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Large clitorises have been thought to be analogous to mini-penises, and therefore responsible for lesbianism and abnormal sexual appetites in women since ancient times.

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Some of the earliest references to the clitoris in Western medicine are descriptions of how to curb promiscuity in women by cutting it off. The 1st-century Greek physician Soranus of Ephesus was kind enough to provide instructions on how to carry this out brace yourselves. The presenting feature of the deformity is a large masculinised clitoris. Indeed, some assert that its flesh becomes erect just as in men and as if in search of frequent sexual intercourse. You will remedy it in the following way: With the woman in a supine position, spreading the closed legs, it is necessary to hold [the clitoris] with forceps turned to the outside so that the excess can be seen, and to cut off the tip with a scalpel, and finally, with appropriate diligence, to care for the resulting wound.

As well as worrying that the clitoris was responsible for lesbianism and nymphomania, Victorian doctors had arrived at the conclusion that masturbation would eventually kill you, and blamed this on the clit as well. But as well as viewing an enlarged clitoris as the cause of masturbation, doctors also thought it to be symptomatic of a habitual diddler.

More: The metamorphosis of male masturbation. Dr Polak learned that Lizzie masturbated up to 40 times a day, and often in public. Upon physical examination of Lizzie, Polak found that she had an enlarged clitoris. Baker Brown warned that this kind of excitement would led to hysteria, spinal irritation, hysterical epilepsy, idiocy, insanity and, eventually, death. Baker Brown is very much the pantomime villain of Victorian gynaecology, but his butchery did not exist in a vacuum.

He was himself at a loss as to why he had been singled out when so many of his peers had themselves performed clitoridectomies, and I have no doubt that many of the good doctors who presided over his expulsion were equally guilty, if just a bit quieter about it. We will never know how many women were subjected to such treatments, but we do know that none of it was necessary. Research published in the Journal of Sex Research in found that:.

A fifth of those over 65 live in poverty, the majority of them women. Segal's book is worth buying alone for the vim with which she sees off the "dim-witted" arguments of coalition minister David Willetts and historian Francis Beckett, among others, who insist that the baby-boomers have stolen all the booty and forfeited their children's future.

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Neoliberals, not the baby-boomers, have done the damage, Segal argues, and there are better ways to share the diminished spoils — a tax on corporate wealth, for one. To help construct her guide for a "good" old age, Segal calls on an army of poets, writers, academics and activists, perhaps too many, when it's her voice the reader may seek. Her recommendations include remaining politically active she quotes the inestimable John Berger , in his 80s: "…one protests… in order to save the present moment, whatever the future holds" ; valuing interdependency; treasuring connections with those who are younger; seeking out joy and ignoring all instructions to opt for invisibility and celibacy.

Until her 40s, Segal and her son lived in a collective in her large house in north London. Then she cohabited more conventionally with her male partner; she was 15 years older and he left her for a younger woman. Now, she has a female partner. The majority of those growing older will face other challenges.

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For millions, especially, perhaps, feminists, paid work, a career, has played a significant part in providing motivation and in forging an identity. Will retirement mean an erosion of a core sense of self? Or, looking back, is it possible to build on aspects of yourself you were never encouraged to value?

A question that could revolutionise ageing and that deserves an answer long before one runs out of time. It was impossible not to smile. He turned back around again and walked steadily onward a little ahead of her. But apparently pole comparisons worked to quiet Colin for a little while. For a very little while.

Nov 24, Sam AMNReader rated it liked it Shelves: historical , read-in , series , scribd , great-heroine , library , forced-proximity , 3s-are-the-weirdest-rating. I enjoyed both the humor and the adventure in this book. I thought the chemistry between Colin and Madeline was clear from the beginning and really well done. I was worried, though, that it would never feel like intimacy. I really loved Madeline, with her prickly no nonsense yet challenging manner. Colin's charm and humor were fun, and made it easy to see where he'd weasel his way in through her defenses.

And even though I'm not giving this some spectac I enjoyed both the humor and the adventure in this book. And even though I'm not giving this some spectacular rating-I can see reading this again. There's lovely dialogue and writing as is usual for JAL, and some hotter than sin sex scenes and sexual tension. The thing that holds me back from a 4 here is that it definitely drags at points, and the plotting results in a lot at once at the end.

