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The first three issues of the book are set during Marvel's " Civil War " event. It involves Castle taking on supervillains rather than his traditional non-super-powered criminal antagonists. He has also made appearances in the main Civil War series issues 5—7. Following this, the main Punisher series was renamed FrankenCastle and featured a Castle who is resurrected by Morbius and the Legion of Monsters as a patchwork, Frankenstein -like creature. In , a Punisher series was released titled Punisher: In the Blood. It is a five-part series that is meant to take place after FrankenCastle.

In this series, the Punisher faces Jigsaw once again. A violent gang war resulted in the murders of nearly 30 people at a wedding reception, including the groom, leaving the bride, U. Marine Sergeant Rachel Cole-Alves , a widow just hours after getting married. Frank had connections with one of the detectives on the case and used the information he gave him to kill members of the Exchange, the group responsible, before the police had a chance to question them.

Later, the Punisher loses an eye while fighting a new version of the Vulture. Together they kill the members. It is later revealed to be part of a plan to lure the Punisher to Varick level 19 suite A. Both Rachel Cole-Alves and the Punisher go to the location only to find it to be a trap. They later find out that Daredevil has the Omega Drive. They then work together to destroy the drive.

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Castle eludes capture. Cole-Alves is sentenced to death for her crimes. Meanwhile, Spider-Man confronts Castle, but he manages to escape. Spider-Man then talks to the Avengers, stating that Castle is a problem and needs to be taken care of. Wolverine, believing that lethal methods are sometimes justified, refuses to assist. Castle sneaks back into the US to try and break Cole-Alves out of prison. The Avengers set a trap, figuring Castle would target a transport unit.

Castle sees through the deception, and rescues the real Cole-Alves by disguising himself as Iron Man. Castle ends up in a special underwater prison, while Cole-Alves resurfaces in Los Angeles, shooting a mugger while wearing the Skull insignia. As part of the Marvel NOW! Their first mission is to take down the civilian-murdering dictator of an island nation. The Punisher moves to Los Angeles following a drug trail, and he is being targeted by a military hit squad.

During the Original Sin storyline, the Punisher becomes involved in the investigation of the murder of Uatu when he is recruited by an unknown agent — later revealed to be Nick Fury — to track various deceased eldritch creatures with Doctor Strange , their combined occult and firearm knowledge allowing them to determine what killed various creatures that Fury had killed in his career as 'the Man on the Wall'. During the Secret Wars storyline, the Punisher crashes the Kingpin's viewing party of the incursion between Earth and Earth He informs the villains present that since he cannot take them with him, he is going to have to do something with all of his bullets.

After massacring the supervillain gathering, the Punisher is approached by the Howling Commandos , who request his aid in completing one final mission before the world ends. The Punisher agrees to help, and is airlifted to Tikrit , where he works on "punishing" the Black Dawn, a terrorist group that had been filming themselves executing American hostages, including a former associate of the Punisher's.

After Earth has been restored, Frank Castle returns from the dead and comes back to New York City, to continue his personal war against criminal organizations and enterprises.

Agent whose drug bust on Condor was disrupted by his, as well as, a sadistic killer named Face who is also second-in-command of Condor. During the fight, Castle wounds Fisk's legs with his combat knife, and falls out of a window. During the Secret Empire storyline, after Steve Rogers — his history 'rewritten' by the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik so that he believes that he has been a Hydra sleeper agent since childhood — arranges a mass coup of America, [59] Punisher eventually appears targeting the former criminal Boomerang — now acting as an information broker for the underground Maria Hill — and apparently loyal to Hydra.

Punisher explains Hydra Supreme Steve Rogers's overall plan to use the Cosmic Cube is to put everything back to the way it was. He is shown atoning for his involvement with Hydra by killing every Hydra agent he can find. Upon Punisher blowing up the abandoned warehouse where some Hydra agents were hiding, he is being observed by Nick Fury Jr. The character has been described as being obsessed with vengeance; [66] Garth Ennis noted that the character of the Punisher "sees the world in very black and white terms, he solves his problems with utter finality" and that "his response to any problem: when in doubt, hit back hard.

Heidegger , who took Kierkegaard 's philosophy further, comes even closer to describing the Punisher: 'Since we can never hope to understand why we're here, if there's even anything to understand, the individual should choose a goal and pursue it wholeheartedly, despite the certainty of death and the meaninglessness of action. Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway stated that "He's a great Rorschach test. What's given him some sustainability is, you can put into him whatever you want, as opposed to Spider-Man, who truly is who he is and shouldn't be changed. The Punisher is a thin character on his own merits, but that allows for a lot of interpretations and different angles of approach.

