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We believe it is time to reconstruct project management as a discipline. In a world where disruption has become the norm, where boundaries between disciplines are fading and where multi-disciplinary collaboration is perhaps the only way to ensure lasting business and transformation results, it pays off to think without a box, to go greenfield to an extreme, and to reinvent who we are as project managers.

Reconstructing Project Management: Morris/Reconstructing Project Management

In order to do that we have to go back to the essence of what it means to do the work we do, to set that off against the essence of the world we now live in and to come up with core ways of working and being that will actually make the difference. We are preparing for a highly interactive conference. It appears that your session has timed out.

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Reconstructing Project Management

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Description This hugely informative and wide-ranging analysis on the management of projects, past, present and future, is written both for practitioners and scholars. Beginning with a history of the discipline's development, Reconstructing Project Management provides an extensive commentary on its practices and theoretical underpinnings, and concludes with proposals to improve its relevancy and value.

Written not without a hint of attitude, this is by no means simply another project management textbook.

The thesis of the book is that 'it all depends on how you define the subject'; that much of our present thinking about project management as traditionally defined is sometimes boring, conceptually weak, and of limited application, whereas in reality it can be exciting, challenging and enormously important. The book draws on leading scholarship and case studies to explore this thesis. The book is divided into three major parts.

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Following an Introduction setting the scene, Part 1 covers the origins of modern project management -- how the discipline has come to be what it is typically said to be; how it has been constructed -- and the limitations of this traditional model. Part 2 presents an enlarged view of the discipline and then deconstructs this into its principal elements. Part 3 then reconstructs these elements to address the challenges facing society, and the implications for the discipline, in the years ahead.