I guess I'm not sure I hated that, but I might have liked it better if that hasn't felt so rushed. View all 9 comments. Jun 23, Mimi Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance. A veritable daredevil. A complex, brilliant, unique man. At this moment though his to-do list is pretty basic: 1 Don't get hanged.

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For Chrissake the man fell on his own knife! Failing to this would, again, jeopardize 1 4 Stop the wedding of his brother and the sainted Louisa, the woman he was meant to marry 5 Get under Madeleine the Mercenary and Rescuer's skin.

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Maddening, fascinating, determined, gun-carrying woman! The Mercenary Madeleine Greenway is far from naive. She's a widow and extremely smart woman. She always keeps a cool head and does her job.

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But, now The man is too damn charming and volatile to breathe. And Yours Truly This book is just so fun! The problem with a lot of historicals is that they are too similar, they just blend in the crowd. There's only so many ways a duke can fall for a spinster. This one is different and memorable. You have a feud that started because of a stolen sheep, a dashing hero in jeopardy because he was in the presence of a man who fell on his own knife, an extremely capable and different heroine who rescued the hero, and LOTS and lots of humor, romance and passion!

All in all, a great read! All I need to do now is: 1 Find and read the other books in the series! Quotes "That did it. He was incorrigible, a beast, a man who obviously excelled at tormenting women. She laughed. It was about tragedy and death. Then again, all Irish songs were about tragedy and death, in his experience. View all 3 comments.

A few years after reading the rest of the series out of order, I finally get to read the first book of this very worthy quintessential HR series. I left it this long, because I was worried it would be a disappointment compared to the other books. Well, I'm glad to say, it's no disappointment at all.

The writing is great, the humour frequent, the quirky and richly drawn secondary characters - they're all there, all the usual trademarks of a JAL book. It definitely is not the worst book in 3. It definitely is not the worst book in the series, but not as brilliant and emotionally involving as the later books either. The living legend of the larger-than-life Colin Eversea features often in the broadsheets usually under scandalous circumstances - climbing down from the balcony of Lady So -And-So, engaging in duels, betting and gambling outrageously.

His good looks and quick witted charms always managed to get him out of trouble and if they didn't his powerful family name would. That is until he's accused of killing a man, a member of the Redmond family who has been feuding his own for centuries. Shackled in Newgate and facing his execution, he gets kidnapped mere seconds from his own hanging - once again thrilling the people of England albeit involuntarily and adding a another verse or two to his popular ballad. The enigmatic Mrs Madeleine Greenway has made a name for herself since the death of her husband and baby as the go-to person to get seemingly impossible things done.

Her latest task, saving Colin Eversea's neck, is hopefully her final mission and promises enough money for her departure to a new future in America. Little does she know that whisking Colin away from the noose did not signal the end of her challenges but the start, as she and Colin evades an attempt on her life, a multitude of soldiers, body snatchers, enthusiastic citizens motivated by the generous reward money for Colin's recapture and enamoured male and female groupies keen to acquaint themselves with the infamous Colin Eversea.

All this while trying to solve the mystery of who set him up for murder and dealing with the growing attraction between them. My main criticisms of the book is that Madeleine is too enigmatic. I didn't really get where she got to be so skillful and efficient in carrying out her missions, and in fact, there was not much expansion on her background, how she managed to sound and carry herself like a refined lady.

Considering, JAL's general attention to detail to the main running plot of the series, this deficiency was a bit of a disappointment. Madeleine remained too cool and too detached and I just didn't feel the supposed love between them. Colin, although a charming and witty larrikin, was just too irreverent. It was also annoying that he kept reminding himself and Madeleine of his attachment to Louisa, the declared love of his life and his intended wife, although his devotion to Louisa didn't stop him from sharing the love around with various ladies over the years.

I also didn't get how his family can turn their attention from his execution to his brother's planned wedding the very next week, not too perturbed by whether he lives or dies. Noone in his supposedly loving and close family really went looking for him except Marcus, the man who wasted no time getting engaged to Louisa as soon as Colin was out of the picture. And he never had a proper bath the whole book after spending a few months in Newgate!

