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Find out in this new miniseries! And in the backup feature with story and art by Jeff Lemire, the Peacemaker is on a top-secret mission from Checkmate and Amanda Waller to find a mysterious weapon before the Russians can. But finding a club is not as easy as it looks, and when the girls keep finding themselves kicked out of the clubs they like, they must think outside of the box and go outside their comfort zones to avoid suspension. Just when they thought secret identities and balancing school with super-heroics were challenging enough! Meanwhile, the Terrible Trio has gained full control over Oracle and is forcing her to cater to their every whim.

But what happens when their puppet decides to cut her strings? Could this be the end of the Terrible Trio? But as powerful as he is, even the Flash might be no match for the Splitt and the mysterious False Face! But vanquishing such a fearsome opponent will have dire consequences, especially for one member of the team… ON SALE Their first two guesses: someone very close to Batman and the one hero that would make failure nearly impossible—Superman himself!

But Krang has planned this moment for years.

Andi Apollo Galactic Bounty Hunter Betrayed

She must deal with their gun-toting mercenaries, yakuza hit women and the masked bounty hunter Lock-Up. All while still carrying a price on her head. Is there a way she can collect both big prizes herself and still walk away alive? Plus, Mr. Victor Fries has only ever wanted one thing…to bring his wife Nora back to life in a healthy body. But how will Nora adjust to the new world she has missed? What happened when Metropolis became the city of a thousand heroes?

Someone in the city of Goliath is killing cops—robot cops, that is! The secret of Goliath will die along with their hope of escape unless the team can band together once again, just like the old days. When they decide that the best way to reclaim their power in the minds of men is to take to the streets to party, the motley parade of spirits, demons, and legends provokes an unimaginable existential hangover.

Witness the interrogation of the decade as Bruce Wayne tears into Superman to find the missing piece of the Leviathan puzzle they both need. Plus, the traitor within the team is revealed, Sam and the other Freedom Fighters launch their attack and the Cyborg Overman prepares for round two! Yes, Hal and Carol Ferris reunite sort of as they fight their way out of the improbable turn of events of the previous issue! In this place, the all-new and all-powerful Shadow Thief controls all. What hopes do a weakened Hawkman and Shade have against a god of shadows? One young woman may be about to find out, as a very unexpected domestic mishap leaves her in dire need of aid from Erzulie and Ogun… whether she knows it or not.

The Totality has shattered and its pieces have been tossed across space and time. Thus, the Justice League must also split apart, forming three search teams to comb the past, present, and future to re-combine the Totality before the Legion of Doom can get its villainous hands on the cosmic weapon.

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What allies will our heroes find in these other timelines? But in the past, there are the familiar faces of the Justice Society of America! Things are getting dangerous across the time stream. Circe has gathered her Injustice League Dark for a reason, and it is going to tear the world of magic apart! Just as Wonder Woman thought the realms of magic were back under control, a new witching war brought on by this unstoppable group of villains threatens to destroy everything. The entire Ghost Sector has been imprisoned and enslaved as a new realm of Apokolips, with Darkseid as its supreme ruler!

Returned to power, with reborn New Gods at his side and the Ghost Sector as an implacable fortress, Darkseid sets his sights on the remaining universe! Can anyone stand in his way? Where are Justice League Odyssey? While Lois must deal with her nowyear-old son making life-changing decisions, the two Questions—Renee Montoya and Vic Sage—try to understand their own confusing continuity. Time is almost up for Sycorax, and so the devil dares travel to where gods begin and end. Reiser is rampaging through a S. Labs facility, unleashed like never before.

Plus, where in the world are Artemis and Bizarro now? But when the mites conjure up the ultimate trans-dimensional menace for our heroes to battle, will even a League of Batmen and Society of Scoobies be enough to save their infinite Earths? Plus, can they unravel the mystery behind the shadowy figure known only as…Scrappy-Doo? But can this new family come together to stop the deadly all-new Monster Society? Oh, and what about that grave?

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The truth of who is in it will shake Supergirl to her very core! The greatest super heroes of the 32nd century have traveled back in time not just to meet the heroes who inspired them, but to make an offer…but to which hero? What dark secret did Lex tell Lois? But whodunit? And, like, whydunit? And…wait, when did Jimmy get a decoy of himself? Robin and the Teen Titans hunt the thief of magic…but are they looking in the wrong place? Refugees on Urloon. Melissa Aires. Tory Phoenix.

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Lone Wolf's Passion. Lone Wolf Chronicles. Captured by Three. April Andrews.

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