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Carrot Mini Madeleines – Mini Madeleines alle Carote

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La brevità della vita

This thermal shock is another very important factor in this recipe. Interestingly enough, she was able to transform the teachings of her spiritual guide into lessons for a group of spiritual daughters with whom she engaged in oral and written conversations in and from her own domestic space.

LA BREVITÀ DELLA VITA di Lucio Anneo Sènéca

In one of the letters to her own disciples, she refers to the communal reading of the vernacular life of Isaac of Stella and to their common reflections on how to translate his example into their own lives as mothers and wives. She mentions how, starting from the reading of the text, she had reflected on her own social position and found similarities with the life of Jesus who had chosen a life free from the temptations of the world while he was still living with his mother.

As the case of Bartolomea clearly shows, the systematic process of the spiritual education of the laity performed by the regular clergy, and in particular by members of the Mendicant orders, has left many textual traces in the form of sermons, letters and treatises. Both dedicated to the Florentine layman Iacopo Borgianni, the two treatises were written in the second half of the fifteenth century probably before 1 July , according to a date mentioned in a manuscript of the Regola della vita spirituale and enjoyed a significant dissemination in print: at least 41 prints of the Regola della vita spirituale between and , in most cases followed by the Regola della vita matrimoniale.

In the Regola della vita spirituale , Cherubino invites his dedicatee to read his book often and repeatedly to ignite a process of religious development:.

La prima si dice cogitazione. La seconda affectione.

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La tertia locuzione. La quarta operazione. La quinta conuersatione. La sexta oratione. La septima mondificatione. In short chapters, Cherubino illustrates how the reader should undergo a process of transformation to purge himself of the vanity of the world and clear his mind to prepare for the performance of devotional activities.

2 From Public Performance to Domestic Devotion

In order to start this process, the importance of the presence of a good spiritual father is paramount: by building a relationship based on mutual trust, discussing successes and failures, and by following his rules and advice, it is possible to resist temptations and vicious appetites.

Cherubino describes in great detail how the reader should pray. He must then kneel once more and finish the prayer in this position. The addressee is thus instructed, through the reading of the text, how to perform devotional activities in his own domestic space. Perche dice sancto bernardo: quando noi legiamo alcuno libro spirituale sempre idio parla con noi. Quanto sara adunque ardente et inamorato il nostro cuore parlando con idio.

Trouate adunque alcuno di questi libri et ogni giorno leggete alcuno secondo ui pare et piace.