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Getting Any? Lights, Camera, Action! Escape from L. The Making of 'E.

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You Don't Know Jack! Albright he thought the shark was scary. Both movies were directed by Steven Spielberg. Quint : "That's right, Chiefy. If you notice, everything is arranged in receding box office order. Bauer recounts Brody's final fight with the shark as if he had experienced it himself. I'm shooting Jaws here! She's Alive! Norm: Norm vs. Daria in 'Is It Fall Yet? Characters quote the film. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Both are swung from side-to-side before being eaten. Mezzo Forte: Episode 1. Jackass: Episode 3. Bean hums the "Jaws" theme and sculpts his hair into the shape of a shark's fin.

Monarch of the Glen: Episode 3. The Music of 'A. Sweethearts: Episode 1. Then we could shove one down their throat and blow 'em up like Roy Scheider did with that shark in Jaws. Freddy vs. Monk: Mr. Teachers: Episode 3. Female lead's last name is "Watkins" like skinny-dipping girl who serves as the shark's first victim in Jaws. The second victim in Jaws was the Kitner boy. Larissa tries to shoot at it and says "Smile you son of a bitch! Intrepid, Sadusky says "Smart fish" like Quint does while hunting the shark.

I want something completely different. That '70s Show: So. Robbins says: "Let's start with the stomach contents. They're fascinating. It reminded me of that scene in Jaws where Dreyfuss cuts open the shark's belly and all kinds of weird things come out. Hoberman mentions it. Also, poster is shown. Typisch van Duin: Episode 1. Captain Squint paraphrases Quint's speech: "You go in the water.

Scallop's in the water. Our scallop. Howard Stern on Demand: J. Psych: Who Ya Gonna Call? Postcards: Episode 8. Saturday Night Live: John C. The head, the body, the whole damn thing. This references a similar scene in "Jaws". In Jaws, the character was serving in the military ship Indianapolis, that carried the Hiroshima bomb. Denny was working in a shipping of chicken in the Indianapolis route. Ollaanko jo valmiita? Bates mentions Jaws as the best movie ever made. Flynn says, "We're gonna need a bigger board," a variation of Brody's line "You're gonna need a bigger boat.

Gorgones: Episode 1. Rimbaud: "We don't want your friend going all 'Jaws' on us here. Spine Tingler! Thompson's dog is named Bruce after the shark in Jaws. The Wrecking Crew! Their conversation is cut short by a truck smashing into the side of the car, in Jaws 'our shark' interrupts by smashing into the side of the boat. Unstable Fables: Tortoise vs. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 7. Hell's Kitchen: Episode 4. The Producer's Statement for this title states: "Dangerous Reef is a wild and wind blown rocky outcrop in the South Australian Spencer Gulf and also the filming location for Jaws.

Direct reference to Jaws when Brody says "You're gonna need a bigger boat" upon seeing the size of the shark. Volk says all he see's so far is an old boot and a New Jersey plate. Attack of the Vegan Zombies! There is a reward for a shark, leading to fishermen setting out with rowboats and dynamite.

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At meeting with fishermen Spencer imitates Quint - attempting to scratch fingernails on white board, paraphrasing Quint's speech "you all know me, know how I make a living". Spencer talks about singing sea chanteys. Castle: Tick, Tick, Tick Haplin introduces Tommy Conroy as the new sheriff, he quotes the "head, tail, the whole damn fish" line and then explains to the bemused audience that it's a Jaws reference. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 8.

Bad Movie Beatdown: Mega Shark vs. Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40! When the audience expects him to use the film's theme for a joke, Smeghead is quick to point out that House of the Dead already has its own rip-off of the theme. Castle then says "Then, we better close the beaches". Beckett and Lanie look at him dumbfounded.

Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights: Episode 1. Copycats: Episode 2. Jackass 3. Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode 1. Show me the way to go home!

Canucks Army Game Day 57 – Canucks Vs. Sharks (Gudbranson’s New Red Jacket Edition)

Ebert Presents: At the Movies: Episode 2. More Brains! Taxaquizzen: Episode 1. Mad: Spy vs. Bruce was the name of the 'shark' used in "Jaws". Jeff says, "That's not funny. That's not funny at all. Neuman's bathtub. Dreyfuss is named after Richard Dreyfuss of Jaws fame. Chelsea Lately: Episode 6.

Particka: Episode 4. Jaws memorabilia is featured prominently, and Nicotero displays one of the original Ben Gardner heads. General Hospital: Episode 1. Rewind This! Chelsea Lately: Episode 7. Particka: Episode 5. Everything Wrong with Also, Nova's monologue about why she hates sharks mirrors Quint's "Indianapolis" speech "Six people went into the water, one little girl came out, sharks took the rest.

FanboyFlicks, Bad Movies! Also, photograph is shown. Also, DVD is shown. The police chief's name in Jaws is Martin Brody. Hendricks is also the name of Chief Brody's deputy. The dialogue at the end of the film "What day is it? Tuesday I think. This is referencing the line, "we are going to need a bigger boat.

