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She received her bachelor's degree in English and physical education from Utah State University. Rating details. Our customer reviews This was a great book! At the beginning this wasn't the kind of book I just couldn't put down, but I still enjoyed it. By the end the action picked up, and I found myself reading it every chance I got. Brusenna was barely 15 at the beginning of her story, by the end I think she was almost Senna's mother left to try and defeat the dark witch leaving her alone at such a young age. Senna found instructions from her mother and started her journey.

Along the way she found a witch guardian in training which added a lot of fun and romance. I'd never thought of plants as weapons. It was awesome. I loved getting to know this new world. I loved this book. It was beautiful, and not just the cover art. Original and well-written it's worth reading. For the most part Witch Song was what I expected it to be - an adventure filled, coming of age, high fantasy, that pits good against the all-powerful evil, and for the most part I enjoyed this story very much up until the climax or what I thought to be the climax.

It turns out that everything that was building in Witch Song, the main thing the characters were striving to defeat wasn't the main thing they should have been focusing on and when I found that out well I was disappointed. I suppose it, and I can't say what it is because it would be a major spoiler, was supposed to be a twist and I love a good twist but honestly I just felt underwhelmed at the revelation.

It felt like the story was moving up this hill and when it reached the top there was another hill hidden behind it that we had to quickly climb again when there should have been a nice quick descent to finish the story. However, before you decide that maybe I didn't like this story after all let me talk about before that point in the arc and tell you what I did enjoy about Witch Song.

Brusenna or Senna is our sheltered main character who has lived alone with her mother in almost seclusion her entire life outside a village where mostly all of the inhabitants are prejudice against her kind, her kind being witches. She is both immature in her magic and socially - the latter isn't a surprise when we see the cruel way the villagers treat her in the first chapter. If I were treated that way just for what I was and was that outnumbered I would be afraid of people too and as for being immature in her magic that is Brusenna's mother's fault because I never understand it but in most stories parents always decide the best way to protect their children is to leave them in the dark.

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FYI fictional parents this plan never works because something bad always happens and the children are left defenseless! The bad is that an evil witch is taking power from all the witches and is using witch song for her own selfish ways. She is basically screwing up the climate which of course is not only affecting people but all living creatures. Thus a quest begins because well Brusenna's mother is gone and lack of parental supervision means the kid is on her own.

I like quest tales, there are little pockets of adventure sprinkled throughout the book while underneath there is still our main story - Brusenna, an untrained young witch is the last hope to save the world, and in Witch Song she comes across both friends and enemies, a hodgepodge of quirky characters who I either loved or despised while she trains for her battle against this big baddie. It was Brusenna's different interactions with new people and places that I enjoyed the most, it added a certain charm to the story but there wasn't enough of it for me to become fully immersed into the world of Witch Song.

Still, the parts of the world and people I did read about were my favourites and if it wasn't for them I can't say I would have liked this story all that much. There were moments where I was laughing and moments where I actually loved genuinely loved the story I was reading but stepping back and looking at is as a whole Witch Song is a story that had great potential but didn't quite meet it. So in conclusion, although I didn't fully love this story I am happy that I got to read Amber Argyle's writing, she obviously has a wonderful imagination and knows how to create characters so I will most definitely be checking out what she comes up with next.

In a word, Witch Song is a fantastic read! It is exciting, unique and exquisitely written. Amber Argyle creates a world where Witches control nature and the changing of the seasons through their songs. The Dark Witch, a Witch who has turned her back on The Creators and nature, captures all of the remaining Keepers and wrecks havoc on the world.

It is then up to Brusenna, who has never been trained, to learn a lifetime of Witch Songs and defeat the Dark Witch before the world is permanently altered and all of all of the remaining Keepers of Witch Song are killed. Amber's writing was so vivid and her descriptions so strong that I was pulled into this world completely.

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This was a book that I just could not put down once I started reading it. The author made Witch Craft more than spells, and hocus pocus, it was deeply rooted in nature and had an organic and peaceful feel to it. I loved the connection that the Witches had to nature and found everything from their songs, to their use of the seeds to be utterly incredible. I didn't expect to find a fantasy world where plants could be called upon to bind and hold predators, or for the Witches to have seeds that could be used to fight and dual others.

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The use of Song was also incredibly unique; a Witch's strength is correlated to the strength of her voice. The more powerful, clear and beautiful her singing, the more powerful her spells. I have never read anything like this and I give the author kudos for her originality. The characters were also well crafted and believable.

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Brusenna's character started off a little shaky for me and felt rather weak and whiney. She had a very difficult time letting anyone in to help her, and was frustratingly blind to the adoration and love that other's felt towards her - but given what was shown of her childhood and experiences with anyone other than her mother this didn't surprise me. In fact it made her character easier to relate to. I loved how as she discovered her power in Song she also discovered a strength and determination that she hadn't known existed before.

She was strong but vulnerable, brave but not without her doubts and eventually confident enough in herself to let others in to help her. Witch Song was an exhilarating read and I found myself tearing through the pages. The action sequences were exciting while still holding true to the Witches connection to nature and there was always a surprise in store for the reader.

I highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy and YA.

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All opinions are my own. In a scintillating debut, Amber Argyle creates an impressively detailed world for her characters to live in. As impressive as this debut is, I'm sure we have years of wonderful stories to look forward to from this writer. Brusenna also called Senna in the story and her mother Sacra are Witches or, as they prefer to be called, Keepers. They control their powers through song. In their small town of Gonstower, they are feared and reviled, especially so since a three-year drought has left many villagers on the edge of devastation.