pumpkin to her food now. It's great for a dog's digestion, and she loves it. I also began making her crunchy buckwheat treats at home. They're much cheaper than the pricey ones, though I do still buy them occasionally.

I use organic buckwheat flour, organic pumpkin from a BPA-free can , organic unsweetened applesauce, a drizzle of organic honey and a bit of filtered water if the dough is too thick to stir. Sorry I can't give you measurements, but I'm the type of cook who just dumps ingredients into the bowl until the dough looks and feels right. I roll the dough into two balls, cover in a large bowl and refrigerate for several hours. I use a cutter to make cookie-like treats, place them on cookie sheets and bake about degrees for 20 minutes.

Remove and cool completely, then put in oven for 15 minutes. Turn oven off and let treats and oven cool together. It's like making biscotti so the treats will get hard and crunchy, as well as keep in her 'cookie jar' for a while. They don't stay there too long, though. She loves them and 'tells' me she wants a couple first thing every morning! Just wanted to give you an update about my Min. Schnauzer, Baby. If you recall in my comments earlier to this post, I started feeding her homemade food, and she continues to improve. I found out by trial and error, she is sensitive to gluten!

My Vet. I wrote a Hub about her sensitivity of glutens. I just reread this Hub, and now I'm afraid I'm not giving Baby vitamins as I should; this was a good reminder for me. Also, I wonder if she is getting enough protein by just eating chicken, rice and green veggies. I'm sharing this great article again, cause it is a very important article for us dog lovers. Torrilyn - Thanks. You're right that we can only know what we're feeding ourselves, our families and our pets if we choose the ingredients.

That's why it's so important that we do this rather than rely on processed food corporations selling products for humans and pets to provide safe and healthy nourishment. Anita - I've been using a potato masher for some time so that the veggies are actually a mashed consistency rather than the 'chunky' ones shown in the photos. However, I also add a powdered supplement that includes probiotics and enzymes.

The enzymes include amylase, which breaks down starchy carbs so that dogs can digest them thoroughly. Since my dog is blind, I take her outdoors on leash for potty time, so I know her stools don't contain undigested food. In fact, if there is such a thing as 'perfect potty', hers fits the description each and every time. I would advise anyone home feeding dogs veggies or grains to include the appropriate enzymes needed in each meal. Thanks for adding this comment to the discussion. Just a note here JayeWisdom - I just read a well known book which says that we need to puree the veggies because otherwise they are not digested and come out whole in the feces.

But I think you do mash all the veggies, don't you? It's a new learning for me. I would have never thought to make homemade dog food. Thanks, Anita. I'm glad you cook for your dogs, too, though with a pack of nine, you're cooking much larger batches than I am! I've never thought to give Puppy Girl mangos, but I'll bet she would like them because she enjoys apple and pear chunks. Voted up Jaye! Very informative and Puppy Girl is such a cutie!

I too cook for my dogs - I have 9 now. Some love fruit such as banana and mango and all eat their veggies. Joe - Great, and you're very welcome. I love to learn that more people are feeding their pets home-prepared food with quality ingredients. I just fed my dog her second meal of the day, and, as usual she licked the bowl clean but I'll wash it anyway. She has a 'built-in alarm clock' in her tummy so she can remind me it's time to eat! Joe - I'm sure your dog will love homecooked food, which is healthier, safer and undoubtedly better-tasting than anything in a bag from the store.

Give your pup a hug for me, and thanks for your comment. Mary - I'm so glad Baby's new homemade diet is controlling her food allergies so she doesn't itch. Give her a hug for me. Thanks for sharing this hub. I do hope more people will prepare healthy food for their beloved pets. Hope you're having a great weekend. Rebecca - You needn't win the lottery to homecook for your dogs if they don't have food allergies or need to be on a low fat diet.

