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This is part of Walker's journal of the expedition, and covers the period from the day he left Macintosh's Station, on the Nogoa, to that of his arrival at the Albert River, Gulf of Carpentaria, i. Curtis' reminiscences of Edgar Wallace. Curtis was Wallace's secretary for many years. There is some excellent worldbuilding going on here. Larke has put a lot of thought into the economics and politics of the situation, and like any other good writer is reflected present day concerns.

Taquar reminds me a lot of a modern-day merchant banker, not caring how much of the economy he destroys as long as, at the end of it all, he ends up with most of the wealth and power. The Reduners, as the desert tribesmen are known, have political ideals similar to those hardline environmentalists who believe that only destroying civilization can save the planet, and they are being whipped forward by an ambitious revolutionary also out for personal power.

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A key point that Larke makes is that there are no easy answers, and few obvious villains. The society of the southern cities is deeply unjust, and yet without the magicians everyone is in trouble. The debates between Shale and Ravard, a young Reduner warlord from the same sort of background as our hero, as to whether the powerful can ever rule fairly are doubtless reproduced in student debates the world over.

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Larke pulls few punches. The first book ends with a full-blow Reduner invasion. Lots of people die. It is a large, fast, voracious insect that will literally eat its way into your flesh, usually through the eye, and kill you. The only protection is scent-based. If you are wearing the right perfume, the ziggers will leave you alone. Anyone who thinks these books are soft, girly stuff needs to read a few passages about zigger attacks.


Along the way there is much interesting material. We also discover that, unlike the rest of the characters in the book, the people from the salt plains have fair skin and hair, and everyone is suspicious of them. The thing that comes through to me most clearly about this series is that, if you could find an acceptable scientific explanation for the powers of the various magicians in the book, the series would be totally science fiction.

It is pretty clearly set in a future version of our own world — the clues are all there in the final volume. The way that the magic works has all been logically worked out. The main themes of the books are politics, economics and environmentalism. The nearest comparison I can think of is Kim Stanley Robinson.

I enjoyed reading this review. To say that Ms. Sorry to nitpick over a few words, but I was really thrown off, thinking you meant that this is NOT the fiction she wants to be writing. The more I think about it, the more I think you were talking about her work being labeled.

I have no idea whether Glenda would like to write hard SF. However, as with all midlist writers, she has to be able to sell books to publishers, and everything I hear from my women writer friends is that there is pressure on them to write to a market.