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Lego Airplane! Christmas Cruelty! Buba Shel Medina: Episode 2. Likewise, the main family may be surnamed after the protagonist of Jaws. Also, the overhead shot of the Navy ship that Godzilla swims underneath is shot like a similar scene in Jaws. Studio C: Episode 4. Coronation Street: Episode 1. Additionally, at one point there is a Quint sign with shark skeleton on screen, similar to that seen in Jaws.

The Chase: Episode 4. Total Riff Off: Man v. Inside No. Also, one particular death scene closes resembles the opening sequence of Jaws. Sharktopus vs. Bruce was the name Steven Spielberg gave to the shark they used during the filming of Jaws. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Also, ride based on this movie. Next Stop L. MythBusters: MythBusters vs. The fangs, the cape, the whole damn coffin. Quivers says "Lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes". Bridge of Spies was first released in the 40th Anniversary year of Jaws This references to Brody in Jaws. When Brody first sees the shark, he says they are going to need a bigger boat. Agents of S. Countdown: Episode Hinx is killed by a rope wrapped around his neck and tied to a barrel, that is then tossed off a train. The shark was also subdued by barrels on the sea in such a way.

Of course you can say that most teams are obviously going to see less success in general if you take away their best defenceman and starting goalie, but truly good teams have enough good players that they can overcome losses like that. Hopefully Canucks management knows what they honestly are. Who exactly is going to be in net against the Ducks? The Kings? Against the Sharks again next Saturday? It could very well be Markstrom. But what if the injury is more serious than they thought?

What if he suffers a new injury? Throwing the kid a game was a fine idea, but are we a tweaked Markstrom groin away from having DiPietro, an OHL goalie, as the indefinite starter of the Vancouver Canucks? This was an issue that was raised as far back as a month ago. Why did they give Anders Nilson away, basically for free? As far as the storyline going into the game, DiPietro deserved better. He was hung out to dry by his teammates and by his organization.

It may not have been on purpose, but they still let it happen. As for Zack MacEwen, he honestly had as good of a game as you could hope for. He was obviously nervous and a bit jittery to start, but calmed down as the game progressed. There is a ton of value there to be had. It will be interesting to see how he performs against Anaheim on Wednesday. I am really glad I did not watch this game.

I saw the score as I was about to start and said, yeah no thanks. These things happen — remember, the reason that we lost McKenna on the waiver wire after the Nilsson deal was because the Flyers had gone through six goalies already because of injuries and poor play. And Nilsson was dealt so that Demko could get his shot.

Demko got hurt in practice and Bachmann got hurt in Utica. In fact regularly. In fact it made me think that overall they will be a much tougher matchup than a lot of the other pretenders in the West — I think they are a far more balanced team than the Flames for example. Onto better games. Vegas did a better job of getting pro goalies in their organization to mitigate this sort of scenario? Vegas was down to their 6th option and Ferguson played about 10 minutes of relief against the Oilers. You are correct — I misremembered.

The game where Schneider gave up 5 goals on 15 shots was 7 games later. That season when he made his real debut, he was with a. He seemed to recover. My point about Vegas — and I could pick any number of teams — is that it is an unusual situation but it happens to others as well. Is it that difficult to get that point? Are you really saying that this is an earth shattering abnormality? I would be happy to have Dipietro play the next couple of games if needed. Nilsson was traded to make room for Demko. They reasonably expected McKenna to go through waivers.

Demko was only supposed to be days which could be up any day now. I would also rather they keep their open contract spots to sign free agents out of the NCAA and CHL, although one contract for a waiver wire goalie would be okay. Although, they want the goalie in Utica, not in the NHL which would mean they would need to get the goalie through waivers. As is stated in the article, the Canucks lack some talent and the depth to be a contender. Let Dipietro make some money and learn some lessons, although monitor him to make sure no harm is being done.

From what is written about him, I doubt this will have any negative long term affects. For those that doubt it, this should prove Benning knows where the team sits. Can you imagine the outrage if Benning traded a pick for a goalie who claimed off waivers within the next week if Demko and Markstrom return? Last night was embarrassing and a very poor way for the team to start the game in front of Dipietro. They lost to the best team in the conference.

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And relax about the goalie thing. RealPB is exactly right. Great experience for him. Should Benning have worked harder to fill a goalie hole in Utica? Yeah probably. He should take some criticism for that. But could he predict Demko and Markstrom both going down and needing a fill in on short notice? And Hutton should buy DiPietro a dinner for the own goal. Yeesh, way to welcome the kid to the NHL. So is your solution that we should have 5 or 6 NHL calibre goalies just in case?

Should Dubas read GM-ing for dummies? What about when both Anderson and Sparks were injured? I mean this is ridiculous. When Anderson and Sparks were injured the Leafs went out and acquired a veteran journeyman goalie in Hutchinson, despite having Kaskisuo, who has extensive professional experience, also in the minors. Kind of like the Canucks getting the veteran journeyman goalie Leighton same number of games as Hutchinson, albeit in about ten less years?

