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BluebloodedBoat robins egg. MOOD down, melancholy, depressed, sad, despondent, downhearted, down in the dumps. DULL rounded, unpointed. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. To add more books, click here. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. Want to Read saving… Error rating book. Oubliette by Bruce Mclachlan liked it 3.

Bondage Palace by Bruce Mclachlan 3. Eliade illustrates this well with an example from African comparative religion: Among the Mandja and the Banda of Africa, there is a secret society named Ngakola. According to the myth told to the candidates during their initiation, Ngakola was a monster who had the power of swallowing men and then disgorging them renewed. More ordeals follow; then the master of the initiation proclaims that Ngakola, who had devoured the candidate, has disgorged him.

No, where the villainous Dr. No constructs a. One psywar operation played upon the popular dread of an asuang, or vampire…. When a Huk patrol came along the trail, the ambushers silently snatched the last man of the patrol….


They punctured his neck with two holes, vampire-fashion, held the body up by the heels, drained it of blood, and put the corpse back on the trail. When the Huks returned to look for the missing man and found their bloodless comrade, every member of the patrol believed that the asuang had got him and that one of them would be next….

When daylight came, the whole Huk squadron moved out of the vicinity. Is it not all one and the same process? Its saints and monastics, wearing suits and ties, sing the chant of the cinematic serpentine doxological refrain. Its priests are the dramaturgical actors who play the role of incarnating our gods and goddesses.

While we gaze into our screens and await the latest download and update from our overlords on what the orthodox consensus reality is, let us not forgot it is a ritual psychodrama that is playing out, lest we be swept up into the religious rapture of the beatific television spell.

Its ritual is the one in which we daily tithe our time and thoughts and attention, as we await with mystical gaze the new revelations Olympus will dictate from its shiny stellar satellites. Its present soothsaying word from beyond is that of viral doom and zombie programming, a flagellant torture and scourge as it howls the eerie voice of Ngakola. What is the solution? Modern man is far from being irreligious, even in our sciencedriven era. He has, as Michel Foucault said, simply changed his old priests and gods for new ones, and in Esoteric Hollywood, I will decipher how this has been done.

Hoffman, Michael A. Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. Eliade, Mircea. Subsequently the thing was said legomenon as well as done, and the dromenon was on its way to becoming the drama. As Kenneth Anger noted:.

selinas submission slave of darkness chimera 2 in 1 erotic ebooks Manual

Professional do-gooders branded Hollywood The New Babylon, whose evil influence rivaled that of the ancient city: banner headlines and holier-than-thou editorials would equate sex, dope and movie stars. Yet for the vast public out there Hollywood was a magic three syllables invoking the wonder world of make believe. To the faithful it was more than a dream factory where one young hopeful out of a million got a break. The religious verbiage of Anger is accurate: It is a veritable polis of initiatory esoterica where the holy sites and rites of Hollywood are not the altars of mainstream religion, but another ancient religion, ultimately summed up in the epithet of the ancient mysteries.

Hollywood is no different, functioning as the propaganda arm of the antichrist media establishment, intent on re-engineering society into its alchemical opposite, unleashing the destructive forces of cultural Marxism and death. This is why stories and narratives continue to emerge of Hollywood scandals, sex and murder rituals and occult crime, with no puzzle pieces ever put together from mindless denizens of talking head puppet-dom.

From its beginnings, Hollywood has been an empire of tragedies, full of lost lives,. For Greece and, in debased form, Rome, the stage was sacred, where the dramaturgical interactions of the gods were actually a form of magical invocation.


The actors donned the costumes of the gods, with the playwright scripting the narrative to inculcate the masses into the appropriate morals of the state. Sir James Frazier elaborates the ancient belief in the magical character of dramaturgy and acting in his classic, The Golden Bough: Here then at the great sanctuary of the goddess in Zela it appears that her myth was regularly translated into action; the story of her love and the death of her divine lover was performed year by year as a sort of mystery-play by men and women who lived for a season and sometimes died in the character of the visionary beings whom they personated.

