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Augusta chronicle & Georgia gazette. (Augusta, Ga.) 1821-1822, November 22, 1821, Image 2

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Until we get some more quests surrounding Odin, or someone from the Community Team fills us in on the Lore, we're pretty well in the dark on this. Not much to go on, but, from the Sightseeing Log:. Originally Posted by Urth's Gift. Ancient writings tell that in exchange for her lifeblood, Lady Urth was able to seal the dark divinity Odin in a crystalline prison beneath a bubbling wellspring. To honor her sacrifice, the land upon which she drew her last breath still bears her name. Yeah, I'm pretty sure an earlier quest also mentioned Urth was a sorceress who was the one responsible for sealing Odin - I just can't remember where it was exactly.

I'll have a look through my screenshots and see if this is correct. EDIT: well, I found the relevant screenshots, but the dialogue is rather vague - it mentions that Urth was slain by Odin, but as to who actually sealed him is unknown, other than a 'great hero of the Allagan'. So we're back to square one no pun intended :. Originally Posted by sidequest 'The Dark Divinity'. O-App-Pesi: "Odin, as the ancient writings have it, rode forth into our world, wielding a dark blade capable of cleaving earth and the heavens.

By his fell blade did perish Urth herself, and countless multitudes of her people. Odin was slain, and his spirit sealed within a forest spring. Urianger: "Whilst you were afield, I immersed myself in the ancient scriptures. The more I scoured the words, the more I did realize that the writings draw heavily from ancient Allagan historical chronicles.

One nation's glory is another's suffering - one nation's great hero, another's most abhorrent villain. What impels the Dark Divinity to ride once again? Cast thine light on the shadows of history, friend, that we might be delivered from the darkness. It seems like Urianger is hinting that we should reverse our perceptions. Perhaps Odin was a hero of Allag, and Urth a villain?