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There are one or two things you can skip and, mathematically speaking, you could, technically, MAYBE, be able to beat the game of blackjack. Deviations are the best example.

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The problem is, at the core of this question is a desire for a shortcut. Blackjack is one of those things where, if you take a shortcut, it can potentially cost you your entire bankroll. Some casinos have better comps than others. We wrote a separate blog post all about this topic: How to Start a Blackjack Team. This is hotly-debated topic in the AP community.

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Most cover plays involve making a decision that is less than mathematically optimal in hopes of showing the casino that you are not counting cards. The problem is, we make money by making optimal plays.

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Blackjack is hard enough to beat without giving money back to the casino. Usually the people who are asking about cover are trying to find a way to last longer in the casino or to avoid back offs in general and we applaud the problem-solving attitude.

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Did we come to the casino to spend time in the casino or did we come to the casino to make money? There is no way of knowing how long the casino will let you play. You go into the casino and play for 5 hours and the casino backs you off. Did you make the right choice? We played very aggressively when we were running the Church Team.

We once tried to implement an elaborate cover scheme crafted by Ian Andersen in his landmark book Burning the Tables in Las Vegas. We ended up abandoning it and went back to blasting the casinos with both barrels. Because when we were using cover, we were still getting backed off and now we had less EV per hour. Nobody in the casino knows how to play proper basic strategy in the first place.

It might reduce back-offs but that comes at a cost. Other players would disagree with us and they are welcome to! For instance, back counting a table and wonging in when the count is good is a great way to camouflage your bet spread. Tour Membership. Become a Member.


Frequently Asked Questions Knowing how to thwart even the most sophisticated casino surveillance systems is key to getting in time at the tables. If you make so much money, why do you waste time training people? Is card counting illegal? Millions of players have learned how to play and win money at gambling following his no-nonsense practical advice. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. The main thing it adds to the collective literature on the game is the Dynamic Matrix Pro Count. The book features a lot of tables from my site in the chapter on basic strategy, used with permission. The analysis of the Pro Count is by Norm Wattenberger, and there is nobody I would trust more for that. At pages and a small font, this book is not light summer reading.

In all fairness, much of the content is in the form of tables, for a host of different blackjack rules, that are safely glossed over. I'd recommend this book for the serious student of the game, especially those interested in progressing to something stronger than a level-1 count. Golden Touch Blackjack introduces the Speed Count, an easy to use strategy, designed to bridge the gap between basic strategy and card counting.


There are no negative-value cards, true-count conversions, or tables of index numbers. It is unlikely that you will ever encounter a negative count. Fred Renzy says the advantage is between 0. One of these days I hope to simulate it myself. This is certainly a very unique kind of blackjack book. This book takes an irreverant look at various different facets of blackjack by arguably the cockiest known blackjack player. The advice given is mathematically sound, targeted to the beginning level counter. That, in my opinion, is an unforgivable act against his fellow man.

Dave, the bad karma will come back to you some day. I can't recommend this book because the basic strategy is incorrect.

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Where Patrick differs with the conventional basic strategy is to avoid doubling and splitting against strong dealer cards. Following his strategy will result is losing more over the long run, but also less short term bankroll volatility. Not much technical information but an enjoyable read. This book presents the Knock-Out count. It is a unbalanced counting system in which no running count to true count conversion is required. I respect the system and know many legitimate counters use it. This book follows the ups and downs of an eight week campaign of a card counter against the city.

Session by session the author takes you through both the financial and emotional ups and downs. This book is full of practical advice for survival as a card counter as well as being an enjoyable read.

Although a bit dated, this book is a classic by one of the greatest minds and most interesting characters in the world of blackjack. Move over John Patrick, you have some competition. Moore's book tells us we can beat blackjack by using an incorrect basic strategy combined with a betting system. If you want my opinion, stick to what the experts like Wong, Schlesinger, Braun, Griffin, and Snyder have been saying for years: start with a foundation in the basic strategy and then move onto card counting. It isn't easy but if there were an easier way then everyone would be doing it.

Meanwhile, my heart goes out to the tree that was cut down to make this book. At one time this was probably the best book on blackjack but it has since become dated. Revere has the best treatment of the basic strategy I have ever seen and explains clearly and mathematically his argument that you can make a lot of money at blackjack.

Many of the tables are in color, which makes memorization easier. His book contains three count strategies but his more powerful Plus-Minus or Point Count you have to order separately. Every book by Wong is truly outstanding but Professional Blackjack is his best, in my opinion. In the back are several appendices of interesting statistics. This book is not for the beginner but the gold standard on card counting.

This is everything you could ever need to know about Spanish 21, and Pontoon, as it is called in Australia. Included is a detailed card-counting strategy, the first ever in print for Spanish Despite the removal of tens, Spanish 21 is indeed countable. Read the book, and play it now, before the other side reads it too. Just as the title says this book in on the theory of blackjack. The book is very mathematically advanced and presumes a strong background in card counting. For the casual player or anybody who hates math I would recommend lighter reading.

This book seems to be the most respected source of information on how not to get barred as counter. He also gives a good treatment of the mechanics of card counting, including his own strategy.