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In a desperate move, she breaks away from everything to walk 2, miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. It will be her first long-distance hike. This is a terrific audiobook. It's interesting, well-written, and timely. It's the story of a textbook editor who retires, reads the popular book The Wild Effect and decides to hike the Appalachian Trail - and have an unexpected adventure! The tone is wry humor, tongue in cheek - the author has a great sense of humor, is perky, and as she learns in this adventure, is often in over her head! She is a very likeable character.

Where's the Next Shelter? If you long for the horizon or to sleep under the stars, then come along for the hike of a lifetime. All you have to do is take the first step. Day One, and already she was lying in her journal. It was , Suzanne Roberts had just finished college, and when her friend suggested they hike California's John Muir Trail, the adventure sounded like the perfect distraction from a difficult home life and thoughts about the future.

But she never imagined that the day hike would change her life. Part memoir, part nature writing, part travelogue, Almost Somewhere is Roberts's account of that hike. Just before her 40th birthday, Gail Francis quit her perfectly good job and set out to hike one of the great trails of the world. Carrying everything she needed on her back, Francis spent five months walking from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. Along the way, she lost her pack scrambling over scree in the desert, struggled to navigate high mountain passes, and wore the soles off her boots trekking across lava fields - all within some of the most pristine wilderness in the nation.

Though she set out alone, her story includes an eclectic cast of characters. By age 25, Heather Anderson had hiked what is known as the "Triple Crown" of backpacking: the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail - a combined distance of 7, miles with a vertical gain of more than one million feet. A few years later, she left her job, her marriage, and a dissatisfied life and walked back into those mountains.

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In her new memoir, Heather shares her distinct message of courage - her willingness to turn away from the predictability of a more traditional life in an effort to seek out what most fulfills her. The next anybody heard from her, this genteel, farm-reared, year-old great-grandmother had walked miles along the 2,mile Appalachian Trail.

In Movement There Is Peace is a powerful tale of travel, adventure, and unexpected faith.

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It begins with a doctor who walks away from her practice in order to cure her own paralyzing anxiety. Once free, she discovers that leaving is really only fleeing if there's no new direction. Could this be the reason for her husband's sudden inspiration? After deliberating the wisdom of walking miles with no planning or physical conditioning and little religious faith, the two set off to walk the "Way of Saint James". Their "no-plan" plan sets off a series of extraordinary events that can only be explained as divine intervention. It starts with an enigmatic suggestion from a former pilgrim who sends them off with a caution: "There are no coincidences on the Camino.

The tale itself is a funny, fascinating pilgrim's progress seeded by unique characters and full of amazing surprises. Follow along the pilgrim's path as it shares its secrets on how to:. If you've ever doubted yourself or your abilities, listen to this book. What did you like least? I did the last km of The Camino with a group of someone, most over 65 years old. I know people who have done the whole thing.

Never has anyone complained about feet as much as Elaine did. Bad boots, or something. Anyway, story seemed a little too perfect in terms of their emotional experiences, the religious fulfillment, the promesa, etc. I preferred hearing about the experiences of the trail itself, the food, the scenery, the history, the people they met. All the angst was a little much. Why or why not?

In Movement There Is Peace: Stumbling Miles Along The Way To The S

This is not just a travel guide about the Camino it is the chance to experience another's journey. The Fosters share with you thier inner struggles while departing wisdom and travel tips along the way. Engaging, funny, sad, and joyful It was a well written and honest memoir of the Camino. Any additional comments? It was an enjoyable listen, and I will listen to it again at some point. Honest from the prospective of just how hard the walk was for them both. Neither author droned on endlessly about their own issues, and like all of us, they had baggage they brought along. It was nice to see them addressing and dealing with their real life issues.

We all have them, and it makes me want to walk the Camino someday to deal with mine. I am not religious any way, but what better cathartic is there besides walking! I liked the two narrators. The vibe was very positive but it came across by the end, to be a bit cheesy in my opinion. Allow yourself a listen to it.

I could not stop listening. I even bought the book itself. It captured and reflecting my own Camino. The trials and tribulations are true.