While a Marine, he also received training from the Airborne School and U. In addition, since beginning his work as the Punisher, Castle has used his military discipline and training techniques to update and expand his skills in areas that aid in his mission disguise, acting, use of non-military weapons, etc. From this training, the Punisher is proficient in not only basic infantry skills, but in special operations, which includes the use and maintenance of specialized firearms and explosive ordnance.

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He is highly trained in infiltration into heavily guarded enemy territories and structures for the purpose of assassination, capture, and military intelligence. Also, he is trained in various forms of camouflage and stealth. He maintains multiple safehouses and vehicles around the greater New York City area as well as multiple forged identities and bank accounts most of the funds and equipment aiding him in his work being taken from the criminals he hunts.

The Punisher has a Kevlar uniform which protects him from most gunfire, though he can still suffer concussive injury or penetration from sufficient or repeated impacts. The white skull emblem on his chest is used both to intimidate his enemies and to lure their fire to the more heavily protected area of his armor. The design was supposedly taken from either a Vietcong sniper , [70] or the demon Olivier. Though he has a preference for guns, the Punisher has been using technology derived from super-villains and other costumed characters, such as the Green Goblin 's pumpkin bombs, [72] a modified Goblin Glider , [73] and a Doctor Octopus tentacle that he can shrink down for easy storage via Pym Particles.

Aside from his physical prowess, the Punisher also has complete control of his mind and consciousness, providing a strong resistance against psychic and telepathic powers that are used against him. When Letha and Lascivious try to control Punisher's mind, Punisher scoffs at their attempt, saying "It doesn't feel different from any other day". Frank Castle has spent years exacting vengeance for the deaths of his family by punishing criminals everywhere. His skull insignia inspires fear throughout the underworld.

But Punisher's appeal rests on more than his ability to do what the rest of Marvel's heroes won't. He's a tragic figure — even a profoundly selfish one in some ways. The sad truth is that Frank Castle can't survive without killing, and his new job fulfills him in ways his family never could. Despite wanting to work alone, the Punisher has a few supporting characters to help fight crime.

Microchip assisted Castle by building and supplying weapons and technology and providing friendship. During the "Civil War", he was aided by Stuart Clarke for a short time. Various police officers and detectives have assisted the Punisher, most notably Lynn Michaels and Lt. Martin Soap. Lynn Michaels was a police officer who teamed up with Castle to take down a serial rapist and later quit the force to become a vigilante. Martin Soap was secretly allied with the Punisher and gave him information on his targets from the police database.

The Punisher skull emblem has become popular within the Blue Lives Matter movement, with many companies producing decals, stickers, and T-shirts featuring the Punisher emblem colored with the Thin blue line , or atop an American flag. In , the Catlettsburg Police department in Kentucky faced a public backlash after installing large decals with the Punisher skull and "Blue Lives Matter" on the hoods of police cars, and removed the decals in response to public pressure.

That didn't cross my mind. The vigilante anti-hero is fundamentally a critique of the justice system, an example of social failure, so when cops put Punisher skulls on their cars or members of the military wear Punisher skull patches, they're basically sides with an enemy of the system. The character of the Punisher has appeared in many types of media. Since his first appearance in , he has appeared in television, films, and video games — each on multiple occasions — and his name, symbol, and image have appeared on products and merchandise.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Marvel Comics character. For other uses, see Punisher disambiguation. For the English sprint athlete, rugby union, and rugby league footballer, see Frank Castle sportsman.

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For complete list of Punisher titles, see List of The Punisher titles. Main article: List of Punisher supporting characters. Main article: Alternative versions of the Punisher. Ashley also considers how the popularity of Star Trek and the movie version of A Space Odyssey influenced the future of the science fiction magazine. In these pages, the Spirit meets the Escapist! This is the first new Spirit story both written and drawn by Eisner to see print in decades! Also in this issue is the comics writing debut of Lannan and Whiting award winner Chris Offutt!

Freddie Wertham's undies in a twist. Bold Venture Press - Spider update! I expect all comic shops serviced by Diamond had their orders cancelled as well. Wouldn't this be a great time to send a mere ten bucks postage included for your copy? You will get the issue within a week or so and if people send ten bucks, the next issue will be out in a couple of months. Bold Venture Press is rolling up its collective sleeves to encourage more direct-sales.

The Burroughs Newsbeat is published bi-monthly. The contents of the last few issues include: 55 December : 12 pages. Page one has a J. Allen St. John illo from The Son of Tarzan. Times , Two reviews from of Tarzan of the Ape s. Page one by Roy Krenkel. Photo from opening of Tarzana exhibit. John Carter by Alex Nino.

