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Kids will love how the cloud magically appears.

How to make a cloud in a jar

Clouds are formed when hot air mixes with cold air and creates condensation. You can make this happen inside a jar using these steps. First, heat water to boiling. Add blue food coloring if you like. We thought it was easier to see the cloud if the water was blue.

Getting Ready

Pour the boiling water into the mason jar. Spray the surface of the water with hairspray.

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The hairspray helps the condensation linger on the surface of the water, which helps the cloud form more quickly and makes it easier to see. Light the match and hold it in the mouth of the jar for a few seconds and then drop it down into the water.


Immediately place the bag of ice on top of the jar and watch closely. The cloud will last less than a minute before it slowly starts to dissipate.

How to make a cloud in a jar: Video - Kidspot

The first time we watched it dissolve. Then we did it again and realized that we could release the cloud into the sky, which made the kids more than happy.

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To redo it just heat up more water and start all over again. Eventually, I just microwaved a huge bowl of water and we did it again and again until we were satisfied. Your email address will not be published.

Science Experiment - Clouds In A Jar

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You probably have everything that you need to make a cloud in a jar. It will get denser and whiter as you watch. Watching it swirl and move is fun and shows you how clouds probably move in the sky. Measuring the water levels in the jar before and after the cloud forms.