The intention of these sacred dramas, we may be sure, was neither to amuse nor to instruct an idle audience, and as little were they designed to gratify the actors, to whose baser passions they gave the reins for a time. They were solemn rites which mimicked the doings of divine beings, because man fancied that by such mimicry he was able to arrogate to himself the divine functions and to exercise them for the good of his fellows.

The operations of nature, to his thinking, were carried on by mythical personages very like himself; and if he could only assimilate himself to them completely he would be able to wield all their powers. This is probably the original motive of most religious dramas or mysteries among rude peoples. The dramas are played, the mysteries are performed, not to teach the spectators the doctrines of their creed, still less to entertain them, but for the purpose of bringing about those natural effects which they represent in mythical disguise; in a word, they are magical ceremonies and their mode of operation is mimicry or sympathy.

We shall probably not err in assuming that many myths, which we now know only as myths, once had their counterpart in magic; in other words, that they used to be acted as a means of producing in fact the events which they describe in figurative language. Ceremonies often die out while myths survive, and thus we are left to infer the dead ceremony from the living myth. If myths are, in a sense, the reflections or shadows of men cast upon the clouds, we may say that these reflections continue to be visible in the sky and to inform us of the doings of the men who cast them, long after the men themselves are not only beyond our range of vision but sunk beneath the horizon.

By the time of Shakespeare and the Renaissance, the tradition remained. Is the Shakespearean stage a Renaissance and Hermetic transformation of the old religious stage? That there is a dark side to Hollywood is generally known, given the numerous cases of bizarre deaths and squalid scandals, yet the occult side is still lesser known. In his section from Sinister Forces Vol. Numerous rites accompany passing the domestic threshold — a bow, a prostration, a pious touch of the hand, and so on. The threshold has its guardians — gods and spirits who forbid entrance both to human enemies and to demons and the power of pestilence.

It is on the threshold that sacrifices to the guardian divinities are offered. Here too certain paleo-oriental cultures Babylon, Egypt, Israel situated the judgment place. The threshold, the door show the solution of continuity in space immediately and concretely; hence their great religious importance, for they are symbols and at the same time vehicles passing from one space to another.

Also sounding like business as usual is that Tamar was roundly vilified by both the press and the defense team led by Jerry Giesler , and Dr. George Hodel was acquitted. Have you come to the conclusion McGowan leads the reader? The Black Dahlia was recruited by a daughter of a rich and connected doctor for a ritualistic slaying in an underground walk-in vault beneath the home, her death, dismemberment and missing organs facilitated by drugs and participated in by members of a cult engaged in satanic worship. While noir would.

In The Black Dahlia, a secret flop-house that resembles it can be seen above, where the porn was filmed, later to be followed by a grizzly occult murder. A wealthy family is involved in the ritual crime, bringing to mind the rituals performed at the estates in Eyes Wide Shut and The Ninth Gate. At this point the question arises — what do ritual drama and these subtle examples of deeper sexual themes in noir and neo-noir have in common?

The father of method acting was none other than Konstantin Stanislavski, an occult practitioner who was explicit about the spiritual nature of his method. And these forces being summoned then act upon those in close proximity. With this made evident, the meme of Hollywood as an occult empire only mounts, and the above film examples as an interesting juxtaposition of 40s crime with subtle occult undertones continue to suggest it even more.

Writer Craig Heimbichner sees the entire complex of Hollywood like Oz, calling to mind the most well known film of all time, The Wizard of Oz. If the zombies have an original thought, it is almost invariably a selfish one. But the absurdity is even the selfish thought reflects the cradle-to-crypt programming from the television, that other Eye of Set. Continuing, Heimbichner elucidates: …the Wizards of Oz. Such shadow-players are the true OTO Templars, the real magicians whose wand of hypnosis exorcizes the powers of reason, and whose smoke-and-mirrors show obscures the true nature of the game.