Drawing and book dedicated by ERB. Page one by J. John Carter of Mars illo by Alex Nino.

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Page one by Russ Manning. Plot synopsis of original Tarzan comic book stories by James Van Hise. Editorial by James Van Hise. Payment by check, money order or Paypal to Jimvanhise aol. Conan meets Janissa the Widowmaker, deadliest bladeswoman of the Hyborian Age. But even if Conan is willing to stand between Thoth and his intended victim, he may not get the chance-not if Janissa has her way.

Featuring the origin of Janissa, and Conan in over his head in manipulation, murder, and a war of wizardry. This story looks deeper into Conan's earliest adventures. Having crippled a bullying playmate, young Conan's become a solitary figure. Born on the battlefield and destined for greatness, the boy's shown a fierce independence and bravery.

The adults don't know what to do with such a formidable child and the other boys are afraid of him. When he discovers an Aquilonian wizard and daughter living in the woods outside his village, Conan is torn between his respect for their rogue existence and his chance to become a real Cimmerian warrior by exposing the foreign spies. As the former dancing girl poses as the dead oracle of a primitive cult, Conan puts his military and thieving experience together in one of his last adventures before becoming King.

Craig Russell, the award-winning artist who's made his reputation adapting literature to comics, takes the greatest hero to ever make the leap from books to comics in this dazzling adaptation. Howard invented the genre of sword and sorcery fiction, and no matter how many times the master has been imitated, stories like this one have not been surpassed. Next week's review will be The Cobra from April 1, It's based on the characters and situations originally created by Walter Gibson in his pulp novel The Sledge-Hammer Crimes as well as the mystery Xitli, God of Fire.

NO - Coming in May! When two MI5 agents disappear in Jamaica, Bond is sent to investigate - but a mysterious assailant attempts to dispatch him! When Bond links his attack to Dr. No's island, things go from bad to worse! This is the original magazine version for the first time in hardcover with all new illustrations! Written by Kevin J. The climactic finale to the 6-issue mini-series, as the golden age JSA heroes take on Lord Dynamo and his hordes of mechanical minions within the concrete canyons of New York! Museum employee. Now, they must travel around the world to Egypt to find a tomb about to be forever buried, and replace some stolen artifacts in hopes of lifting a terrible curse.

Failure means that the creature will drain enough of their life force to return to life, and walk the earth again! Hey, Carl Written by Howard Chaykin, Art and cover by Russ Heath Torn by tragedy, Hugo questions his powers and wonders what his true purpose really is. As a way of atoning, he enlists in the Army to help his country during the Vietnam War.

What will happen when he realizes that he cannot help resolve the conflict even with all his powers? From the atomic age in Atlantis to the far-flung future, here is a story of interstellar war with Earth as the prize for the victor. The elder race of our galaxy, the Arisians, using advanced mental science, has foreseen the invasion of our universe by the evil Eddorians. The Arisians begin a breeding program on every world that can produce intelligent life, the goal to produce super warriors who can repel the Eddorians.

Triplanetary is the early history of that breeding program on Earth, illustrated with the lives of several warriors and soldiers. It ends with the discovery of the interstellar space drive, formation of the Galactic Patrol, and the first Lens-an Arisian device that provides its wearer with mind-reading and telepathic abilities-given to the first Lensman on Earth.

Nemesis Magazine is available from Renaissance E-books. William Leather, a founding member of the 4, is now in the hands of Elijah Snow. This volume is Edited by J. John, J. Coll, and Franklin Booth, Roy G. Krenkel has in turn inspired generations of fantasy artists with his portrayals of futuristic cities, prehistoric beasts, Mongol hordes, jungle men, and bodacious beauties.

NEMESIS MAGAZINE #3: Featuring Victory Rose in by Stephen Adams

Krenkel will enthrall anyone whose imagination has been inspired by the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs or Robert E. Profusely illustrated with over illustrations many never-before-published and photos that provide a rich overview of the artist's life and works. The Deluxe Hardcover Edition includes an additional page color gallery, and comes packaged in a handsome slipcase.

Robert E. Howard's Strange Tales - Now available! Collection of weird yarns by Robert E. Also included is a letters column Strange Tales. Intro by Dennis McHaney. The film will be released in separate anamorphic widescreen and full frame versions, each with Dolby Digital 5. Extras will include 5 behind-the-scenes featurettes on the production, the film's special effects, the vision behind the film's animation and more , the original short that inspired the film, deleted scenes, and a gag reel.

