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Horror fans are a ravenous breed, and their numbers are swelling. But what makes a horror villain iconic? Being a professor of kaijuology, I know a thing or two about giant monsters. But that is neither here […]. But […]. Giant birds snatching children out of yards.

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Terrifying man-bird hybrids stalking the countryside in the middle of the night. Pterodactyls screaming through the clouds! Welcome to Illinois, folks! I have always been fascinated with the weird and strange stories of the Land of Lincoln. The state has quite a reputation as a hotspot for weird […].

Does a movie centered on an old woman and a wounded young man stuck in a cabin in a desolate wintry landscape sound scary? What if one were to add in the premise of skinless monsters hellbent on flaying and eating the skin of their victims? Winterskin from director Charlie Steeds certainly has a lot […]. It takes a whole team of gumshoes to find one Bigfoot. Small Town Monsters the production team that brought you The Bray Road Beast, and my personal favorite, The Mothman of Point Pleasant offers up a six-part investigative miniseries on the monster so monstrous he has his own monster truck.

The Hulk Hogan of cryptozoology. The female lead, and the entire reason why I wanted to watch this film, is none other than the beloved Lin […]. B for Badass! He is a very smart and very humble man, a father, husband and former lawyer.

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He also writes gripping fiction, not always horror but quite often visceral and dark. Mountain Home cemented it. John Boden: I just reviewed your debut novella, Mountain Home , and I wanted to jump right in to discussing it. One of the reasons this novella works on such a personal and chilling level, is that it could have been plucked straight from the headlines. Was there one thing in particular that inspired this tale? Bracken MacLeod: Novella? Part of what gave me the freedom to keep it that tight was a conversation I had with one of my literary heroes, John Skipp who also told me I should never name drop , about a project he was putting together at the time.

He was getting ready to launch a line of short novels designed to be all chiller, no filler. Books you could read in the time it took to watch a long feature film. I find real world violence much more frightening than any monster or demon someone can dream up. Right before I started this book, Anders Brevik shot up that summer camp in Norway.

The Ravenous: The Complete Novella

I wanted to tell a locked room story and needed a way to keep a disparate group of people together and under constant stress. Given that in the last thirty years there have been sixty-two different mass shootings in America, it seemed like the most plausible scenario—and one that scares me a whole hell of a lot.

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Harlan Wilson. His newest, a short book that is split between a pair of novellas, is called Diegeses , a word that means a style of fiction wherein the narrator is telling or recounting, as opposed to showing and enacting.

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But you can rest assured that a simple structure like that would be bent and twisted in the capable strong hands of Mr. Curd may or may not be entirely human. He likes to drink to excess, to clear his head for thinking and plotting. He likes to fuck his assistant, often, and in strange places. He trudges through a futuristic city where people are eaten, literally and figuratively.

He attempts to find the agenda and faces behind the mysterious Bureau of Me, who have been harassing him to join their ranks. During his quest he encounters sex, copious amounts of alcohol, moth men, stuttering and strange realities…and then shit gets really weird. This second stage is much harder to decipher than the lead in. A stranger and different animal than its predecessor. Still deftly intriguing. Diegeses is higher brow than a lot of bizarro. Allen Wood One of the greatest rewards that comes from publishing Shock Totem is being able to watch young writers evolve within—and sometimes beyond—their craft.

Even when I read something less than great, there remains something special about it. The book centers around a cast of filmmaking misfits attempting to create a movie that is less an homage to and more of a blatant rip-off of the Italian exploitation horror films from the 80s. Skip to content.

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The Ravenous The Complete Novella

White Posted on April 4, by Rose Blackthorn. The setting is Cornwall, where a group of people are holed up in a manor after the ostensible end of the world. A thriller is supposed to thrill.