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Science Fiction and adventures stories featuring "Dust Thou Art.. Dollar Bin Codeword. Date This week Last week Past month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years Pre Pre Pre Pre Pre s s s s s s Search Advanced.

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Sort by A-Z Price. Previous Next 1 … … … … … … … … … Published Dec by Fiction House. Available Stock Add to want list This item is not in stock. Published Mar by Fiction House. Published Jun by Fiction House. Future Fiction Columbia Publications Vol. Published Nov by Columbia Publications.

Published Mar by Columbia Publications. Published Jul by Columbia Publications. Loot of the Wolf by Jackson Cole When a mysterious cache of outlaw gold leads to a reign of lawlessness and death, the Lone Star Ranger rides into the Big Bend with his six-guns primed for a roaring showdown! The Dark Avenger hunts down members of a hidden criminal order in two superb pulp thrillers by Walter. This classic pulp collection features the original color pulp covers by George and Jerome Rozen with historical commentary by Anthony Tollin and Will Murray.

Philip Crain, son of two planets is torn between conflicting loyalties. And that dress belonged to his own daughter. The Master of Darkness unmasks phony spiritualists in two legendary pulp novels. Fleet as the Navy birdmen hold maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean—and a kid in Minnesota picks a mystery message from the air that saves the life of pilot Lars Stewart and averts a war. Barrett He had hit the Hobo Trail at fourteen, had Jerry Malone; he knew boom towns, had raced motocycles and made parachute jumps with a half-mad balloonist.

It is no wonder all the beards in France stood straight up with amazement whn Jerry showed Le Commandant how to whip the stick of a Nieuport. The Nemesis of Crime returns in classic pulp novels by Norman A.

Comic books in 'Pulp Adventure'

Wayman Jones. Pyles, with historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. Follow Richard Curtis Van Loan, the Nemesis of Crime, as he pits himself sinister enemies of America and strives to unravel a baffling mystery! Hughes The old man died, leaving a legacy. It was three million dollars. It was three sons. It was murder. Time was getting short. Whoever had to be killed would have to killed quick. She needed a job, she said simply. But she had a better, bloodier reason…. The Manuscript Murders by Robert Wallace Documents valued at over a million dollars are the tempting bait that lures vicious criminal overlords to defy the sleuthing skill and battling power of the world-famed Phantom Detective!

Follow Richard Curtis Van Loan, the Nemesis of Crime, as he smashed into rapid action when murder and vandalism stalk! Via Jupiter by Eando Binder Hardship and disaster stalks brave men of science on a bitter outpost of Ganymede! Doom on Schedule by Robert Wallace The Phantom Detective battles to halt a wave of sudden death and tragedy when railroads are the targets of sinister crime!

Follow Richard Curtis Van Loan as he comes to grips with a sinister fiend who hurls a mighty challenge at justice! Washburn The gangster who wanted to be king of America! Such popular pulp heroes as The Spider and Doc Savage are explored. Early multi-media appearances of famous fictional characters Zorro, Tarzan, Hopalong Cassidy, and the Green Hornet are covered in depth. Lengthy biographical essays profile such giants of the pulp-magazine industry as publisher Frank A.

Munsey, writer Gordon Young, and artist Norman Saunders. Painting a vivid picture of a bygone era, the material contained herein is not only educational but entrancing as well. A volume in tribute to the late Bob Weinberg. The Case of the Murdered Mendicant by Robert Wallace When innocent victims are struck down in a fiendish campaign for millions in loot, the Phantom, man of a thousand faces, takes the trail and battles against perilous criminal odds! Follow Richard Curtis Van Loan as he goes into action when mysterious terror stalks! The Shadow battles murderous arsonists in thrill-packed pulp novels by Theodore Tinsley and Walter B.

Plus, a lost thriller from the Golden Age of Radio! Van Loan probes the career of a strange and mysterious woman! Yet Ki-Gor, White Lord of the Jungle, had to invade that dread domain, had to pit his lithe strength and jungle cunning against the living dead. For Helene, his mate, was there, doomed to be the blood-sacrifice to a brutal pagan idol. It began with the hijacking of a destroyer from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Who were the strange raiders wearing the golden uniforms of no known power who pulled off the daring theft? And who was their mysterious leader, a being of seemingly supernatural abilities?

