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The atmosphere in my office is dire because colleagues are divided over referendum result. She has a degree and income from her would be welcome. I want to find her a job she would enjoy. This is a demeaning practice but my colleagues will see me as a whinger if I complain. My colleagues are making sarcastic remarks when my parcels arrive.

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At the very least I think we ought to split the rent pro rata. That milk in the office fridge is mine.

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So many gynaecologists are women, I feel like a dinosaur on the edge of extinction. I want to pick up my children two days a week but I fear it may damage my prospects. My slim teenage trainee is now a middle-aged director whose waistline is expanding. Choose your FT trial. Dear Lucy. Add to myFT Digest. Tuesday, 8 November, Managing yourself. How do I stop whistling workmates? Tuesday, 11 October, Must I match my coiffed New York colleagues? Tuesday, 27 September, Will Brexit hurt my legal career?

Wednesday, 14 September, FT Guides How to take a holiday from work.

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Should we cancel the safari? Tuesday, 13 September, Wednesday, 31 August, Lucy Kellaway.

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Often, this was the only thing families received back, in relation to their loved ones at the front; no personal belongings and no body to bury. In the programme, the creatives explain that Dear Lucy… is still a work in progress and this is particularly noticeable in the second part of the play, when the emotional impact seems less. Here, we see the young protagonist resolutely getting on with her daily routine, whilst putting on a brave face in front of her family and friends.

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However touching, the presentation of these events would benefit from a more theatrical dramatization. What really stuck me about this play, though, was the demographic of the audience, which was mainly composed of men and women in their fifties and over. Contact us Members Zone. Summary Rating. Four generations of women pick up the pieces of what was lost during the first World War.

Dear Lucy, So I'm bored to the point of snoring 'Cause some dork caught the flu this morning. And decided not to join me in math today So I'm writing you this letter To say I hope you're getting better But you missed out on Mr. Jenkins pull a classic "Mr.

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It was a good thing, it was a good night, it was the best night- It was my first time- And now I see We have a little bit more together And I know we've been friends forever But the truth is- And I'm not afraid to say it- I love you, Lucy More than you will know Can't get you out of my mind Out of my mind Out of my mind Out of my mind It's silly how this skinny little fillin' of vanilla flavor'd ever have a chance with you But it's thrilling Feels like every second's killing me unwillingly, I swear, it's like a million little dreams come true But I can't get with it Until you admit it That you love me- Lucy, do you love me, too?

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