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A women developer I know, with many years of experience, decided that she wanted to give back to the local community. Being that she is a women, she thought a great way to do it was to get more involved in a local women in tech group. Upon receiving the volunteer confirmation e-mail she reached out to the organizers for guidance on how to prepare. The next day she receives an e-mail saying that she has been removed from the group.


Looking at the public event page she also noted that in her place white men were added as volunteers. Given how unexpected this response was, she politely reached out to additional organizers and received no response back, one even blocked her on Twitter. You might say, WOW, for a women to be removed from a group like this she must have egregiously violated the code of conduct. She regularly attends other non women only technical meetups and is a conference speaker and has never had any problems.

In fact people at these events and groups really like her.

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Unfortunately this is not the only time she has experienced this. On a local public community forum she has experienced multiple instances of of intimidation, bullying and harassment. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now You can switch off notifications anytime using browser settings. ET Magazine. Tech and Gadgets. City Life.

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Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Glynda Alves. Do you gush? Should you comment on her body? Where do you keep your eyes?

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What should your body language be? Have you gone too far? There are many questions that surround complimenting a woman tastefully. To start with, stay professional with female colleagues in the office and keep your praise to work. But you also need to behave like a gentleman when you meet women outside the workplace.

Keep the tongue in, jaw off the floor and eyes firmly at eye level because that type of "compliment" isn't going to go down well. We tell you how to master the art of making a woman feel good. Location, location, location Remember, stay of f commenting on a woman's body until you're in a relationship. You can't tell a woman how well toned her arms are on a first date, without coming across as a creep.

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But this could pass if you were at the gym. Knowing when to pay a compliment is as crucial as what you say. When it's about her appearance, do it only in an informal setting. However, admiring her outfit halfway through dinner will seem like you're just trying to fill in an awkward silence. Don't be tactless If you want to say something nice about her appearance, commenting on her personal style is the way to go. Make sure you pinpoint what you like and focus on that.

If she's wearing a beautiful dress, say, "Wow, green really suits you. Be specific "You look stunning in that dress. It reminds me of the sky. When I buy a bike, I'm going to paint it that colour. What's it called?