Doc Savage did not know. But The Shadow did! Davis Introduction by Andrew Salmon. One of the strangest pulp heroes is finally available from Altus Press! Created by pulp fiction legend Frederick C. From —37 pulpsmith extraordinaire Frederick C. One of the most unique and compelling characters in the history of the genre, the Moon Man was the Robin Hood of the pulps: He stole from those who profited from the misery of the Depression to help those in need, to balance the scales of justice. For the Moon Man was actually police detective Stephen Thatcher—a dedicated law officer all too familiar with the cracks in the system criminals used to avoid retribution.

Donning a black robe and a globe of Argus glass, Thatcher became the Moon Man, a thief who stole from criminals the law could not touch. One of the most unique and compelling characters in the history of the genre, the pulp superhero Moon Man was the Robin Hood of the pulps: He stole from those who profited from the misery of the Depression to help those in need, to balance the scales of justice.

Page and Norman A. Pulp hero the Black Bat returns! Donald E. Keyhoe returns to chronicle the super-spy sagas of the high-flying Eric Trent! Alone and unaided, The Shadow wages a solo war on crime in two thrilling pulp novels by Walter B. At the end of the Depression year of , tiny Magazine Publishers could see which way the pulp winds were blowing.

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The public was obviously hungry for heroes. And editor Rose Wyn decided that her outfit had to offer one too! The first issue appeared at the end of with a February cover date. Coincidentally, the popular King Features newspaper strip, Secret Agent X-9, debuted that same month! But for that hyphenated X, lawsuits might have shut down one or the other hero. The Man of Bronze returns in two action-packed thrillers by Lester Dent. Then, the Dark Avenger battles an eight-foot man of steel in "The Robot Master," a change-of-pace super-science thriller.

This groundbreaking collector's edition showcases the classic color pulp covers by George Rozen reproduced directly from the original oil painting and Graves Gladney plus the original interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and Paul Orban, with historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. The White House itself hangs in the balance as Richard Wentworth attempts to prevent a power-mad dictator from turning our nation into an "Empire of Doom. Art's Reviews Podcasts! Add 25 cents extra for each copy over three. Check out the rest of Beb Books many titles. Ask for a catalog at beb01 sprynet.

Beb Books. Black Dog Books New titles now available! Sky Blazers By Frederick Nebel. Black Dog Books. Black Gate - Now online! Discovering Robert E. Bold Venture Press Now available! Sparks fly, all right — Janelle is indignant at the thought of sharing her byline with that conceited cowboy. Never mind that his rugged good looks challenge her every move. This assignment will be all business … or so she thinks Bold Venture Press.

Subscriptions via Paypal are now available for No. Cape Television. Castalia House. Davy Crockett's Almanak. Dynamite Entertainment. Now online! Famous and Forgotten Fiction. Girasol Collectables. Volume 5 of our Pulp Cover Gallery series is in the works, scheduled for a mid-May release. This edition will be the same overall format as our other volumes, featuring sets of cover scans of The Spider, G-8 and His Battle Aces, and Operator 5. One difference this time out is that the images are square-cut, they do not show the rough pulp edges.

The same bonded leather hardcover exterior, 8. As before, this is not a book about the pulp titles featured, it is a visual reference of the covers. Lots of great viewing! Previous volumes are still available! The Golden Age. This was a big one. We supplied materials to the printer in August and, after several challenges see our previous e-newsletter , we were informed in early December that the books were finally finished. However, the review copies sent by the printer for our final approval did not meet the standards of Haffner Press. The binding method they used to get the cloth-covered cases to fit the page-blocks matches no book we've ever seen, let alone published.

This binding method also forces the spine of the dustjacket to wrap onto the back of the book. When we were informed that the balance of the inventory matched these review copies, we rejected the entire lot. This means an additional delay of several months. We wish there was better news. As the first book of the multi-volume series collecting the mystery fiction of Fredric Brown, we want this book to be a point of pride in your collection.

