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What was the hardest thing about making this switch to CDJs or doing tricks on them? I have to imagine it's hard to beat-juggle, but I suppose you have the indicator. The hardest part was just getting used to the timing of the CDJ verses the timing of the turntable. They are both precise but yet quite different because of circumference size, motor drive, etc. For years I used the center area on the record where the label is fixed to control and manipulate it for cuts, scratches, beat juggling, etc.

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That helped me make an easier transition to using the smaller plate on the CDJ. How do you feel about artists getting bookings to just show up and play CDJs with the sync button engaged—or cueing songs already beat-matched in Ableton? A lie is more sensational, but it will never outlast the truth. A lot of people reading this article are younger artists and DJs. Can you talk about what it's like to make a career out of this over such a long time? It takes faith, dedication, and hard work. It doesn't come easy. Beware of promises made to you guaranteeing a fast rise in this industry.

Such promises are deceptive and usually lead to an equally fast fall. Do not fear the slow path. Embrace the adversity that comes your way for it will make you stronger. Through it you will gain wisdom keys that will unlock future doors of opportunity. If you know God, trust him first as you move forward. What are some highlights for you in your career, were there are any early milestones? Similarly, has there been any recent happenings, music, events, life moments that have inspired you? There were many milestones, like going overseas for the first time in Having my first overseas residency at Dockland in Muenster Germany back in the 90s was huge for me.

As for recent life events that have inspired me, I would have to say losing my home at the end of last year was one the most difficult yet inspiring moments. It is something that I thought I may never be able to recover from—or even survive. Yet by the grace of God I am able to have this interview with you and talk about music, DJing, and life.

Surviving the storm and living on the back nine for real. I will take this with me in all that I do in the future both in music and in life.

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You mentioned Life on the Back 9 , which is the title of your new album on Planet E. I am sure you have known Carl Craig and his label Planet E for a long time—what were the circumstances that lead to an album on Planet E now? I sent some of my songs over to Carl which later lead to a meeting with him.

Meri Wilson - Telephone Man

He told me he liked my music and was very interested in the idea of releasing a TP album on Planet E. The last artist album released on the label was produced by Kenny Larkin, so the fact that Carl liked my music enough to release a body of my work on his label was a humbling moment and equally a distinctive honor. You have had a wealth of records out over the years on labels like Serious Grooves,! How does the new album stack up against your previous works? This album is more mature by far in its content, message, song structure, and production.

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I feel it is my best work, and most of all this album speaks with a purpose—to uplift and encourage those who listen and embrace it. It honors God who made this album and all things possible in my life. It honors my brother and parents especially my Dad. It honors my friends and my fans. It honors those who like me and even those who don't like me. The album speaks truth to any heart open to receive it.

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You have been releasing records for over 20 years which is incredible. What was your first record—was it the West release? How did that come together? I met Lou first and then Lou introduced me to Marc. Lou was part of a group called The Preps, and already had experience recording. Lou talked about the idea of forming a group with the three of us and recording under the name Separate Minds.

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Lou was able to set up a deal with Cliff Thomas' Express Records, because he already had a good relationship with Cliff. We went into the studio and I recorded "We Need Somebody" on the spot in one take. Cliff loved it! I will always be grateful to Lou for what he did and we are still good friends today.

Were there any other "breaks" or turning points earlier in your career that felt monumental? The opposite question; were there any struggles that made you want to give up? There were many times when I felt like giving up.

Meri Wilson - Telephone Man lyrics

Too many to count! It is truly by God's grace that I have come this far. Artists from all over the world describe their music with as "Detroit" techno; they idealize what it means to be from there; they gawk at ruin porn and glamorize the danger of it—do you have any sort of comment on what it means to you or what the reality might be? Detroiters are automatic winners. We are automatic winners because we survive, thrive, and excel in spite of extreme adversity. America, and sometimes the world, has counted Detroit out many times saying we are done, finished, over, and even calling us a dead city.

Yes, we have our problems. Yes, we have our hills to climb. Yet in the midst of great adversity we are still here and we are still relevant. Not only are we here, the world needs us. Not because we are so great, but because Detroit represents something we all need in our lives: hope in the face of opposition.

Through our struggles big stoves were made, automobiles were manufactured, Motown was birthed, and techno was cultivated. I will always represent Detroit because Detroit represents me. God birthed me here for a specific reason, and perhaps it was for such a time as this. I know when I think of how people talk about Detroit, I think of the reality that people are living hard or harder lives, but it also being an enormously inspiring place with a lot of kind, creative people. I think it's something you understand when you are there, or meet the people from there, but doesn't translate as well through words—how would you describe it?

In order to truly experience life in Detroit one must come visit Detroit. They will see many things and learn much about the people here. They will learn many truths and discover many falsehoods that will break the spell of legendary fairytales of a desolate place. In the plus years that you've been a professional artist and DJ, America's take on electronic music has changed dramatically. In the 90s when you first started releasing records, dance music felt really exciting in America.

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