I'm not saying this is a bad book, I just personally didn't care for the story. That said, I am definitely going to read more of this series, as it was really well written and interesting, but I am really disappointed with the couple in this book. The only problem I had with them was that I felt their relationship was just not well developed. I mean, she rescues him from being executed and they spend the rest of the novel trying to find out who really committed the murder Colin was accused of.

Bu I'm not saying this is a bad book, I just personally didn't care for the story. But throughout the entire book Colin keeps telling Madeline how he is going to marry Louisa, a woman he says he's always loved. Not that there's anything wrong with him having been in love before, but he keeps bringing her up and even tells her how amazing she is right after he slept with Madeline for the first time.

I mean, yes, he realizes he was only infatuated with Louisa, but I certainly had no idea what he was going to do there. And right after that, he proposes to Madeleine! View all 16 comments.

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Jan 18, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: historical , own-it , soap-before-sex-please , highlarious. I love JAL, I really do, and this was a fun read, but the 'mystery' was strangely convoluted, and never really made sense to me. Also, this is petty but I really wish Long had contrived a bath for Colin - I just pict 3.

Also, this is petty but I really wish Long had contrived a bath for Colin - I just pictured him lice ridden and reeking after you know, being in prison for a month or more. To Love a Thief is still my fave. View all 4 comments. Sep 11, Shannon Gallagher rated it it was amazing Shelves: reading-series , read-again , buddy-read , series-challenge , romance. Just as rewarding as the first time I read it.

I absolutely loved this book! The storytelling was epic, including switches in points of view, something I do miss. The characters are rich and the plot is like a mystery, but not heavy enough to drown the romance. Our Hero Colin Eversea is on the verge of be Another 5 star. Our Hero Colin Eversea is on the verge of being hanged for something he swears he did not do.

Our heroine Madeleine Greenway is a feisty little thing with the talent of wielding a gun, masterminding an explosive situation, and much to my enjoyment she's smart enough to look for her escape route before she needs one. The genius used to rescue Colin from the gallows seemed plausible for the time and well planned. Throughout the book we are never quite sure where the real threat is coming from.

Does it have something to do with the longtime family feud between the Everseas and the Redmonds? Or is it something closer to home like a brother's jealousy over a childhood love interest? And what exactly does it have to do with the infamous Mercury Club? What we do know is that his life depends on keeping Madeleine Greenway close at hand.

I can't give away this plot, it was too much fun to live with the characters. And so did we. Trying to show some restraint from starting the next one immediately because I have some other books I need to read first. I'll be coming back to this series as a little treat and reward. View 1 comment. Oct 22, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , books-read , romance. Fun book. Colin has been convicted of a murder he didn't commit and is moments from hanging. But Everseas have the reputation of being able to cheat fate and Colin is rescued in a puff of smoke and disappears.

Madeleine has been paid to rescue him and then hold him for the person who paid her.

Pleasure Unbound

But when someone takes a shot at her, Colin saves her and they go on the run to discover who wants her dead and him alive. Colin wants nothing more than to prove his innocence and make it back to Sussex in Fun book. Colin wants nothing more than to prove his innocence and make it back to Sussex in time to keep the woman he loves from marrying his brother. The only way he can do that is by working with Madeleine to discover the truth behind his rescue.

He is fascinated by her and her cleverness and the way she can resist his blatant attempts to charm her. He soon discovers that she understands him far better than anyone else he knows. He also begins to understand her the more he learns of her past and seems to know just what to say to her to revive her spirits when they start to wear down. I really enjoyed the banter between him and Madeleine as they have to first overcome their distrust of each other, then deal with their growing attraction.

He seemed to be pretty oblivious to the fact that he was falling for Madeleine at the same time he was obsessed with getting back to Louisa. Colin is basically a nice guy who uses humor to hide his own insecurities while doing nice things for other people. Even as he was on the run he was still polite even to the people who were involved in his troubles. I liked the way that he realized what was most important to him at the end, though frustrated by the way he didn't pursue it.