Organic chicken thighs are a more cost-effective protein, especially when you find them on sale and buy in quantity to freeze, and some organic vegetables cost very little more than their traditionally-grown with pesticides counterparts. Thanks for reading. Regards, Jaye. Lisa - One way you might get your 'fussy eater' to change his diet is to cook a small batch and add just a bit to his current food every day, gradually adding more until you've made the switch. If your dog can be coaxed to eat a bite or two of table scraps from your hand, it's likely he will enjoy homecooked food.

After all, it smells so good while cooking that humans think it's for them! This was a great article, especially with all the pet recalls. It is unfortunate that these recalls come after so many of our dear pets died. I always check to make sure my dog's bones are made in America and not China! An interesting sounding recipe for sure. I'll bet the dogs go nuts over it! I remembered you and your love for your Schnauzer, Baby Girl.

After I first read this Hub I began cooking for my 7 yr. I get her chicken from Whole Foods market. I am still including rice and she loves green beans. Her itchy condition is so much better now, I give her NO table scraps anymore. I was giving her a prescription diet from the Vet for food allergies, and her condition worsened! Tirelesstraveler - You're not the first person to make that comment. Actually, my dog eats better than I do!

At least, her part of the grocery bill is higher. I enjoy a plant-based diet organics. She eats more protein, and its cost is greater. She's worth it! Dear Nellieanna - What an amazing experience—hearing the kitties meow at that exact moment. It must have seemed as though they were welcoming George, and I can understand how it provides comfort for you.

Dogs are stoic by nature and tend to hide pain or injury when they can—a by-product of the days when weakness might mean death by a predator. Everything I read was encouraging and made the decision easier for me. While she is already anesthetized, her teeth will also be cleaned. This veterinary practice believes in pain management, so she will be kept comfortable.

When I cried about her blindness I went into a room and closed the door in an attempt to hide my distress from her. Thank you, dear Nellieanna, for your concern. I appreciate it. When Puppy Girl first went blind, a friend suggested I have her put to sleep! I do most of my shopping online except for produce, frozen foods and perishables. Many of the other products I once bought at the supermarket can be delivered right to my door with no shipping charge.

Employing self-discipline to make good healthy choices seems easier now that I have time to focus on myself and my own needs. Yes, dear Jaye, those kitties did have a really wonderful, long and happy 17 years and they filled ours with the pleasure of their company. A little spooky, but it was very real. It still brings tears to my eyes, along with a sense of comfort.

It seems such a major thing, but I did find a site which was encouraging and made me feel better for Puppy Girl and for you. Do stay positive about it. Somehow I know it will have good results, having read more about it, and knowing how well you care for your doggie. Oh, I can imagine how valuable those mobile shopping carts are, as needed. In fact, my mall visits are rare nowadays. I simply time my forays to suit my endurance, which seems to improve by using what of it I can summon. I try to focus on using what I can while I can. Anyway, online shopping is more satisfying, at least for many things.

EASY Corn Dog Recipe with Honey Mustard Sauce

One-stop shopping for everything from casual clothes to laundry products and electronics is rather convenient. I also find many things I use at the health food store. I like your explanation of that! I also find it wise to take breaks from the chores I once did like a marathon till completed to my satisfaction. Yes, it is good to have great freedom of choice of scheduling our lives in most every area.

Self-discipline is probably all the more necessary now, but one still can decide about it, which is really fun. I do have many close and satisfying involvements with others, but they are not the same as commitments of partnership and marriage, or outside work. So life at going-on is pretty great. I would not want to go back. There are too many possibilities still to come! Nellieanna — I took your advice and wrote this comment offline to cut and paste here. Good idea The main thing I have to consider when I go to a bricks-and-mortar store is whether or not they have mobility carts. Those motorized shopping carts are wonderful for anyone with a physical challenge.

If I need to rest, I relax on the sofa with a good book and Puppy Girl curled up beside me. When refreshed, I tackle a combination of chores and activities I enjoy. The most serious and the one I expect to affect me emotionally is the enucleation of her eyes. I have confidence in the veterinary surgical team and know they will do everything they can to take care of my girl. Same with emails at times. At least, then if it still disappears, one has the offline copy to try again.

