Manual The Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide to Yoga for Flexibility

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At a time when you can buy a high-tech indoor cycling bike to have in your house, or install a smart mirror that streams workouts, it's easy to forget. In the summertime, you probably want to spend as much time outside as possible, meaning the gym membership you ambitiously signed up for in January won't. Apple News push notifications.

Laundry day. Sports bras. What do these four things have in common?

Bharadvaja's Twist

Chances are, you have a love-hate relationship. In the last 50 years, yoga has become incredibly popular as a way to exercise both the mind and body.

In practical terms, it refers to balancing and harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga can be both a physical exercise and a way of life that bestows several health benefits upon those who practice it.

8 Yoga Poses for Beginners and Their Benefits | Everyday Health

A clean environment and fresh air adds additional benefits to the breathing practice. Make sure that you have enough space to allow you to move around, and extend the arms and legs freely. Turn your phone off and hang a note on your door to say that you are having time to yourself. This is YOUR time. Your clothes should not restrict your movements.

Remove your jewelry, watch and spectacles if possible. Yoga is practiced with bare feet. It provides padding as well as a non-slip surface to practice on, and makes your practice easier and safer.

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You can find one in any sports shop. No one else should use your mat.

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This is not only for hygiene reasons, but also because you will eventually build up energy on your mat that will support you throughout the Yoga practice. You can also get a cushion to make your meditation more comfortable and a blanket if you wish to cover yourself while relaxing in the Corpse Pose at the end of the session.

You are not in competition with anyone, not even yourself.

Hatha Yoga Illustrated: For Greater Strength, Flexibility, and Focus

You'll progress faster when you take things slowly. Let go of any unnecessary tension, stress or negative thoughts. It's essential to avoid injuries. The instructions and pictures of the yoga postures in this book are the final goal - the direction you are going towards, not where you need to be after your first few sessions.

Experiment and explore different positions and alignments to make the posture work for your body.

STRETCHES FOR FLEXIBILITY - Flexibility For Beginners - Beginners Yoga - EASY YOGA WORKOUT

Yoga is a not a quick fix for your weight problems. Patience is a key to unlocking the long-term slimming benefits of Yoga.