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Approximately three out of five of respondents say they accept some form of credit card payment from their renters. Many long-term business travelers are arriving with pets.

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The most common rental period for renters with pets is one to three months. More individual owners are seeing property management as a viable income opportunity that requires polished marketing. Craigslist has been steadily trending down in popularity since ; though, it is still a prominent marketing vehicle for many property owners. Respondents find they receive the most qualified leads and the most renters from Internet marketing, followed by real estate agents.

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When Jule Zacher, a year-old software consultant, decided to take a new job in Silicon Valley last September, she was both elated and torn. At first, she thought about selling, but quickly realized she could make more money by renting it. Add Zacher to the growing list of accidental landlords. Some rent their homes outright, or just their basement; others are taking in boarders. There are plenty of takers. There are divorces.

Lots of people need short-term rentals. Since these rentals are furnished, you eliminate the hassle of storage. You get good tenants. Renters in this category are typically low maintenance. You get your house back whenever you want. The average length of stay is about days. Run credit and background checks.

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And do walkthroughs, including video inspections. We had also bought, fixed up and furnished a home in Connecticut. I have to find a job that pays exactly as much as my last one. She and her husband are renovating the basement and moving downstairs, and leasing out the triplex. Corporate Housing in San Diego. HOME About. Like this: Like Loading New laws regulating and prohibiting vacation rentals. Identity challenges in the corporate housing industry. A still uncertain economic climate. I believe we will continue to see more of these changes in the months to come.

Rental Rates and Discounts Rental Documents We asked respondents, where did you get your rental documents such as leases? The survey was completed by individuals who owned or managed a furnished monthly residential rental property in The By Owner Annual Report reflects findings from individual property owners, rather than from full-service, corporate housing companies. About CorporateHousingbyOwner CHBO CHBO was founded in to connect private homeowners and real estate investors offering furnished, short-term rentals with corporate housing seekers such as traveling executives, relocated professionals, traveling nurses, actors, athletes, etc.

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CHBO gives individual homeowners and investors tools to manage a corporate housing property themselves and helps them market their properties to a mass audience turning to corporate housing to fulfill their lodging needs. Visit online at www. Contact Us. News in Focus Browse News Releases. Are they all about the tenant side of it?

Or, are they about the operations? And then, they just hire based on what they want to do. Mike: Right, okay. Tell me what you think about Airbnb, and how that kind of fits into your space? Airbnb is not a publicly traded company. Have they grown enough that the millions and millions of dollars invested can turn-out? Airbnb is originally a product that was designed so you can sleep on my couch. You can rent entire units, right? Is it the actual owners, or Airbnb, do they have any role in that? We present an entire program… this is what a corporate housing expects, and this is how you can [sortify] your property, so you can really attract the true business traveler.

One of the things, reasons that major businesses like in eBay want to work directly on a business to business transaction with AvenueWest, is quality control. I am putting my entire reputation on the line. So, it is very important for me to walk it, to prep it, to have it on certain standards. So tell us a little bit about, just to clarify here, you really have two primary businesses, right?

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AvenueWest, and then the CHBO, which is you kind of enabling people to do this themselves, rather than have, say, a property manager. Is that right? Kimberly: … right. We took everything that we could think of. And really, what marketing research has shown, is people want choices. There are times when you want the full service, AvenueWest business to business transaction.

We tried to walk through what a private investor would want to know about preparing their property. So, we created our own competitor, but we felt by creating the two different products, we were better serving the industry. Otherwise, you know, I drive her off the deep end. Kimberly: Yeah, no… and we talk about… I was listening to some of the other webcams this morning, and I think one of the things that we have to focus in on when talking about real-estate… I love this idea of script changing. You have an opportunity to change the script of your life.

I think all of the things we all talk about are all successful. But you have to focus in on it, and you have to get out there and pound the pavement. Then, put them all together… My thing is I like solving problems, so I drive my staff crazy. Kimberly: I try and hire the right people who can take care of those details for me. But, there really is a need… there was something last year like 63, corporate housing units in the United States.

How do we translate that into residual income for real-estate people? So, the clients prefer staying in a property management product. If we can certify it, if we can provide it in the right way. Mike: Right, right. And in reality, most people that are paying those rates are not comparing it to what they could get an unfurnished house for. Kimberly: Exactly. Mike: Awesome, awesome.

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You need to send me links to all these things, too. This is making money with rental properties. The book hit the market yesterday. The first run sold out at about 3, copies. It talks about some of my stories. It also talks about how to integrate furnished housing and furnished rentals into the industry. I always try and take as much out of my brain based on my experiences as possible, it makes me sleep better. Mike: Yeah, good. You know, your books, your information, obviously both your businesses so they can learn more, and maybe inquire.

Tell me a little bit about what your plans are for the year ahead in terms of growth. Are you trying to grow your existing franchisees, help them expand their businesses as well?

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What do you see happening with your businesses over the next year? Kimberly: Couple different things. Corporate Housing [Vienna] gets a new website this year. So, 12 months in the making. Also, gives us the ability to really target market a lot of those clients that are property owners [asking for]. The AvenueWest brand is very strong within the corporate housing industry. Corporate housing is… a year ago I served on the employee relocation council advisory council. So, everything that has to do with relocation in the United States.

And at that point, they really felt that new hire relocation had bounced back, but talent management relocation had not bounced back. All of that is good for business.

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Well, anything you want to add before we end the show today? This is actually our sort of first year or two of really trying to connect with the real-estate world. We had to be real-estate agents to do what we do, but we really never connected with them in appreciating how many opportunities there are to share new ideas. Can I [buy] one of those?