Aza and Azael are phonetically related to Oz. Amanda Bynes, demonstrates this perfectly. York: Harper Perennial, , pg. Hollywood Babylon. Teaching of All Ages. Sacred Texts Archive. The Golden Bough. Oxford: Oxford University Press,. Vigilant Citizen. Levenda, Peter. Oregon: Trine Day, Hanshaw, Jamie. Hollywood Mind Control.

US: Headpress, , pgs. New York, McGraw Hill, III, pg. Blood on the Altar. I have always had a penchant for fairytales, myths and magical stories. They seem to me to come closer to our present-day experience of reality than realistic stories, which are basically just as stylized. Eyes Wide Shut is a film that failed to live up to film-goers expectations. Eyes Wide Shut is based on the Austrian novella Traumnovella Dream Story by Arthur Schnitzler, Kubrick adapted the surrealist story to modern times, employing the same Freudian and class critique in the original, but with the film we find not just a statement concerning the power elite that run the show, but the darker side of the human psyche and the theme of ritual initiation.

Critic Kaus Rainer comments: The film and the novella are to be reconsidered by means of an exemplary juxtaposition. The marital drama from the turn of the century possesses a present-day relevance which, despite liberalization, the breaking down of taboos and changes in moral values, has not lost any of its intensity [-] the yearning for intimacy in a satisfying relationship, but also its simultaneous endangering by our unconscious desires, feelings and fantasies. Arthur Schnitzler, a medical doctor by profession, was admired by Freud for his knowledgeable descriptions of psychic processes.

They were not friends, but had great respect for each other. It is said that it was only the children of Freud and Schnitzler, who played together with each other, who gave occasion for correspondence between the two. The viewer will not only be forced to reflect upon the decadence of the Eastern elite establishment, but embark on a shamanic revelatory journey wherein viewing the film itself becomes homage to present social hypocrisy, as the film is a would-be voyeuristic step into the sex lives of others. In this regard, it functions as an initiation mirroring the desire of the individual to both pass judgment on the taboos contained in the film, while simultaneously attending its showing.

One is, in a sense, participating in the ritual, even if from afar through the magic of the screen. In this regard, it is Bill Harford Tom Cruise who will represent the average filmgoer. While most reviews of the film focused on socio-political factors, none have considered the initiatory aspects as a framework of interpretation. The average film-goer is watching because he or she is curious about Hollywood secrets and the lives of the stars, exemplified in the endless racks of Hollywood gossip rags at your local grocer.

Eyes Wide Shut is thus a descriptor of the ocular handicap of the spiritual vision of the audience, as well as Bill Harford in the film, none of which truly grasp themselves, the human psyche, its weaknesses and the socio-political power base embodied in the oligarchy that rules our world. Even clothed, she radiates an aerobic tension. At any second, one feels she could explode into the erotic. Suddenly, she lets her dress slither to her feet and, for a fleeting moment, is brazenly naked. Then: the screen blacks out, as if an eyelid had closed reflexively to mask what the retina had glimpsed.

Exposure and denial, temptation and retreat: such are recurring motifs of what follows. The very title Kubrick gave his film implies it: Eyes Wide Shut. From the outset, the film employs occult symbolism, showing Mrs. Harford Nicole Kidman half-naked, but with more at work here, since she is situated between two pillars. The two pillars figure prominently in Freemasonry as the entranceway to the divine, or transcendental planes or spiritual worlds.

Masonic philosopher Albert Pike comments on the pillars and their relationship to gender, sexual relations, nature and oppositions: Unity is Boaz, and the binary is Jachin. The two columns, Boaz and Jachin, explain the in the kabalah all the mysteries of natural, political and religious antagonism. When the first principle of Existence made Himself Creator, He produced by emanation and idea Yod point. So Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom, was born, a woman and in armor of the brain of Jove; Isis was the sister before she was the wife of Osiris, and with Brahm, the Source of all, the Very God, without sex or name, was developed Maya, the Mother of all that is.