Fredric Brown — and you — deserve it. A massive fix of liquor-fueled murder, smoke-clouded mystery, and hard-hitting revenge from the author of The Screaming Mimi and The Fabulous Clipjoint. This archival-quality hardcover assembles 38 incredibly rare stories from , with the original Pulp artwork from such magazines as Thrilling Detective, Masked Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, and more. This is the book Fredric Brown fans have been waiting for!

Haffner Press. Dark Horse Comics. Meteor House. Gryphon Books. Paperback Perils. And don't forget the show this Fall! Pulp Den. Pulp Flakes. The Pulp. Net features two ongoing blogs! Pulp Super-Fan blog written by Michael R. Brown and the long-running Yellowed Perils written by William Lampkin. From the macabre maze of a labyrinthian world, the Skull, master of murder, reached out and destroyed the brains of mighty financiers.

Money kings were his meat. And the law could not protect them And the Skull knew where it lay. Radio Archives. Two unlikely allies join forces with two of history's greatest writers, Arthur Conan Doyle and Bram Stoker, to save England from the ancient Order of the Dragon and the horrible sceret they protect. Raven's Head Press. The cast includes werewolves, bungling petty criminals, and mutant law officers who operate outside the realm of normal. The first story, Yellow Car and Silver Bullets, tells about the meeting between three crooks who chase a mysterious individual named Juan who just may be a werewolf.

Series: Adventure House Facsimile Reprints

The final story, Tell Him, centers around Harper, a London bobby, who joins together with Konopski to solve a strange case surrounding Juan who just happened to murder him the night before. Rough Edges - Now online! Rough Edges. The Shadow - Under the Blue Light. Tellers of Weird Tales. Canada's premier pulp event! The show is a small but pulp specific event, with lots of great stuff for the collector and the curious alike.

From 10am to 4pm, located at the Lillian H. Lower level just east of Spadina. Plus a half-hour pulp magazine cover slide show. A great time for both serious pulp collectors as well as the casually interested. Tickets available at the door, kids under 10 admitted free with adult. We look forward to seeing you there. Girasol Collectables Inc. Pulp hero the Black Bat returns! Now available and coming soon to comic shops! Now available and arriving in comic shops January 27!

Then, the Dark Avenger is summoned to Washington, DC to prevent a hidden spymaster from acquiring the Neutralizer, the ultimate weapon of war. This instant collector's item showcases the classic color pulp covers by George Rozen and Graves Gladney plus the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell and Paul Orban and historical commentary by Will Murray and Anthony Tollin.

Coming to comic shops April 27! Modiphius is proud to unveil the brand new cover for Robert E. Modiphius is proud to announce a licensing deal with Conan Properties to publish Robert E. Howard wrote it — savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age! We plan to bring the game right back to its roots, focusing on the original stories by Robert E. It is based entirely on the canonical Conan stories, and uses the 2D20 system developed by Modiphius and used in Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition, Infinity, John Carter, and other fine games.

This work has been developed by an all-star writing team, with close involvement by respected Robert E. Howard authorities, and is illustrated by world-renowned Conan artists. Full-color hardcover, pages. All the supplements for the Robert E. Sign up for previews of products and Kickstarter info as it's announced! Hermes Press. Illustration Magazine.

The Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer LIONS (1921-2008)

The Book Palace. Titan Books. Jerry Schneider Enterprises. We present his first twelve stories in original order in facsimile reproduction. The ArnoldFans. American Gothic Press. Martin Grams' Blogspot. Moonstone Books.

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Arriving in comic shops January 27! Thursday, July 21 through Sunday, July 24, Robert E. Howard Days June 10 and 11, ! Howard Days: Facebook. IDW Publishing. Coming in February! The content will include chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, and 12 with reconstructed or summarized missing sections. Deadline: Hollywood. Now available and arriving in comic shops January 20! Then, an urgent plea from a powerful politician lures Doc Savage to Kansas City to unmask the diabolical Mr.

This instant collector's item reprints the classic color pulp covers by Robert G. Harris and Charles J. This instant collector's item leads off with a knockout painting by James Bama, and also reprints the classic color pulp covers by Robert G. Coming very soon to online retailers and arriving in comic shops January 27! Estimated to arrive in comic shops January 27!