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Howard fandom is on the rebound. Not since the s have there been this many new magazines devoted to the adventurous realms of Robert E. Howard and his works, but related fantasy realms as well in the eighty page first issue. Plus the article "Stepsons of Cimmeria" examines modern sword and sorcery writers who were clearly inspired by Howard.

One of these is Karl Edward Wagner and an 8, word article takes an in-depth look at every one of his Kane stories. Plus a full color cover by Roy Krenkel of Conan, which has an interesting story behind it! The first issue of the E-zine Flashing Swords is now online at the site for your reading pleasure. A Stevan the Targeteer story. The Burning River, by S. Bryce The Gray Mist found the river that had burned in his dreams. The High Tower, by D. But the only way out was up, where even his enemies feared to go.

The website also features interviews with writers and publishers working in sword and sorcery and related genres as well as a growing library of articles about sword and sorcery and related topics. Jones examines the topic in light of what other fantasy writers and editors have said on the topic. McCullough V McCullough compares sword and sorcery to heroic fantasy in a thoroughly researched and entertaining look at both fantasy genres.

Howard's King of the Picts as a window into Howard's religious outlook. A look at the historical writers of the old pulps whose work had the most influence upon sword and sorcery. Eleanor Reed's father is out to capture exotic animals for an exhibit, and while the Reeds and their guides hunt for suitable specimens, local despot Ben Ali Bey plots to capture Eleanor and add her to his harem of trophy wives.

Tom Strong and Solomon are recruited on a mission to save the multiverse. But has their information been tainted?. Are they really working on the side of the angels? And who is the mysterious Count Zodiac? War of the Worlds Pendragon Pictures has announced that they have completed principal photography on their film version of War of the Worlds. Their film reportedly remains faithful to the original H. Wells novel. Bedford Jones, J. Allan Dunn, Arthur O.

Friel, Anthony M. The Arthur O. A gigantic, sinister plot, engineered by a master criminal—a monstrous traffic in human misery, hidden behind the portals of a home for children—brings The Green Lama to Hollywood to combat an evil far greater than any he had faced before. Adventure House - Now available!

Cut off from Allied lines, the nd American division was in a death spot. There was only one way of reaching them—and that was by air. But it was practically impossible to fly through the blizzard even then raging along the front. Yet G-8 and his buddies defied doom to try to work out a suicide plan to rescue thousands of Yanks!

G-8 15 will be available in comic shops on January 19th! Adventure House - Coming in March! From the land of the Zulu plains to the heart of the perilous Congo, bewitched tribesmen flocked to the blood-red banner of Iban Byzof, ruthless, self-made jungle emperor.

And first to be trapped in that fierce tide of revolt was Ki-Gor, son of the jungle, and his flamed-haired mate, Helene! Bewitching, raven-haired Tabitha, pagan goddess, was spurring them to battle pitch. But how could Ki-Gor, great white lord of all the jungles, move against them when his very first step meant death to his golden mate, Helene, a fated prisoner of his jackal-like twosome?

Has America gone too far in disarming after the Great War? G-Man Dan Fowler takes the trail of the grey gang— that band of masked killers who laugh at law while committing every heinous crime known to humanity! Intelligence was not impressed by the news story; but G-8 suspected the motive behind the crime, knew that it promised a horror campaign that might destroy the world— and grimly he set out to combat it!

Parkhurst Size: 7x10 Pages: Pulp replica - full color cover, complete with all ads, illustrations and facsimile pages. Ward Size: 7x10 Pages: Pulp replica - full color cover, complete with all ads, illustrations and facsimile pages. Most all of the older pages are still there although most have been revamped. Throughout his adventures across the mythic Hyperborean world, the barbarian called Conan crosses swords with many colorful and dangerous characters, somehow always finding himself on the wrong end of a wizard's wrath, or staring down the hungry jaws of a nightmarish beast.

Proving himself more than a match for whatever comes his way, Conan has become one of the most enduring and strangely endearing characters in all of popular culture. The stories in this edition feature more tales of thrilling adventure and chilling betrayal as only writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema could deliver. Conan 12 - Preview now available online! These will be the first items produced under a new license to produce lithographs and limited edition resin statues featuring images of Conan.

Ross says he will be "channeling all of my inner Buscema" to produce his painting. Charlie Krank and Dustin Wright will both be there. There will be a big Chaosium booth and plenty of COC gaming. New York City reels under a horrifying wave of crime and murder. Eyewitnesses agree that a sapphire-eyed blonde is the gang's leader. Soon Gun Moll, whom all gangdom has sworn to bring down, is hauled before the courts, identified as the criminal, and sentenced to the big house.