And Theosophist C. We also see that the intensity of the ritual orgy and its homosexual eroticism aims precisely at both hermaphroditism and the return to the primordial void of chaos through the attempt at overcoming all oppositions through sex magick. The viewer is also being led about, entering between the pillars from the vantage point of the viewing camera, penetrating the.

These opening sequences give a sense of anxiety and foreboding, foreshadowing the coming temptations for both Bill and Alice that call into question their marital fidelity. As can be seen in the poster for the film, mirrors are consistently present, classic symbols of the inner world of the psyche, as well as portals to other worlds.

Kubrick intends, I think, to show us that the characters in the film are mirrors of each other, as well as mirrors of the viewing audience. Both stories are influenced by occult teachings, notably L. Blavatsky which are the basis of the story , while Lewis Carroll of Alice fame preferred photographing young girls and attempting to attain ESP. Her persona is ideally suited to the text of the original novel.

And Author Jamie Hanshaw comments on The Wizard of Oz: The author of The Wizard of Oz was a Theosophist, claiming inspiration from the story from a spirit who gave him the magic key to write the tale, which was published in The books were to be a theosophical fairy tale, incorporating the ancient wisdom of the mystery religions. In Hebrew, the word is spelled with the letters Ayin and Zayin and adds up to According to Aleister Crowley, this number represents magic acting on the world of matter.

It can be expressed as 1, the grand number of ritual magic, multiplied by 7, the number of manifestation A more holistic approach would be to use such stories as allegories or metaphors for transformation. All three stories have theosophic undertones and symbolism, and thus constitute initiatory tales, even to the point of recommended reading of Oz and Alice by Aleister Crowley for aspiring magicians. Ziegler, we discover, has invited the couple to his parties frequently seemingly under the auspices of eventually getting them to participate in the secret orgies. Intrigued, both Harfords resist the temptation to sleep with other people at the Christmas ball, yet undoubtedly have the desire given their own marital problems.

However, what we have begun to suspect is that these events are not randomly occurring, but rather that it has all been organized. It is not accidental. I think this symbolic reference is alerting the perceptive viewer that we are ultimately witnessing an upper echelon Satanic cult. It is also interesting to note that the original novella was written about a couple who undergoes the same experience in upper-class Austria around the turn of the century, since neighboring Bavaria is the origin of the actual historic Order of the Illuminati.

Not only this, Alice will undergo a similar incident while lying in bed, half asleep, mumbling and mouthing dream revelations to Bill about the orgies. Diagnosing Mandy as stable, Dr. Next, we see the Harfords going about mundane activities following an intense argument between Alice and Bill regarding sexual fantasies and attraction outside of marriage. Alice confesses to Bill she was once tempted by a naval officer and, for a split second, was willing to throw away both husband and child for a night of pleasure.

Bill, noticeably distraught, will begin his path of seeking extramarital affairs as a result of this heated dispute. The curious symbology in this scene is the inverted pentagrams in the background on the drapes: As Alice moves about through the condo we see images of gateways and gardens, indicating again that this is a film about subconscious desires and initiation. Noting the meaning of the garden in perennial symbology, scholar J. Cirlot explains: The garden is the place where Nature is subdued, ordered, selected and enclosed.

Hence it is a symbol of consciousness as opposed to the forest, which is the unconscious, in the same way the island is opposed to the ocean. At the same time, it is a feminine attribute because of its character as a precinct. Meanwhile, Bill has taken leave to visit a patient who has passed away, and determines to begin his languorous escapade for an extramarital affair.