Why waste resources to acquire a goalie who could get lost on waivers when Demko and Markstrom return. The Canucks should save the resources. The only reason they are in wildcard contention is because it a turtle race in the west this year. SJ just showed us that the Canucks need more pieces before they will be ready to contend. Hopefully its just the nerves and he does better in the next game.

His footspeed looked not NHL ready — hopefully he can get them moving a little quicker to make a strong case to be on the team next year. And kudos to Big Joe. Good to see players like that in elite company. Classy except when he was hacking and slashing Henrik in the face-off dot or badmouthing him when he was talking to the refs. Talented no doubt, but a scummy low class player on the ice. Hope he never wins a cup. He likes to use his size to try and intimadate smaller players. Nothing would make me happier than seeing him get his clock cleaned.

Hockey is a rough, physical game where many play on the edge. Definitely a unique Canuck phenomena. What a complete and utter joke franchise. Win one lose two, steal one then a blowout — rinse and repeat. No playoffs year after year. The HUGE difference? San Jose did NOT panic and completely blow it up after losing a cup final like we did… and here we are. What a complete MESS this franchise is. Prove me wrong. You are right about one thing, the Sahrks still have lots of vets onboard and have brought in enough quality to keep contending.

Us, not so much.

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Would love Kane on Peteys wing. Compare the organization of today to those of the past. A HUGE difference, yes? What has this ancient prehistoric hogwash got to do with the current state of this team the past four seasons? Time for change. What my comments have to do with the present is that it is better than the past.

You are talking to the wrong fans then. Poor kid. Odd choice to start him against one of the top teams in the league. I had assumed he would just be a bench warmer until Demko was healthy again, but had wondered if they might start him against Chicago. Their next two games are against relatively weak opponents, so hopefully he gets another start before heading back down. Yah…that was a tough one to watch. In fact, I stopped after and just checked the score from time to time. Our defence is simply incapable of moving the puck effectively, or just defending well. Kudos to DiPietro for battling through the mess that is his team in front of him, although he was clearly in over his head.

Unlike much of our defence, however, I have confidence that he will rebound. In the world of hockey, and pro sports in general, debacles like this one are going to take place unfortunately on occasion. SJS are a stacked team who will probably be there at the end, probably versus the Bolts, clearly out of the Canucks league. Mikey could have used considerably more help from his D core but a win for DiPietro clearly was not in the cards this evening. But putting in young talent like him and Zac Mac has to happen at some point.

Bad luck with goaltending injuries result in stinkers like this one. More CA Revisionism happening. Nilsson got traded because he played like trash here.

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After multiple blowouts and soft goals, we were lucky to get a draft pick for him. Demko stayed in the AHL for nearly the expected development period, it was better to get him some NHL time rather than let Nilsson drag down the rest of the season. It was just unfortunate Demko had a freak accident during warm-up. Demko is really, really injury prone and little more proven than DiPietro. Nilsson is a proven NHL goalie. Get over yourself. Nilsson played worse than the league average and his own historical average while with the Canucks.

They should have got Nilsson in some easier games to hopefully pump up his value. His time here was done and he needed a fresh start. I want to live in a world where Stecher can play in a good D-corps. Anyone else missing Edler? Jake is getting buried on that checking line. There is a goal scorer there.

Yeah Gored, me too. I was pretty appalled to read that Pietro was going to start the game. The next game is against Anaheim, Markstrom could have played one more game before giving DiPietro an easier debut. He gets bounced from the WJC, gets traded from his hometown OHL team, and then they decide to throw him against one of the best teams in the league for a debut? Way to build up his confidence, next time read the damn schedule, Green.

Markstrom was not feeling well and starting him in this game risked exacerbating a potential injury. Good job reading the article. The problem was Green having no other option. I missed that line in the article and focused on the preceding line about speculating about needing a break. So you are all over this thread criticizing the goaltending, but it was posted on another thread that you were advocating Bachman as the NHL backup even though he never played a minute in pre-season?

But ideally, if there was a start in the works for DiPietro, they could have, should have and would have picked someone other that one of the best teams in the conference and league. What was I blaming exactly? Oh, Green for not starting Markstrom anyway? Uh no. You need to develop some reading comprehension skills there little boy. NHL goalies are trending towards size. Michael is not part of this trend. He is more like Jonathan Quick, he has to rely on his mobility and athleticism. I was going to add quickness but I realized it might read as a pun. When he butterflies, there is more room between his shoulder and the crossbar than there is on a goalie like Markstrom.

He will have to learn to challenge more to make himself bigger. I suspect Ian Clarke is already working with him on this. Also after watching Marky and Nilsson in the net these last few years. DiPietro looked tiny between the pipes. As for the goalie controversy. Benning rolled the dice and lost. Traded Nilsson to get Demko some playing time.