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The Virgin Suicides was that rare book that focused on adolescence but sought adult eyes. The rest of the s would see a surge of narratives that relished the complexities of teenage life. Teens certainly tuned in.

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Buffy was taken up by clever, overgrown drama kids. Adults wanted nostalgia with a veneer of drama far more sensational than the stuff of their own fading memories. They wanted to slip into the wild emotions and hormone surges of teenage life — to ogle the chiaroscuro of innocence and darkness — from a safe distance. The Virgin Suicides anticipated, and perhaps set off, that American adult obsession with teenage tragedy.

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The novel somehow feels like youth itself, a collection of overheated memories. Eugenides creates an ideal of teenage life that never existed — that we, the readers, never knew, but that we all still fervently believe once happened. And then he takes it all away. Because we know: We rewrite the narrative of our own adolescence to fit the idea of who we want ourselves to be. The setting feels Edenic, too, Leave It to Beaver wholesome.

The boys explain that there has never been a funeral during their lifetimes: Even the elderly live free of the specter of death. The Hollywood darling and poster boy of a young hopeful generation was dead.

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Detroit was building modern cars for a young fast-living generation and motor racing had become the past-time of young America; this was reflected in the music being made and car crashes became the darling of the death song. It seems absolutely unthinkable with our modern-day selection of manufactured inoffensive pop stars that suicide pacts, fatal car crashes and necrophilia yes, necrophilia , see Jimmy Cross — I Want My Baby Back , were once seen as acceptable subject matter for pop songs.

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It was a very real possibility for Americans that the destruction they had witnessed in TV reports of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could be repeated at any time in their own back yard. To a post-war teenager in America, life was cheap. Their conversations also show how, rather than discouraging them, the loss of Shirkers fanned their creative flame.

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Tan hopes the documentary will motivate others to keep their creative dreams alive. Home Movies How this filmmaker turned a teenage tragedy into the inventive documentary Shirkers. How this filmmaker turned a teenage tragedy into the inventive documentary Shirkers. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. By Esme Douglas.