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Book 15 Favorite Sports Awards available fall Favorite Flyers in Sports. Click here or on the red cover above to order Favorite Flyers in Sports directly from Amazon. Favorite Sports Royalty. Click here or on the red cover above to order Favorite Sports Royalty directly from Amazon. Favorite Boxers. The book features colorful characters with unbridled egos, unchecked discipline and, at times, horrific personal backgrounds. Click here or on the red cover above to order Favorite Boxers directly from Amazon.

Favorite Sportscasters. Favorite Sports Animals. Click here or on the red cover above to order Favorite Sports Animals directly from Amazon. Deadly Sports Stuff. Click here or on the red cover above to order Deadly Sports Stuff directly from Amazon. Confusing Stuff in Sports. Click here or on the red cover above to order Confusing Sports Stuff directly from Amazon. Click here or on the red cover above to order Favorite Female Athletes directly from Amazon.

Best Books for Boys – 40+ Fantastic Reads for Boys ages 8-16

Click here to order your favorite Fathead. Click here or on the red cover above to order Favorite Sports Quotes directly from Amazon. Favorite Undersized Athletes. Click here to on the red cover above to order Favorite Undersized Athletes directly from Amazon. Since its first formal game in Hoboken, NJ back in , baseball quickly evolved into family friendly sports entertainment. From Spring Training to the dog days of summer and into the Fall Classic, Americans love their favorite pastime.

Because of this beloved sport, baseball historians, collectors, fans and trivia buffs have flourished in the past century and will find themselves attracted to this informative, light-hearted book. In every chapter, I share a bit of history behind each comic and offer readers the opportunity to purchase a jersey, hat or sports memorabilia of their favorite team or player. Enjoy the comics. Memories of what they stand for will have you admiring, pondering, laughing, wincing and, in some cases, scratching. Admire the consistent basketball delivery of Karl The Mailman Malone and marvel how the immensely athletic Doctor J operated with a ball, rather than a scalpel, in his hand.

The impenetrable Steel Curtain may make you feel a bit restrained and a frightening buzz saw may motivate you to prepare for challenges and avoid running into to one yourself. Hurry up and read this book before your opponent drives that proverbial final nail in your coffin. However, Volume 5 in my FREE sports comic book series — is a collection of figuratively frightening sports comics. This book cleverly chronicles individual stories of an elusive Galloping Ghost , a giant Green Monster and a terrifying boxer named The Executioner.

In addition, it disrupts the sleep of some readers with a story about the Nigerian Nightmare. It startles others with references to a champion boxer with Hands of Stone. This book covers the awe-inspiring fury of The Lightning Bolt as he explodes out of the starting blocks. It focuses on the frightening force of a little known, but huge NCAA running back named Earthquake who once rambled through the line of scrimmage carrying a football.

In some of the chapters you may face your greatest fears.

My top 10 favourite Image Comics

So, hurry up and check out Scary Sports Comics. Known as football throughout the non-American sports universe, soccer boasts its own unique language, eccentric expressions and unparalleled personalities. For example, soccer keeps time in the exact opposite direction of every other sport on the planet.

Secondly, soccer matches, not games, are played by men wearing boots rather than cleats atop a pitch instead of a field. Soccer fans also get flummoxed by the inexplicable calculation of stoppage time and anti-climactic penalty kick shootouts that decide championship games. Incredible athletes, iconic coaches and passionate fans cause both the wealthiest and poorest nations of the world to bask in the brilliance of the Beautiful Game.

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References to monarchs, leaders and twentieth century politics are captured by this sport. Combine sports and laughter, and, boom! Clever Sports Comics does just that. The 25 comics in this book cleverly capture the hyperbole and absurdity that oftentimes comprise our sports vocabulary. These sports comics, along with brief corresponding stories, cover the entire gamut in sports.

Books for pre-tween boys (ages 8 and up):

You will probably grimace at the sophomoric humor of a smart foul, bad basketball bounces duh! The book is not a nail biter, so finishing it will be as easy as the makeable putt that shows up in the final chapter.

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The literary form of satire parodies the self-absorbed, playfully derides the renegades and cleverly exposes the foolishness of others. In Favorite Satirical Sports Blogs , I expect to entertain you with my own outlandish observations and exaggerated opinions as they pertain to sports. I scorn the scorn worthy, lampoon the lugs, conjure up some crazy thoughts and denounce dumb decisions.

Satire serves to prove a point, and it perfectly applies to sports.

Goodnight Hockey by Michael Dahl

My book is intended to make you laugh about how the truly absurd sometimes happens in and around sports. Sports comics and funny sports blogs are the perfect fit for the entertainment seeking fan. Like burgers and fries, cookies and cream or Stockton and Malone, the clever sports combination of comics and funny blogs instantly attracts readers. Expose the exaggerated. And, call on the carpet the irritating, the ridiculous and the flat out funny. An inventive comic accompanies each chapter.

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  • It gives reason to ponder my presumptions about the preposterous or to unleash a belly laugh about the ludicrous. Plead with our President for change — on his alligator push shot that he believes is a sweet stroking jumper. Scorn the missed free throw celebration in basketball and the overly dramatic displays of flopping in international soccer. But, sports entertainment is more than just watching phenomenal athletes ply their craft on the ice, field, diamond, hardwood or pitch. What provide the extra sizzle in sports are countless non-athletes that make the games possible and entertaining.

    They enrich the overall fan experience. A number of non-athletic performers and icons deliver invaluable appeal and bring the entertainment aspects of sports to greater levels. None are actual athletes.

    You will probably scowl at the refs I feature.