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Golf - The Magic of Footwork. Amazon Kindle Store Not all the books are available from Amazon at the moment. Nook Books All our books are available from Barnes and Noble. Smashwords All our books are available from Smashwords. In contrast to the great majority of golf coaching books - which work against us - this one actually helps us. It does this by showing us how to utilise the body's most powerful learning weapon - our brains.

This approach to the golf swing is scientifically proven as the most effective approach, and it's also the simplest! The golf swing doesn't need to be so technical, so confusing, so complex, and so difficult. Hammering a nail a similar skill isn't Peter Lightbown explains the psychology of controlling a golf swing in a simple and enjoyable manner. An excellent book.

Take a wide stance and set your weight on your left leg so you feel it in the thigh above. Keep your shoulders level and your hands low. Now swing with an aggressive, right-hand throwing motion, feeling like the back of the clubface slides just under the ball below and keeps moving. Phil Rodgers is one of the best instructors in the world, but he used to be a tour pro—one who was known for his wedge skills. He taught me how to hit a simple and effective high pitch from a tight lie. Set up with the face open and your feet turned slightly toward the target.

When you swing, keep your hand path tight to your body and the handle of the club at the same level throughout the swing. Your arm swing and hand action should hinge the club up so that the butt of the handle is near your left pocket when you're at your finish below. Brad Faxon is a great putter, and he says the way he judges good speed control is by watching a golfer's first putt of the day on the practice green.

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Anybody can drop three balls and get the third one close to the hole. It's how well you do on that first one that shows if you've got the touch you'll need when you play. Craig Davies.

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