Camino Peace Pilgrimage

The people are real. My own Camino resulted in a relationship break up. I now realize why it occurred. The Camino does work in wondrous ways. This book put my thoughts into words. I have shared this book with friends and Camino family friends. Buen Camino. Enjoyed immensely this book. I found it very moving. Something I will listen to more than once. Great book for hikers too. Applies to any long hike I think. Is not the outdoors always a spiritual and personal experience? I began this book with expectations that it would add insight to the journey that I hope to embark on in I expected to gain insight into this couples hike along the Camino.

What works and what could be done differently. I also expected to learn something about how their hike helped them to grow as a couple and to see how they changed over the course of the mile hike. Instead, I felt like Elaine was selling herself as a psychologist and looking for business. The longer the journey went on, the more I felt she was forcing the story and maybe even exaggerating on her trials and tribulations.

I saw two bright and well educated individuals whine their way along the Camino. Overall, confused and disappointed. Would you consider the audio edition of In Movement There Is Peace to be better than the print version? It was good to hear Elaine and Joe in their own voices and words.

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You really heard the struggles they were going through and felt the physical and emotional pain by hearing it. The movie The Way, but this was more detailed. Which scene was your favorite? I could hear Elaine's voice crack near the end and really felt she was at a breaking point, but the serenity and cal;m that she found also showed through.

The walk kept me riveted and I felt like I was walking with them. I want to do this myself someday. Both the male and female narrators did an excellent job. I actually thought that they were the authors until I looked it up. I will look for more books that they narrate. They seemed to have a great connection. I enjoyed this book as a reminder of my own Camino.

Everyones walks their own Camino including the authors yet they wanted to compartmentalize theirs and pass it off as this is what everyone will experience. Many time I found them trivializing experiences others have had because it wasn't their experience. Otherwise it was an interesting listen. I truly enjoyed this book. Listening to the story on Audible as I walked helped to motivate me in my new walking regimen.

It felt like I was walking with people who understood that it is difficult to get moving after such a long period of inactivity. There were times, though, that I turned off the story just to listen to the birds and wind and traffic. I loved listening to this book as I have just completed part of the Camino. I feel I should have walked for longer I loved the way you hear the husband and the wife's story side by side. This richly illustrated fable draws children and adults into a world in which all parts of creation communicate with one another and God.

An excellent resource for youth that creatively combines Catholic social teachings with actual opportunities to care for creation.

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Filled with well-chosen resources to help you design your own outdoor retreats and prayer experiences. This creative guidebook helps parents and teachers to engage with the intricacies and mystery of nature as a child might. This book contains forty-two games and interactive experiences. The Hymn of the Sun Author: St. Francis of Assisi. The first illustrated version of St. Through this performance piece the prophetic voice of our children has a chance to be heard by the whole family of God.

Climate Kids: What can we do to help? Created by NASA but geared toward children, this website is full of interesting and kid-friendly information about conservation.

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Water Conservation Animation. Conserve Energy in Your Home. Check out this guide with lessons and games that teach students about conserving waste, energy, electricity, and water at home. This manual can be used by lay Christians, priests, youth groups, deacons, bishops — in short, by anybody—as an introduction to Christian environmental stewardship and as a source of materials for a wide range of activities. A broadly graded stewardship education program for children ages four through grade two and children in grades three through six.

This five-session course can be used in your congregation during a stewardship emphasis, for a special study, or as a resource for a five-day vacation school program. Each session is designed for a one-hour time frame but offers a wide variety of activities adn can be easily expanded. Stories in the Land is an excellent handbook for teachers who wish to explore place-based learning with their students.

Eighteen easy-to-follow lesson plans combine theology and science to provide background information, activity ideas, and photocopiable handouts on issues such as habitat and species loss, animal rights, environmental degradation, and global warming. To order, go to Resource Publications, Inc. For Children and Youth. It almost seems common knowledge today that children are the most effective change agents. When planning to green our congregations, we must not forget to instill faith-based creation care values in our children. Highlights or notes are available for some books.

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