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If you love books Cancion de cuna de Auschwitz Spanish Edition , please share this link in your social media. Enjoy free Cancion de cuna de Auschwitz Spanish Edition eBooks Including entire books as well as preview chapters from leading authors. The Ministry of Economy and Competitiviness has recently approved an extension of one year for MultiDark. The project, funded for a period of 5 years, starting 17th December , has been officially extended until 16th June MultiDark member, Kiwoon Choi, and Angel Uranga, as Directors of both institutes have signed a collaboration agreement to foster the exchange of visitors and promote joint scientific projects on particle and astroparticle physics.

MultiDark members are involved in this search. About participants, talks, and a lot of discussions during the 5 days of the workshop make this event organized between IBS centers and MultiDark, with the IPPP collaboration, a great success. More information. The newly delivered Pass 8 event-level analysis allows the detection and characterization of sources in the 50 GeV-2 TeV energy range. Other MultiDark members are also co-autors. Summer short term visits for students in MultiDark. Deadline for applications: 21th June Guillermo G. The article describes the latest results on the Extragalactic Background Light both from galaxy data and gamma-ray astrophysics.

Latin American Webinars on Physics Tomorrow at MultiDark members G. Bertone, F. Iocco and R.

Di Cintio, M. Fornasa, N. Fornengo, R. Lineros, Y. Mambrini, V. Moreno, M. Taoso will participate. In parallel, the Fermi-LAT Collaboration reported on an analysis which shows no gamma-ray emission from these objects. Under the dwarf galaxy assumption, Fermi-LAT also set competitive limits on dark matter annihilation. MultiDark is present in this study through some of its members.

Today at Los Neutrinos", where he provides a complete outreach overview of all aspects of neutrinos.

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Valle, medal of the Mexican Society of Physics. Valle, has received the medal of the division of particles and fields of the Mexican Society of Physics. We congratulate him for this prize. El Sloan Digital Sky Survey saca a la luz una nueva perspectiva del cielo.

With the hope that the extension of MultiDark for the next year will be even better than the previous five MultiDarkian years, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Book published by a MultiDark member What you ever wanted to know and never dared to ask! Valle together with his collaborator Jorge Romao, published the book "Neutrinos in High Energy and Astroparticle Physics", where they provide a modern description of the Standard Model and its main extensions from the perspective of neutrino physics.

The ANTARES neutrino telescope is as of today the most sensitive detector of its kind to neutrinos coming from the self-annihilation of WIMPs in the centre of the Galaxy and has a very competitive performance as well for those coming from the Sun. We congratulate Juande Zornoza, co-convener also of one of the MultiDark working groups, for his new appointment.

The Fermi LAT Collaboration has just reported on a new analysis of 15 dwarf spheroidal galaxies using 5 years of data. The new limits on the dark matter annihilation cross section considerably improve upon previous results, and stand as the best and more robust limits at present coming from indirect detection.

MultiDark is involved in this work through some of its members. You can find world maps that show the number of users and queries per country of our cosmology simulation database. A lot of discussions to plan the new suite of MultiDark simulations for future large-area surveys; including more content for the MultiDark Database. Korea from October 10 to 21, D. Collar, M. Heinmeyer, J. Iocco, G. Lambard, R.

Mambrini, M. Morselli, C. Sarsa, O. Seto, J. Miguel A. MultiDark members are deeply involved in the construction of the instrument. It has been launched on August 24th. Worldwide international students attended the school. MultiDark in the magic sector of the Tour de France! Coorganized and sponsored by MultiDark. It summarizes the activities and collaborations carried out during the last years. Que si rusa, que si sueca. Cada semana o mes iRevista. La cueva de las momias.

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