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Ample time will be given to the application of evolutionary techniques. Objectives: To explore methods of determining themes of soul growth To deepen the awareness of the subtle energies represented by the Signs and especially Chiron and the Transpersonal Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. To share techniques of evolutionary chart analysis. Dennis reserves the right to redirect applicants to previous level of study. Those who complete this class will learn the basic principles of Esoteric Astrology that will prepare one for further self study of materials written by key authors.

At the end of the course students will have an enhanced understanding of the Ray energies behind the Signs and Planets which will deepen their appreciation for the Divine Science. I have two words to describe his teaching - 'crystal clear. I've had maybe readings over the 20 years, it has always seemed much like Greek to me--and while it made some sense during the reading, I rarely found anything I could take away and "work" with. What I liked so much about your lecture was the fact that you made astrology seem comprehensible and spoke to the more esoteric aspects of existence I could feel you including other realms as you talked.

Astrology Ib: Going Deeper. This is a continuation of Astrology I. It's about , Sedna years since the Earth was created, and roughly 20 Sedna years since people who are recognisably human first walked the earth. By mid-Sedna year, when she was in Libra and approaching the full moon phase of her orbital cycle, almost as far from Earth as possible, the first fully developed manifestation of the Neolithic revolution could be seen in the Middle Eastern Sumerian cities where it first emerged, also heralding the beginning of the Bronze Age. The movement of Sedna into Scorpio, the sign of sex and death, around BC, signalled the rise of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation, with the building of the pyramids and a religion which was in essence a cult of the dead.

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During the Sagittarius sojourn, in the sign of law and education, the Greek Miracle brought forth the early sciences, the arts and the concept of democracy. Jump forward to modern times, and for a hundred years prior to , the transit of Sedna through Aries the sign of will, force and war saw the World Wars of the first half of the 20th century and the growing threat and reality of atomic war. With the Sedna ingress into Taurus in , the emphasis turned to money and property, to greed and questions of value. To the slogan "make love, not war", to environmentalism and global warming, which have become driving economic factors in modern times.

We're currently in what we're calling a digital revolution, the Sedna in Taurus phase. And with Sedna's entry into Gemini in , it is likely that this will morph more into a consciousness revolution. That's a bold and, dare I say it, hopeful claim, and anything I write about Sedna in Gemini at this stage is pure speculation. But because the sign is Gemini, we do know that it's going to have to do with the mind, with intellectual debate, opinions, and communication. One of the discovery events of , which I link to Sedna, is the development of neural networks, which is the basis of Artificial Intelligence.

Ray Kurzweil is a scientist, inventor and futurist, who made a series of predictions in the s. All his predictions to date have been realised. So here are some for this Gemini period:. By the s, non-biological intelligence will be a billion times more capable than biological intelligence.

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Nanotech foglets micro-robots — known as 'smart material' will be able to make food out of thin air and create any object in the physical world at a whim. By , we will multiply our intelligence a billion-fold by linking wirelessly from our neocortex to a synthetic neocortex in the cloud. We see that Sedna in Gemini is going to be all about the rise of Artificial Intelligence which will inevitably promote a consciousness revolution. And a consciousness revolution is a spiritual revolution.

Another way we derive meaning for newly discovered planets is to look at the myth behind the name of the planet. Sedna was named after the Inuit goddess of the sea, and interestingly the Inuits did not believe in divinity: to them the gods were alive and part of this world, not dead and in heaven as we tend to think of them. The varying legends each give different rationales for Sedna's transcendence, but in each version, her father, or 'the people', take her to sea in a boat and throw her overboard.

In each she clings to her old life and her fingers are chopped off before she lets go. And in each version she sinks to the bottom of the sea, becoming the sea goddess, worshipped by hunters who depend on her goodwill to supply food. Many of the traditional astrological interpretations of the Sedna myth focus on the unconscious actions which led her to her transcendence and her father's role in this process, emphasising the victimisation and sacrificial interpretations of the planet.

However, interpretations which focus on Sedna's attempts to stay on the boat of reality, and calling her a victim, forget that she transcended to godhood through this process. Transcendence is not victimisation; and the two may only be confused if we desperately hang onto the old reality. One of the case studies in my book Sedna Consciousness is Edgar Cayce, the father of modern wholistic medicine.