Bill here begins to suspect marriage is a shackle for others, too, as Sandor. Listless, Bill roams the night streets looking for sexual fulfillment, passing several hookers and sex shops. Wandering further in his malaise, a gorgeous prostitute named Domino Vinessa Shaw propositions him, inviting him up to her apartment. Interestingly, the lower and upper-class attitudes in the film regarding sex are more or less synonymous, whereas only the upper-middle-class Bill and Alice are, and feel bound, by the legal obligations of marital fidelity.

For Domino and the elites at the orgy, sex functions as a means of survival, pleasure and ritual enactment. Kubrick is undoubtedly making a statement on sociology — but not the one most people think. In an existential sense, the mask is symbolic of society as a whole, as Jean-Paul Sartre said, masking our true identities beneath the exterior facade we all erect. Instead, the prevalence of masks in the film shows society as a fraud. But beyond that, Kubrick wants the viewer to see that those who really run things are masked — they constitute a secret team of wealthy, upper class who remain in the shadows.

This is another clue that Domino is not a real hooker — she is part of the secret society and an actor hence the masks in her apartment , and is being used to reel Bill in, just like Nick Nightingale. Most whores are not adept academic students of psychology and sociology. Intrigued, Bill decides to sneak in after tracking down a cheap mask and costume at the only store still open. Quite clearly, Nick has purposefully told Bill the password to pique his interest. Still oblivious to these organized synchronicities, Bill remains blindfolded like Nick, yet not with a literal blindfold.

All the clues are before him, that he is being led like a lamb to the slaughter, should he choose to see it. It should be noted as well that the cult retains these sexual magic elements, where the profane seeker is in darkness eyes wide shut or blindfolded , in which only the hierophant or cult leader can enlighten, remembering that light is a prism or rainbow. The rainbow is also a symbol of the disregard of sexual inhibitions in relation to the rainbow flag of the homosexual movement.

Milich Rade Serbedzija , the costume owner who is connected to the cult and also acting on their behalf in his exchange with Bill, prostitutes his own underage daughter Leelee Sobieski for money to the Japanese businessmen and presumably to the cult. This lets the viewer know she has attended the rituals and knows precisely where Bill is headed, thus revealing the entire costume shop scene as staged to lead Bill to the mansion. Nervous, yet desirous for adventure, Bill takes a cab to the mansion donning mask and cape, and successfully infiltrates using the password. Within the estate, we witness a solemn form of an initiation ritual where a magic circle of gorgeous, almost nude women are inducted into the elite cult in a kind of mock Catholic mass, presided over by a figure resembling a Cardinal.

Renaissance Britain had many masked balls, as well as France, and according to Vatican insider and exorcist, Malachi Martin in his famous book Hostage to the Devil, such ritual orgies certainly do take place. Above each altar there hung an ornament in the shape of an inverted triangle. At its center there was an inverted crucifix, the head of the crucified resting on the angle of the apex of the triangle.

From the interior of the house he now heard the low peals of an organ. And someone was burning incense there, so the fumes drifted out lazily across the air, slowly twisting like blue serpents. Then the guests started to undress in an unconcerned fashion, each one dropping their clothes where they stood. They knew each other largely through their membership as French Freemasons, according to Karl Vandamme, a defense lawyer who represents Fabrice Paszkowski, the owner of a medical supply company who played a crucial role in organizing the sex parties.

Royalty, after all, more than any other class, are exceedingly familiar with their ancestry. For a more hardcore example of this type of revelry, author Dave McGowan recounts the details surrounding the infamous Dutroux Affair, which involved human trafficking, European elites, murder and secret societies, as children and women were procured for orgies and worse amongst the degenerate elite: Outrage continued to grow as more arrests were made and evidence of high-level government and police complicity continued to emerge. A Belgian senator noted, quite accurately, that such. A shaken Bill takes his cab home to find Alice awakening, giggling and laughing, as if she had been drugged like Mandy.