In the gaunt desolation of those dark Kentucky hills, the Dixie Limited, crack flyer, stood gutted of all living passengers The Spider, the only survivor, stood alone at that bleak scene, vowing silently, solemnly, to destroy the ambition-mad arch-criminal who had plotted this wholesale ruin.

For this, and manifold like disasters, were occurring everywhere in the land — at the direction, Richard Wentworth knew, of some diabolical brain which was unleashing hordes of primitive barbarians to lay waste to civilization. But later, at the very moment when the Spider should have struck his most telling blow, he was pacing a narrow cell in the death-house at Sing Sing! Ramble House Now available! It combines the otherworldly atmosphere of horror with the cold sharpness of a medical thriller.

The author, Collin Brooks, was a journalist with many serious, dry books to his name and this, as described in the introduction by John Pelan, is his masterpiece of medical horror. In his introduction John Pelan tells how Brooks, an established journalist, turned to writing weird tales for a lark and produced three earlier works, Mr.

Ramble House. Raven's Head Press Coming soon! Tompkins Free for a Limited Time: Blaze! A Son of the Gun - Stephen Mertz. True Pulp Fiction. Heinlein and L. Sprague de Camp Discovering Robert E. The Express. Colin Gray, V. But in the underground caverns below Hlampo lamasery they meet once more, and both are in dire danger of slow, horrible deaths in the sinuous coils of the White Python. One danger follows another until the final breath-taking climax, where Gray struggles with the Python itself!

Ex-District Attorney Tony Quinn is blinded in a courtroom assault! He now seeks justice outside of the law as the relentless hero who can see in the dark: The Black Bat! Garcia, Colin B. Are you thinking about attending PulpFest ? We hope to see you at the convention. Randolph Cox or Stephen T. For questions about our programming, please write to our programming director Mike Chomko at mike pulpfest. Free for a Limited Time: Blaze! Tuesday's Overlooked Movies: Mr. Moto Takes a Chance - New! Now Available: Blaze! PS Publishing. There's no word yet on when these stamps will be available. The first Star Trek episode aired in September, Noon Portales Public Library reservations required.

Where you find things you always wanted but never knew existed! Lansing Center E. Please note that we can now accept payments online through paypal register windycitypulpandpaper. Friday 10 a. Saturday and 10 a. All dealer tables are sold out.

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    A group of today's finest New Pulp writers and artists will be participating in both panels and readings. We'll be posting updates to it periodically up until the time of the con, so please check it for the most recent information. Also be sure to check out and join our Facebook page! For our sixteenth show, for the ninth year in a row we're at the Westin Lombard, in the Western suburbs of Chicago. Central time on April 6, !

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    Parking is free. The hotel is in the midst of a shopping and restaurant corridor — it's adjacent within walking distance to Yorktown Mall and about a mile from Oak Brook Shopping Center. For those with families, it's also only 7 miles from the Brookfield Zoo, one of the nation's top zoos.

    Movie theaters are also a short walk away. And if you like to gamble, the Aurora River Boat is about 10 miles away. If you are flying in and not renting a car, you can contact the hotel for details on various cab companies and shuttle services that offer fixed price transportation to and from the hotel. Please mention the con when booking rooms.

    Age of Aces Now available! No cowards came to the Jailbird drome—only those dishonored war eagles who chose a chance to die in action rather than rot behind prison bars. Hot tempers, liquor, and the madness of war had brought them low—but beneath it all they still were men! A former U. Marine pilot, author Donald E.

    Keyhoe was a prolific contributor to the pulp magazines, but he is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research in the Fifties and Sixties. But when things get weird, we get Strange. His assignment? Journey from the back-alleys of Paris to the skies over Germany, taking down flying fortresses, cursed aerodromes, strafing skulls, and other wild weapons of mass destruction! At the printer and coming soon to online retailers!

    Black Coat Press New titles now available! The three scientists placed their helmets on their shoulders and sealed them hermetically. The exit maneuver was executed perfectly. Standing side by side in the earthlight, in their rigid and monstrous carapaces, they offered a fantastic sight. Black Coat Press. Sax Rohmer Goes Ape - New! This wildly melodramatic thriller, originally published in the August issue of Dime Mystery Magazine, provided the template for countless pulp-hero novels published during the Thirties.