We get a hint from him that Sedna combines heredity, evolutionary change and spiritual development into a unitary worldview.

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That is why I call subtitle my book 'The Soul's Path of Destiny', because, if we accept the idea of past lives, our soul's path of destiny over those lifetimes would combine aspects of heredity and evolutionary change with the spiritual growth of the soul. And from the myth we get the idea that it relates to various unconscious experiences which come from our heredity, that will push us to a painful crisis of transcendence, where we are forced to let go of our old spiritual framework and rise to a new consciousness.

Legendary humanistic astrologer Dane Rudhyar posited that there were three different levels on which each planet could operate depending on the evolution of our consciousness. The vast majority of us are at the beginners' level and we will manifest the energy of Sedna from a position of being buried in the dysfunctional swamp of density. Largely unconscious of the all-encompassing spiritual energy of the planet, we are likely only to notice it when it jolts our reality, to correct some imbalance in our lives by bringing us illness or victimisation, like the judder strip or 'sleeping policeman' on the road, to steer us back onto the true path of our soul's destiny.

At the intermediate level, we tire of density and the grief it creates, and we start a spiritual journey to get out of the swamp. This is the key to working with Sedna: she wants to get us on a spiritual path or recognise the spiritual path that we're on.

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Then she hits us with transcendent crises, experiences which force us to let go and rise above them, resulting in a huge growth to a new level of consciousness. There is no choice with these crises and the more we try and solve them the more we will get hurt. At this juncture in human evolution, few people use their planets at the spiritual level, but such people are wonderful to be around. The well-known pattern with the other planets is that the spiritual level is vastly different from the two previous levels and this is also true for Sedna.

Here the struggle of the beginners' level is gone, as are the transcendental crises of the intermediate level.

Sedna Consciousness: The Soul's Path of Destiny

The only way to determine the Ascendant is to have a computer print-out of your natal chart. Since the Sun represents your Soul in esoteric astrology, you can learn the overall intent of your Soul by knowing its Ray. Learning about one or two Rays on which you are functioning is simply a beginning. There is always much more to learn! Understanding your family members as unique human beings with specific soul intentions is also helpful.


Soul Level: The use of spiritual will for the benefit of the collective; power utilized for the purpose of enhancing unity and beauty; the expression of will for the purposes and well-being of the group. Personality Level: Ray of soldier, statesman, ruler, explorer, leader, government, politics, and administration. General positive Traits: Courage, diligence, quick discernment, leadership abilities , inspires others, adventurous, not dismayed by initial failures, but remains persistent until goal is achieved.

General Character Difficulties: Limitless ambition, uses will for selfish purposes, manipulative of others through personal power, easy to anger, cannot take criticism, strong sense of personal pride. To Be Cultivated: Compassion, humility, tolerance, caring, sympathy.

It represents the cohesive force in the universe. The Second Ray instills cooperation between people, philanthropy, and the urge to serve. Personality Level: Ray of teachers, people in the healing and service professions. General Positive Traits: Naturally sympathetic and compassionate; eager to be of assistance; generous and philanthropic; calm, strong, and patient when dealing with the daily situations of life; faithful and reliable; lovers of truth who are very intuitive by nature.

To Be Cultivated: Faith in love as the healing force in life. The Third is the Active Intelligence of Divinity, and represents the inherent intelligence within all matter. All of humanity is strongly governed by the Third Ray. The Ray of activity. People who are closely connected to the Third Ray are very much on the go. Soul Level: The birthing of ideas to benefit humanity; the structuring of time and activities to allow for group energies to flourish; inherent, objective intelligence ready to be used in service to humanity in all ways.

Personality Level: Ray of the astrologer, scholar, judge, banker, economist, chess master, abstract thinker. General Positive Traits: Adaptability, clear intellect, articulate speech, and ease in communicating ideas; business skills; ability to plan in advance in logical ways; a fine capacity not to worry oneself or others about insignificant matters.

The Fourth Ray leads to that type of discrimination required for the life of the Soul and the way of service. It is thus the Ray of trial and error, so that we may move from the unreal to the real. The Fourth is the Ray of struggle, and those people who are especially connected to it will find a very special duality appearing in their lives. As the Ray of the artist, the Fourth is especially connected to color. People who are closely associated with this Ray may find themselves with tremendous gifts.