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Me, being a Nepali, loved the Nepali flavor of the novel. In short, this novel already is critically acclaimed and loved by Nepali speaking people throughout the world which is very natural. I just feel Prajwal Daju should create a next novel which international people will be able to understand without difficulty. Author of 'The Fragile Thread Of Hope', an inspirational literary fiction based on love, loss, and family relationships.

Novel set in Gangtok (and top picks for novels set in India)

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  • Land Where I Flee by Prajwal Parajuly review – a caustic look at family life;

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He tells the stories of those left behind, like villagers who envy their relatives gone abroad, like grandmothers who wait without showing their heartache. The picture painted by Parajuly is of a waiting countryside, a fractured nation, a city of endless stairs and endlessly patient people. Visit her website or follow her on Twitter saadiafaruqi.

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  • Book Review – Land Where I Flee by Prajwal Parajuly?

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Land Where I Flee

Support The Aerogram! Love what you're reading? Why not become a monthly subscriber? A prominent one being that for a land that values its diversity and variety as much as a beatnik reveres his polo neck, India has always found itself wanting in the scope of 'homecoming' novels.

Book Review – Land Where I Flee by Prajwal Parajuly – Pankaj Giri

The Partition and the exodus from the Valley have usually been the two most powerful — and, consequently, the most powerfully-explored — themes in this genre, under which the voices of displaced Indians from elsewhere, including the non-resident desis of the pre- and post-Modi India, have got muffled. In this context, Prajwal Parajuly presents a story set in a region that for Indians anywhere in the world is more perplexing than a white-and-gold dress or is it black and blue?

Land Where I Flee is about siblings returning home in Sikkim from different parts of the world to celebrate the Chaurasi, the 84th birthday, of their unnerving grandmother, Chitralekha Nepauney, who raised them all by herself after their parents died in a car crash. Parajuly doubles the stakes by entwining a sensitive theme with a lesser known and less glamorous to even an average Indian region.

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But this Nepali-Indian author who moonwalked on the literary scene in with his short story collection The Gurkha's Daughter , on the lives of Nepali victims of Bhutanese ethnic cleansing, has done a fine job this time around too. By giving a secret to each sibling, empowering a eunuch in a way that s he becomes the most riveting character in the book and sculpting every character to perfection, Parajuly makes Land Where I Flee much more than just about homecoming and reunion.

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