So maddening! Yes, it was terribly sad to lose those kitties. They were born in the bottom of my closet shortly before we married and had been with us constantly. The only time we were ever separated from them was when we went to England. They were so aware of those places. They slept through the actual trips in the back seat of the car, but as we began to approach our house here in Dallas or the RV we kept in Del Rio or the cabin we built ourselves at the ranch, they came to full attention, meowing and looking out the windows excitedly.

Even the streets en route to our house in Dallas roused them to excited anticipation. They went on our trips to the ranch for 13 of our 15 years of regularly going on them till George really had no business being so far from medical help. And over their lives, they went with us to numerous lakes in Texas, to Las Vegas, Phoenix, The Grand Canyon, Indiana, New Orleans, Florida and on several trips to Branson, with trips to those places before the ranch and scattered among those, too.

Helps to not be as intense a house-keeper as I once was when my children were growing up, when more old-fashioned products were the way it was done. Just in that motel. These days I do not travel far from home to shop if I can avoid it. I try to stick to organically produced meats, eggs, etc.

I wash produce well before eating it. What is vital to me is to eat plenty of fresh produce of the best quality I can get within reason. I miss the days when George and I had a huge garden. Yes, you are minimizing her risks by giving her the best foods possible. I hope she enjoys many more years of happy life! There are just so many hours in a day, and I confess I get lost in whatever I am doing, usually. My life is such that if anything gets done, it is up to me to do it. I enjoy getting absorbed in things. Hugs and love to you. I consider you a real friend.

Nellieanna - You were far ahead of the trend to feed pets people-quality food--a trailblazer while on your own quest for personal health. It's heartbreaking that you cared so well for your cats Camille and Toulouse only to lose them to toxins acquired away from home. The commercial cleaning products used by hotels contain strong toxic chemicals. Pets either lick surfaces or get the toxins through their foot pads. It's dreadful.

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved cats in such a tragic way. Unfortunately, the cleaning products with familiar names that most people use in their homes also contain harmful chemicals parabens, phthalates, etc. Safe, inexpensive white vinegar, baking soda and low-percentage hydrogen peroxide are much better for cleaning--not only because of pets, but for humans. Children shouldn't come in contact with unhealthy ingredients. Since Puppy Girl has a compromised immune system because of a severe vaccine reaction suffered when she was younger, I do everything possible to keep her well.

Feeding her a homemade diet with organic ingredients is one aspect of that care. Sadly, she's had many health issues, including some disorders to which schnauzers are predisposed. My thinking is that healthy food at least gives her an edge that she wouldn't have with commercial dog food, so I continue to prepare her food weekly. That is I'm delighted that a broader selection of organic foods will be available to me. During the summer I go to the farmers market regularly, but the majority of farmers in this state who sell produce still use pesticides and justify the practice because of the hot damp climate that results in many insects.

However, there are a few organic producers, and it is necessary to arrive at the market early before their produce sells out. Since WFM has a policy of buying local produce when possible, I hope the new store will encourage more organic produce farming in the area. Thanks for reading and for sharing your own experience. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to this comment after losing my initial try--no idea why it disappeared into the ether , but I did something unusual for me last night. I relaxed on the sofa to read for a bit and fell asleep for nearly two hours!

Instead of relaxing me, naps leave me groggy, so I didn't try to concentrate on anything other than a novel for the remainder of the evening. Nellieanna - I wrote a long response to your wonderful comments, but when I clicked on "Post Comment", I suddenly had to log in again and my reply disappeared.

I've had that happen before, and it's very frustrating. I'll come back later and try to reconstruct what I wrote the first time.

The Research and the Goal:

In the interim, I'll just say, "thanks. What a wonderful guide for dog care, Jaye! Not having had dogs, I hope you won't mind if I share a little of my experience with cats. When our two cats were born in , there was very little attention being given to or needed for some food-growing problems which have developed in the last couple of decades.