    Depression-era readers craved outlandish menaces to take their minds off their troubles, and The Purple Eye was at the top of the list. The Eye, maniacal criminal mastermind and leader of the ancient death cult known as the Brotherhood of Baktuun, terrorizes New York City with a series of high-profile murders accomplished by mysterious means.

    Seven million souls are at his mercy as his outrages mount in dizzying succession. The police, constrained by legal niceties and endless red tape, seem powerless to thwart his mad schemes. Enter Wayne Saxon, millionaire sportsman and world traveler, who devotes his life to running the Eye to earth. He works within the law when possible, but without it when necessary.

    Will he succeed? Coming 1st quarter ! Featuring art from your favorite ERB comic strips! Famous and forgotten Fiction is a new site featuring familiar and obscure fiction along with articles, pictures and essays. In the Writings section, we have fiction by H. The Pictures section starts with a group of collectible and some not so items and is the first of 24 collections.

    New material will be appearing on the last Friday of each month which means we'll have more new stuff at the end of February. No NEW Replicas will be added to the catalogue. We will, for an as yet undetermined period, be keeping the existing catalogue available. However, we may begin retiring the less-active Replicas at any time, so don't delay if there are any you're interested in! Contact us before ordering large quantities to confirm availability.

    All of the remaining issues shown below are available now. We'd like to thank everybody that has supported the project over the years, and we hope that the Replicas continue to provide reading and research enjoyment for years to come. We do not anticipate taking on any other pulp reprint projects at this time and our Pulp Cover Gallery project is our only active item at present.

    Click here for covers of previous months Pulp Replicas. Girasol accepts checks, International money orders, and Paypal as methods of payment. Other than Replicas, please confirm availability first before ordering items such as pulp magazines or other books. Paypal payments can be made to our regular info girasolcollectables. As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads, and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.

    The only thing missing is the smell alas and the flaking newsprint. Email Girasol Collectables at: info girasolcollectables. Now available for pre-order! The BIG one! All the tales of Eric John Stark in a single volume. Lupoff and more. Madle Introduction by Dr.

    Garyn G. Take advantage of this great offer at the link below. Take advantage of this offer at the Haffner Press Homepage at the link below. Hard Case Crime Coming soon!

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    5. The Plains Diaries, the Complete Trilogy Collection.

    Hard Case Crime. Now available for pre-order - Shipping in February ! The Illustrated Press. ALETA: The daughter of Aline and Nyuk, neither Earthling nor Novakkan, torn between her desire to aid in saving her mother and the overpowering need to return to the Eg planet and solve the many mysteries of her background, birth and heritage. This book is a facsimile reproduction of the original trilogy as first published in the Other Worlds digest magazine.

    Laurie's Wild West. Off-Trail Publications - Now available! Available on Amazon. Off-Trail Publications. Perils On Planet X. Pulplications Dare Devlin Coming soon! Pulp Magazines Project. Suddenly, cutting through the sounds of gayety, came a shrill whine. It became louder, and at the very second of midnight, a gigantic shell exploded, killing, maiming, destroying!

    At twelve hour intervals thereafter — no man knew in advance where — another shell burst devastatingly. Two great powers were openly accused in the newspapers. War — savage and bloody — was imminent, and Operator 5 realized that he had encountered his most cunning foe, the clever woman spy — Radi Havara! Consistently rated one of the top 5 cliffhanger serials of all time by fans, and hugely influential. Source: new digital transfer of 16mm original print, complete, with generally excellent sharp picture quality, restored picture element with stabilization, exposure correction, and noise reduced audio.

    Status: Restoration complete, archive DVD requests are shipping now. To request a research copy, click here. Happy Holidays from everyone at Wildside Press! We know it's the end of holiday gift-buying season, so just buy for yourself -- go on, you deserve it! Here are a couple of coupons, which I hope you will enjoy. They expire January 3, Wildside Press. William Patrick Maynard - Now online! Sax Rohmer Goes Ape. Black Gate. Age of Aces Latest Dispatches Now available on line!

    William Bishop - New! Frandzen - New! Hogan Age of Aces. Airship 27 Productions is please to announce the release of its first title of ; a gripping crime thriller by two of the finest new pulp writers in the business, R. Jones and Michael Vance.