We were naked and I was terrified and I felt ashamed. And I was angry because you … rushed away to find clothes for us. As soon as you were gone it was completely different. I felt wonderful. Then I was lying in a beautiful garden stretched out naked in the sunlight and a man walked out of the woods. He was the man from the hotel I told you about — the Naval officer. He stared at me and he just laughed. He just laughed at me. I knew you could see me in the arms of all these men … and I wanted to make fun of you, to laugh in your face.

And so I laughed as loud as could. And that must have been when you woke me up. Frantic, Bill attempts to track down the cult, returning to the estate, but is warned by a butler, letter in hand, not to inquire any further. Bill once again sets to wandering the streets, only to find he is stalked by shadowy figures, beginning to fear he has nowhere to run. Perusing the newspaper he learns Mandy has overdosed, visiting the morgue to find out it is indeed her body and she has likely been murdered.

Falling back on his last resort, Bill visits Ziegler who reveals most of the truth: He is indeed in the cult and was present the night Bill snuck in. Ziegler warns again not to investigate any further, while Bill remains speechless that his close friend is part of an elite sex magick cult — with the power to control events and kill when necessary. That it was a kind of charade. That it was fake? We discover the dark truth that it was a ritual killing. One question might be raised at this juncture, which is, why a sex-magick cult?

As noted above, the symbolism has already conveyed numerous instances of pillars, pentagrams and Alice and Oz references, all of which culminate in the ritual orgy that hearkens to something overtly Crowleyan. There is also the hermaphroditic and alchemical union of opposites doctrine I mentioned above,.

In the practice of sex magick, the goal of erasing oppositions is believed to be effected in the sex act.

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If there exists a metaphysical coincidence — and we have seen how Scotus Eriugena recognized it — then there may equally well be a relationship between the experience of transcendence through sex and a nondual state that permits a direct and extranormal action on the non-ego, on the outer web of events. Let us recall that in the classical and Platonic version of the myth of the original hermaphrodite, a power such that it struck fear into the gods and was attributed to that being before it was split. An adept who has had perfect initiation is needed to perform this function.

A similar method performed for the benefit of others is used in professional magic rites. Tantric chakra have been convened by princes for special profane purposes, such as propitiation of success in war. As for the purpose of sexual orgies in a ritual context, American historian and Calvinist philosopher, R.

The fixed, lawful and rational were late and higher developments and hence less basic also seen as essentially sterile. Closeness to the primitive was closeness to creativity and vitality, and chaos itself was the principle of regeneration. Saturnalia, the primitive festival, orgies, rituals involving confusion in the form of incest, bestiality or perversion, were necessary rites and means of social regeneration.

In the Thelemic view, the goal of the individual magus is the overcoming of all taboos, oppositions and dualities, a fitting description of both Bill, Alice and the cult. Occult researcher Dr. Stephen Flowers comments: To understand completely what Crowley is saying we must refer to his general cosmology which is monistic: all apparent opposites are in reality unities. This is how Horus is united with Set. They are the light and dark opposites within the same unity. Here as elsewhere Crowley is using the familiar practice of antinomianism. Bill returns home to find his lost mask on the pillow next to a sleeping Alice.

In other words, we are to suspect either that Alice knows he was there, or she is telling him she is involved. Expressing intense sorrow, Bill breaks down weeping and tells her everything. It is within this scene we can see Bill giving the sign of secrecy, a masonic sign of faithfulness to the order borrowed in other sects, including those of Aleister Crowley. Having endured their trial, Bill and Alice discuss their decision to remain married, following the confession.

Remembering their promise to take their daughter Christmas shopping that morning, the couple continue their talk in the department store, where some pivotal, yet subtle events transpire. Another inverted pentagram is shown, a purposefully. By definition this figure implies a confining space, a limitation, separating that which is within from that which is without. By the use of the Circle, the Magician asserts that within this self-imposed limitation he confines his labors; that he limits himself to the attainment of a specific end, and that he is no longer in a maze of illusion and perpetual change as a blind wanderer without aim, objective or aspiration…The Circle in which the magician is enclosed represents his particular cosmos; the conquest, self-inaugurated, of that universe is part of the process to attain complete self-consciousness.

