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His inability to find a decent job has hit directly on his marriage and self esteem. In an act of desperation Paul comes up with a scam that even he knows sounds implausible. What would happen if he were to get a message from God? A funny thing happens to him on the way to Colorado to deliver his message.

Iris (mythology)

He books a motel room in Denver and in the middle of the night he actually receives a message from God. The next day as Paul goes to a spiritual retreat to deliver his message he catches the attention of a multi-millionaire by the name of Bob Goodman. After he tells the audience that he received a message from God, he is asked to leave the premise. The story should be over at this point, but thanks to modern technology more specifically a cell phone the adventure lives on. This catches the attention of thousands of people which starts the ball rolling. Thoth has been seen as a god of wisdom and has been used in modern literature, especially since the early 20th century when ancient Egyptian ideas were quite popular.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Ancient Egyptian deity. For other meanings of "Thoth", or of "Djehuti", Djehuty and similar, see Thoth disambiguation. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Der tierkult der alten Agypter nach den griechisch-romischen berichten und den wichtigeren denkmalern. Wien, In kommission bei A. Holder, Scott London: Duncan Baird Publishers. Wallis Budge , , Gramercy, , p. Weiser Books. The Guardian. Retrieved 1 January Scroll of Saqqara. Penguin Canada. Ancient Egyptian religion. Dedi Djadjaemankh Rededjet Ubaoner. Book Ancient Egypt portal. That is, Prophet Muhammad is called not only the greatest prophet, but also the Validation of all prophets.

The Bible Says Jesus Is Not God - (Shocking Evidence)

Thus, it makes perfect sense why Prophet Muhammad specifically called Lord Krishna a Prophet -- part of his purpose in coming was to declare to the world that God did not abandon any people. Rather, God sent His guidance and prophets to all people. In doing so, Prophet Muhammad validated Lord Krishna's truthfulness -- something no prophet of any faith outside of Islam has done. Thus, as human beings we must honor and revere all those prophets because the same God sent each of them -- Lord Krishna being no exception.

In short, Prophet Lord Krishna was a noble, righteous, beloved one of God.

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