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Let me give you a parable. A man built a beautiful home and furnished it with the very best of carpets, furniture, appliances, all that money could buy. Within its walls he kept his fine automobiles and his expensive jewelry. Then, fearful of intruders who might enter and rob him, he had installed expensive dead-bolt locks so that he had to use a key to get out as well as to get in. He put bars on the windows and doors and was like a prisoner looking out of his own home, as one might do out of a jail.

He installed costly electronic surveillance devices to turn on lights and set off sirens should any unwelcome intruder enter. He landscaped largely without trees or shrubbery so there would be no place for a thief to hide. But what he did not realize is that neither bars nor dead bolts, neither lights nor sirens nor anything of the kind would have the slightest effect on intruders of another variety who could destroy his life and the lives of his family.

He found himself to be his own prisoner, locked in a cell of despair and misery. He allowed the Goliaths of his life to overpower him. I know it is an old subject and one that has been dealt with much. But I repeat it again: Guard your homes. How foolish it seems to install bars and bolts and electronic devices against thieves and molesters while more insidious intruders stealthily enter and despoil. Avoid pornography as you would a plague. I recall an assignment some years back to restore the blessings of a man who had been excommunicated from the Church because of his sin. He came to my office with his wife.

I spoke with them individually. I asked him how it all began. He held a responsible position in the Church. He was likewise a professional man with high responsibility in the community. His trouble began, he said, when he picked up a pornographic magazine to read on the plane. It intrigued him. It appealed to him. He found himself buying more of these things. Then he sought out movies which titillated him and excited him.

Knowing his wife would be a party to none of this, he went alone. He found occasion to leave town and go to other cities where he could more easily indulge his desires. He then found excuses to stay late at his office and asked his secretary to stay with him. One thing led to another until he succumbed. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he sat across the desk from me and cursed the day he had read that first magazine.

He spoke of his love for the wife who had forgiven him and remained true to him. He spoke of his love for his children, who had been shamed and embarrassed by his actions. He told of the hell through which he had walked from the time of his excommunication. He spoke of his love for the Church and his desire to enjoy again its full blessings. In the presence of his wife, I placed my hands upon his head and in the authority of the holy priesthood restored his priesthood, his temple endowment, his temple sealing, and all other blessings which he had formerly held.

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This strong man sobbed like a baby under my hands while his wife, with her hand in his, wept like a child. This includes walks in cities, architecture, restaurants, bars, cars, stores, magazines, and mostly just working.

How This Productivity Hack Is Necessary

I love the process--I am always excited to start new projects and investigate the next idea. People always ask how I come up with so many designs, but in fact it is hard for me not to because everything I see and experience excites me. Because I am driven by what's next, I am very fortunate to be so engaged by the challenge and its process. It is not meditation, and it is not a religious practice of any kind.

It's derived from the art of silence I learnt from my grandfather at a very young age. My grandfather believed that abstaining from speaking brought him inner peace and made him a better listener.

We speak to the fans whose love for a particular artist pushed them back from the brink.

I have been practicing the Sphere of Silence for most of my life now and attribute my success to it. I find that practicing the SOS is the ultimate weapon against the assault on our senses and the insanity that prevails around us today. To many, it may seem that no quiet could exist amidst the din and racket of an ever-blaring world. Practice it for 21 days and it becomes a habit. The silence and introspection make you a better you, because it helps you channel your energies to maximum effect.

I put pen to paper and write down the things which are important to me, the things that were both good and bad during my day, and ideas on how I can improve. I write lists, goals, gratitude, and sometimes write to simply vent my frustrations. Writing requires engagement from both sides of my brain, making the brainstorming or problem-solving process more complete and innovative.

Further, writing is crucial when it comes to settling emotional reactivity. It unwinds emotions caused by stress or conflict by providing a much needed disconnect from the daily grind of consistent talking, emailing, taking calls, and other distractions, which come along with electronic devices.

I deeply value the process of writing because it puts me in touch with the more existential aspects of life, reminding me of the bigger picture I am striving for. Sherrie Campbell, a nationally recognized expert in clinical psychology; speaker; former radio host of the Dr. On the fauna front, I bring my three fur-babies--my dogs--to the office every day.

The Productivity Hack That Changied My Life | Everyday Power

I find that the research stands true--pets in the office reduce stress and increase collaboration! Those are sad symptoms of living in our society. At its worst, stress is making us sick, but it's also sapping our productivity and stealing our success. The irony is that what's causing our stress--the pace of life and the never-ending demands--are the very things that keep us from doing something about it. We're busy taking care of business, and for many of us, self-care is one of the first things that come off our list.

I think that's a big mistake and comes with a heavy cost, which is why I dedicate time every day, to taking care of myself no matter what's going on.

The Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit) (Official Music Video)

That might be a massage, but it can also be a run outdoors or a walk on the beach, talking to my kids, or just taking a few minutes to close my eyes and take some deep breaths. The point is to make it a daily habit. Always have three books open and I personally prefer physical books over e-readers. I take the weekends off and I believe in regular, relaxing vacations.

Dirty Dancing - (I've Had) The Time Of My Life Lyrics

However, these are activities that I do for their positive mental effects. If I begin reading a book in order to become better in my field, should I count that? It also helps general positivity to space out work and to switch tasks in your mind. Going immediately from task to task or focusing on several at once can be very ineffective.

Reflect on your results. Look for patterns.


Confront yourself if your focus needs to be realigned. Be like Steve jobs and go for a walk to rewire your brain. As I left lunch with my mentor, belly full of fine Manhattan fare, I felt invigorated. Not just because this particular mentor is among the greatest people I know, but because I knew that what I was going to accomplish over the next few months from this productivity hack was going to be unlike anything I had been doing in the previous months.

I was dedicated to changing my ways and becoming more focused and productive than most people would dream to be.

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I dedicate a lot of my current success to doing this, and to having this list of tasks that I complete each day. Do you have any questions for me? Anything about this productivity hack that you need answered? Do you want to talk to me about anything else? Speak your mind in the comments below, and we can start an awesome conversation. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Put a different way, the average person spends only The Actual Productivity Hack Open up a spreadsheet. Create 4 columns. It would definitely be worth it.

Timeline of My Life

Here are my first two days: I had lunch with my mentor friend on Friday, the 27th and, excitedly, started this list the very next day. Instead, I spent way too much time on e-mails. Way too much.

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