Thus, the film functions on multiple levels, highlighting different issues of marital problems our society creates, with its decadence and veneer of Christianity, as well as its sexual issues, but that is only part of the story Kubrick wants to tell. This magical surrealism as an initiatory rite is the true intention of the film. The power structure is not merely focused around wealth and temporal power, but a particularly ritualized worldview that seeks to use the sex drive as a force for metaphysical power.

Power over this drive allows power over the masses, and this is also the point of the Edenic imagery, including the Alice in Wonderland and Oz references — the transition both from a fantasy reality of the dream world and base sexual desires, into the fake world of the film itself which is depicting reality! Not only is it supposed to be an initiation for the couple, the intention is to initiate the viewer, through revelation of the method, to the nature of this cryptocratic underground, assuming one is willing to see.

Michael Hoffman explains this notion of revelation of the method from a British Intelligence perspective, as follows: This demonstrates one of our simpler methods. Realizing that our activities will sooner or later come to light, we structure our activities so that as conspiracy researchers unravel them, they will release information in such a way that it mirrors our initiatory procedure.

In this way, the more we are investigated, the more masses of people are psychologically processed by the people who seek to expose us. The meme that constitutes our structure is then successfully mimicked within the consciousness of those who investigate us. Indiana, Indiana University Press,.

New York, Norton Company, , Pike, Albert. Richmond, VA, L. Jenkins Book Manufacturers, , pgs. Leadbeater, C. The Hidden Life in Freemasonry. India, The Theosophical Publishing House, , pg. New York, Penguin Books, ,. Conner, Miguel. Marks, John. Flowers, Stephen E. Texas, Runa-Raven Press, , pg. Oregon, Trine Day, Dictionary of Symbols. New York, Philosophical Library, , pg. It also suggests the concept of a game, as if the secret society is playing mind games with Bill.

Ramsay, William. Lexington, Ky, Winged Victory Books, Estulin, Daniel. The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Quigley, Carroll. Cambridge: University Press, Martin, Malachi. New York. See also Wolff, Michael. Rochester, Vermont: Inner Traditions, ,. The Messianic Character of American Education. Vallecito, Ca: Ross House Books, , pg. Woodbury, MN: Llewellyn Publications, , pgs. Freudian psychoanalysis combined with esoteric speculation generally garners much of the review space, but in my estimation The Shining is about something much more obvious and obscure at the same time. Not merely a presentation of the possession of Jack Torrance Jack Nicholson , but of the spectral haunting of America itself, in terms of its dark past in relation to the Native Americans.

Author Peter Levenda explains this insight:. Americans seem to be unconsciously aware the [Indian] mounds are repositories of something more than crumbling bones. The house that was the scene of terrifying paranormal phenomena in the film Poltergeist was also said to have been built on sacred Indian ground. Indigenous animistic spiritualism undergirds the film, manifesting as a form of generational curse upon Jack, as we will see. Initially, the camera perspective appears to fly in from an aerial vantage, as if it were the view of a disembodied spirit or demon.

Hovering then over the mountains, the viewer gradually comes to spot Jack winding toward the ominous Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Built in , the site was chosen for its seclusion and scenic beauty, yet there is a darker side to this locale: It seems to draw dark forces into its midst as a kind of spiritual vortex. United States.

Interestingly, in accounts of indigenous religions and spiritual possession, there are instances of spirits inhabiting certain areas of the body in precisely this way. Fairy tales and mythical referents are profuse: Ager is also perceptive to connect the old hag in the bathtub we will see later in the film, to the classical notion of the seductive nymphs or sirens transforming into hags, causing sailors to crash upon the rocks. One image frames him in the abstract design of a wall tapestry.

A Native American motif, it also resembles a printed circuit. It calls to mind the rigor of programmed information.