It has advice for everything cat owners need to know about organic, natural holistic cat care. The authors consistently emphasize that each cat is unique and believe that they deserve respect as well as loving. When our cats went for their annual vet checkups, he would ask us what we fed them to keep them so healthy. Indeed, they were. They simply never suffered any illnesses during their entire lives. They traveled everywhere with us in the car pulling our RV for our overnight stops, or traveling directly from our house in town to our RV permanently in Del Rio and on to our cabin at the ranch overall a mile trip so they were always in their own surroundings and were strictly indoor pets.

On those trips, we sometimes had to modify the recipe for their food, but it remained mostly from recommended ingredients we normally used in making it. If we had to substitute commercial cat foods on occasion, we were very finicky about the brands and their ingredients.

While we were out of the room, our precious kitties obviously got into something fatally toxic in that motel room. Toulouse seemed to be slipping away too, but he rallied, though the same symptoms overtook him suddenly a bit later. It is so well written and presented, too. What an adorable Puppy Girl she is! If I should ever have a dog, - and I love dogs, too, - I will certainly heed your advice! Thank you for sharing it!

Theresa - I've been doing it so long that preparing my dog's food is as "second nature" to me as cooking for myself or guests. In fact, I can almost do it with my mind on something else I appreciate Kathleen's kind words and your passing the comment along to me. I enjoy editing. Crazy, I know! Thanks, Audrey - Cooking my fur-girl's food is only one of the things I do to hopefully prolong her life.

She's a sweetie, and it's no trouble at all to give her a healthy diet. Thanks for your comment. Jaye - What a terrific and helpful and informative Hub. I have two cats, but if I had a dog I would cook their food at home. Hi, BoscoGirl - Sorry to hear your schnauzer has diabetes, but thank goodness it's treatable in dogs. When my schnauzer girl turned 9 years old this month, I switched to a geriatric formula supplement produced by Vetri-Science Laborabories. It's Canine Plus Senior. These are bite-sized chews that contain everything needed to support health of older dogs.

I buy it from Amazon. Can you tell me what multivitamin you use. I home cook for her. The grain I use is millet. Millet is gluten free. Gypsy Willow - Thanks. I hope you can adapt this homemade dog food recipe for your dog's needs. Corn seems to be one of the most prevalent canine allergens, and--as far as I'm concerned--GMO corn is dangerous for animal or human consumption.

What a lucky little Puppy Girl. Sensible advice as most commercial foods list Corn as the first ingredient. GMO anyone? Our dog is highly allergic to this and gets a bad skin rash if she eats it. Thanks, Mel - You're a good pet parent, and I'll bet your dogs love their meals.

You don't have to worry about toxins in commercial dog foods, and your beloved pets will probably live longer as a result. I appreciate you're reading this and your comments. Wow, great information here - I have been making our dog food for years, but I will be sure to tweak things after reading this - Cheers, Mel. Thanks, Peg - It's worth the effort of preparing wholesome food to know we're feeding our sweet furry friends safe and healthy meals.

I'm so accustomed to the procedure now that I reach for the ingredients and cookware automatically--the same as when I cook for myself or visiting family. I've read from many sources that good nutrition can add years to a dog's lifespan, and that's motivation enough for me to continue her homecooked meals. I chuckled when I read about your dogs watching for dropped scraps. Puppy Girl likes to hang out in the kitchen when I'm cooking, too. When she gets in the vicinity of the stove, I say, "Back up! I hope there's something in this hub that will be useful to you. What a great Puppy Mom you are to prepare home made meals for your dog.

I had to cook for my Lab after he developed intussusception as a puppy and had to have surgery. Afterward I fed him and my other sweet one boiled chicken with rice and added green beans. They really loved the process of preparation and watched me carefully in case I dropped any scraps. Hi, findwholeness--Thanks for reading. I made some edits to this article before seeing your comment, and I'll tell you below what they are.