Madeleine is a widow who has made a career out of "planning" rescues for people. Her rescue of Colin is simply a way to earn the money she needs to move to America. When the planned turnover of Colin is interrupted by someone trying to kill her, they go on the run to find out who is behind the rescue and murder attempt. I really liked Madeleine's intelligence and ability to think on the fly.

It was really nice to read a book where the heroine rescues the hero. Madeleine is attracted to Colin but has no intention of doing anything with it. She spends the first part of the book not trusting him because she isn't sure that he is truly innocent of the charges.

As they have to work together she begins to get to know him and trust a little bit. She also sees that he uses his humor and charm to hide behind when he feels vulnerable. Having been on her own for several years since the death of her husband she is moved by Colin's protectiveness. Her feelings begin to change even though she knows that he is far above her.

As they get closer to solving the mystery she admits her feelings to herself, but refuses to allow herself to think of a future with him. She denies herself what she really wants because she wants him to be happy. I loved seeing her face her fears at the end and allow herself to go after what she really wanted. The mystery itself was pretty interesting, though certainly convoluted. As Colin and Madeleine pursued their investigation they only got small pieces of information at a time.

Each bit that they got came from interesting occurrences, from a lady and her footman to gravediggers. There was also an interesting revelation about Colin's parents that rocked his world. Dec 22, Chelsea Kumer rated it it was ok.

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  7. Perils of Pleasure is one of those rare books I picked up with no prior knowledge of the author, or even any inkling as to what it was about. That isn't something I do often. I like to research books ahead of time and make sure that it's at least being advertised as something that I would like. My experience with this book proves that this careful selection really does make a difference.

    The book starts out with Colin Eversea about to hang for murder, rescued at the last possible second. His resc Perils of Pleasure is one of those rare books I picked up with no prior knowledge of the author, or even any inkling as to what it was about. His rescuer turns out to be a woman named Madeleine Greenway.

    Madeleine wants nothing more than to be rid of Colin, and be given a handsome reward that will allow her to start a new life. Colin needs Mad's help to return to his family in time to stop his brother from marrying the love of his life, Louisa. Naturally, Colin and Mad find themselves succumbing to mutual attraction instead. Positive Comments: I liked that Madeleine was such an independent and capable character.

    She's a mercenary, a clever planner, and a survivor of great tragedy. There's a kind of mystery to be solved following Colin's rescue, regarding who was behind hiring Madeleine and why someone then tried to have her killed. All of this made for a fairly interesting plot with a few twists I didn't really see coming. Critical Comments: I liked Madeleine's character, but I so wish the author had taken more time to delve into her background. Every time I was given a tiny hint as to the things that had happened to her or what she did in her line of work, I thought a huge opportunity had been wasted.

    There's a great three dimensional character here being kept flat because of a boring story. Colin's character was totally cliched and uninteresting to me, but again he could have been more. Had this book been more character driven, instead of plot driven, it could have been awesome.

    I just didn't connect to the romance between Madeleine and Colin. Part of it was that their characters were underdeveloped. Part of it was an inexplicable lack of chemistry. Granted, by this point his feelings seem half-hearted. It just seems that, having spent so much time and shared so many intimacies with the book's heroine, he would start to have more open doubts about his marriage plans. Furthermore, since Louisa is used as such an important point of conflict, her character should have been developed more thoroughly.

    Her relationship with Colin should have been developed more thoroughly. Instead she's just a plot device used to keep the central couple at arms length of one another, and in the end that severely reduced the romance factor of this book. If you want to read this as a historical suspense novel, or perhaps as a mystery, you might find it enjoyable. If you're looking for a character driven historical romance though, look elsewhere. This isn't a poorly written book, but it isn't at all to my liking. I did not really enjoy this first book in the Pennyroyal Green series, and I kind of had to make myself finish it.

    I've read some of the other books in the series, and liked some of them better, actually. In this case, I wasn't terribly interested in the adventures in the back streets of London. The Resurrectionists. I did not really like the plot much at all, actually. It was clever and neat in some ways, and certainly original compared with the usual HR fare.