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This construction is by no means covered by 'life unworthy of xyz', at least as far as my surely limited capacities are telling me ;- to live one's life ok - a life unworthy of living ok - a life unworthy of life worthy of consideration? The example you've found on the Internet is merely a bad translation. Otherwise, I find Dr. Deutsch's explanations persuasive. However, I'm puzzled about the fact that they use "unworthy of" for "-unwert". I think this was the reason why David suggested "life not worth living". Obviously, "lebensunwert" is a value judgement from the ideological point of view denying handicapped persons their right to live.

Thus "life not worth living" would miss the point. Translation lebensunwertes Leben Comment Oyvay. Das ist bei "life not worth living" keineswegs der Fall. Comment Frank: I think "unworthy" fits well here. Have a look at the dictionary definition: "Insufficient in worth; undeserving: a bad plan unworthy of our consideration. Lacking value or merit; worthless.

Vile; despicable. It means it has no value. I prefer " Comment ".. I understand "unworthy of life" to mean "undeserving of life" and do not see any grammatical differences between the two expressions. Whether the subject is "life" or anything else is irrelevant.

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Translation life people unworthy to be let alive Comment I wonder if the above phase would be understood more clearly, since life unworthy of living might suggest suicidal thinking rather than murder. Comment Obviously there's no single 'right' answer to this question. I would underline Dr. So, to eliminate a few, KHT's proposal is incorrect because of 'it. And udo's is incorrect because of 'let alive.

Comment Now things get trickier, though.

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But taking 'life' as the subject not object of the verb 'exist' doesn't actually bother me all that much: Life exists in many forms; The life of a fruit fly exists only for a short time; Does a human life exist from the moment of conception? In fact, the two forms life unworthy of existence life unworthy of life seem grammatically parallel.

To my ears both may be a little unusual, but surely not wrong. In both cases, 'life' is understood as more or less equal to an individual person, as in 'How many lives were lost in the fire?

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In their underlying logic or grammar, the other two viable choices life unworthy of living life not worth living may resemble each other more than they resemble the first two. Here 'life' seems to be understood more in the sense of lifespan, the course of a human life, and 'living' perhaps in the sense of 'living out,' 'completing. Comment Coming back to subject vs. But somehow in practice that doesn't bother me very much.

As for 'unworthy' vs. For me, 'worth [gerund]' is less formal than 'worthy of [noun],' just as 'living' is less formal than 'life.

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They sound more natural in modern English because they're less formal, less pompous. But in this case, diction that is consciously elevated, even to the point of awkwardness, may better reflect the original. Obviously it didn't take you long to get comfortable posting, so hey, don't be a stranger. Next thing you know, you'll be one of the lucky ones who gets a red 'Panic' or 'Input over 2K' error message -- then you'll feel right at home.

Comment hm -- us: As always, your analysis is in-depth and your observations most clarifying, thanks a lot. Indeed, the German word here seems to encompass a broad range of meanings, from "being alive [Leben]", "life [das Leben]" to " human being [Lebewesen]" and, taken pars pro toto that's the one you were looking for?

English native ears. Am I right? Translation Life undeserving of living? Comment: This way the arbitrariness of those who make this qualification gets a little more emphasis Forums Trainer Courses.

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Mein Leben (German Edition)

LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions. The same two hymns are today found the Lutheran Service Book under the same rubrics, Nos. The text author is unknown except as "S. Graff," set to the melody of composer M. Vulpius c. For example, the Vulpius melody to the anonymous text, "Christus, der ist mein Leben," was also known as "Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade" EG , Ah abide with thy grace , became well-known following its publication in the s edition of Suspira Temporum Rinteln , with the text attributed to persecuted Lutheran pastor Joshua Stegmann Bach may have composed this four-voice setting originally for his extended funeral cantata for Weimar Prince Johann Ernst, "Was ist, das wir Leben nennen" What is this that we call life?

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  8. The chorale also is found in the omnibus sacred song collection, Schemelli Gesangbuch , as No. Graff, with many new pietist songs, for which Bach served as music editor. Christ is my life, to die is my gain, to him I surrender myself, with joy I depart, 2. With joy I depart from here to Christ, my brother, so that I may come to him and be with him for ever 3. Now I have overcome affliction, suffering anxiety and distress; throughis five holy wounds I am reconciled with God 4.

    When my strength breaks, my breathing becomes difficult and I can no more say a word: Lord, accept my sighs!