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Like all good love triangle stories though it must come t To Nourish and Consume delivers in many ways a classic plot that almost every reader can relate to; love triangle that forces the protagonist to acknowledge identity issues and of course coming home again only to find that it has remained unchanged. Like all good love triangle stories though it must come to an end when eventually two members break off and leave the third devastated and forced to question his own views on love and relationships. That is exactly what happens when Jackie chooses, just after graduation, to marry Dabney simply because he is more financially endowed.

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Brain flees and finds that in the ten years that he is away from his home town he is unable to maintain intimate relationships. After ten years of trying to live and forget his love for both Jackie and Dabney, Brain Falk, our protagonist, takes us on a journey to discover himself, his true love and his connection to his home town. What Brain discovers when he returns home is not only does it seem that time has remained still in his home town, but all his emotional angst so to remains. Now he is forced to decide if he truly loved Jackie or if what he felt for Dabney was in fact love.

He also must open both his heart and mind to his new love interest Alissa and decide if he is ready to leave the past behind to fully engage himself in the relationship with Alissa. This novel had many fantastic lines, ones that were both poetic and universal. The kind that can only be produced by an author who both understands his characters and whom has taken time to play with language and make it gently flow with the mood of the novel see some of my favorites below in the Novel Moments section.

I found myself underlining and tweeting these fantastic moments often. All that being said I cannot help but be somewhat disappointed that the story did not always live up to those poetic moments. This novel is all about looking back and picking apart personal history to heal and move on and yet Brain and our narrator only superficially share the past with the reader. However, that is not to say the book is not worth reading.

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Although it is promoted as a novel for Generation Y it is more universal than the publisher and the author lead their readers to believe, simply because the overarching theme, love lost and found. Personally, I feel that if more time was spent building up the relationships of the characters the emotional impact of the return home would have been greater and the willing disconnection of Brain from Jackie in the end would have been more powerful.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy love triangles or coming of age stories while I would not really classify this book as a coming of age story it does contain some aspects of one that would intrigue those who enjoy typical coming of age stories. I had always noticed her in that way, even when we were children. To me Jackie had always evoked images such as apparition of a dream, or the subject of a portrait, or as the kind of feeling only written about in poems. Above me bright lines of sunlight streamed through the crooked limbs of the cottonwood trees and the rustling sound of the leaves came, riding on a light wind coming off the lake.

Sheltered from the curling breezes and feeling the warm sun on my face, all at once I began to feel happy and unafraid. In no way did this effect what I said about the book, the author or the rating that I gave the book. Any of us who have lived for a while have, unless we're extremely lucky, experienced the betrayal of a close friend and the heartbreak of a first love lost. Brian Falk comes home from Boston to Charleton, Illinois, the small town he grew up in, after spending 10 years away.

With one published novel under his belt, he is hoping that the return home will give him the inspiration and time to pen a second novel.

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Charleton is a town divided by the harbor. On one side, large rambling Victorians, home to moneyed summer residents. On the other, the smaller homes of the year-round, working- and middle-class residents. As a child, and through high school graduation, Brian's best friends were Dabney and Jackie, two of the summer visitors. He loved them both, and lived the winter months waiting for the storied summers when he was able to spend time with them. Their families introduced him to a different sort of life, with the privilege and culture that comes with lots of wealth.

Dabney, with his changeable moods, was always afraid and made up for it with bluster, loudness and aggression.

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Jackie, however, pushed down her fears and went through life barely skimming the surface of her own feelings. This story follows Brian as he attempts to come to terms with his feelings for both Dabney and Jackie. The loss of their friendship has caused him to be unable to commit to anyone else, and it is evident that he still has unresolved feelings for both of them. As the tale of their estrangement comes out in tantalizing pieces interspersed throughout the novel, we see Brian reacquaint himself with other old companions from his winters, including a special girl, Alissa who is the sister of another childhood friend.

As he begins to re-adjust to his new "old" life, he starts working with his father, a craftsman and builder of boats, and finds a somewhat creative outlet in freelancing for the local newspaper. When both Jackie and Dabney reappear, one at a time, into his new life, we experience his struggle to come to terms with his past. There are certain passages in this book that are so well-written that they were almost lyrical in quality.

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I love how the author drew his characters deftly and in small pieces. The reader gets to know each of the characters, and I felt almost personally invested in how Brian's story turned out.

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I really liked this book. Inulin, one prebiotic, is found in hundreds of plant foods, although in smaller amounts in some. Real Life.

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