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I love you, they love you, and I love you, we just keep on saying we love you.

I’ll Never Smile Again

Frank Sinatra: I have been honored in my lifetime, twice. First time by the police department of Hoboken New Jersey, and a few days later my old man took care of the job. I felt badly for him at the time. Obviously, Sinatra does not want it to end, and they repeat the last part twice. A moment that will not be relived again. It was American history, at this very special Society Of Singers night…. Jack Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen, no show about singers would be complete without a performance for one of the truly great vocal artists, the silver throat of Nathan Birnbaum ladies and gentlemen.

George Burns: Thank you for the standing ovation. Look, if I can stand, you can stand. Frank Sinatra recorded Young At Heart years ago and sold millions and millions and millions. At my age you can follow anybody. Tony Bennett: Oh boy, what a beautiful night, what a magnificent night. Frank Sinatra asked me to sing this song and I love it. It is a magnificent, wonderful song. A special part of the Society Of Singers show awaits us after this great performance, and Peggy Lee shares her memories and sings a song for Sinatra.

Peggy Lee: Hello Frank.

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You built yours and I built mine upon a hill, and a lot of wonderful things happened there. I even remember the firecrackers you used to set off about three or something in the morning. First it frightened me but then I realized it was Francis Albert up there.

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With Jimmy Van Heusen and all the gang. So emotional, so beautiful. A moment captured in time, reminding us that the world is full of beauties, and nostalgia is a powerful feeling that strike our hearts. And with these videos, it is timeless, it is immortal. Frances Langford introduces the ladies that sang with the big bands and a marvelous sequence of performances start. At the age of 68, her voice and how good she looks while singing is wonderful.

Stewe Lawrence: For many years, Frank Sinatra has received many awards for his artistic achievements as a singer, as a performer and as an actor. But there is another creative side of Frank that is generally now too well known. Now besides singing a lot of great songs, he also wrote quite a few of them. It is not common for this song to be performed live, with Sinatra in the same room, which makes it more special.

Frank Sinatra: May I thank you, fellow singers and performers. I love you. I had a great time tonight, I really did. On special events section, you can see the following:. And on the youtube page of Society of Singers, there are some short videos from certain nights you might find interesting.

And on the shop page of Society of Singers website, you can purchase items to support the Society of Singers group and help their cause. The Sky Fell Down 2. Too Romantic 3. Shake Down the Stars 4. Moments in the Moonlight 5. Say It 7. Polka Dots and Moonbeams 8. Fable of the Rose 9. This Is the Beginning of the End Hear My Song, Violetta Devil May Care April Played the Fiddle Imagination Yours Is My Heart Alone East of the Sun And West of the Moon Head on My Pillow All This and Heaven Too The Sky Fell Down , a very smooth piece, is sang by Frank Sinatra very well, and always is a great alternative to his popular songs.

Well performed and recommended. Too Romantic , again a great example. Hard to realize how fast the song plays, quite enjoyable. The song also includes good saxophone parts, simply beautiful orchestration. Moments In The Moonlight: I find the trombone parts at the beginning and end too much and loud, but when Frank Sinatra starts to sing, his talent makes it unimportant for me.

Very hard to describe the beauty of this song with words. Excellent performance and orchestration. Say It can be considered as an unpopular song of Sinatra.

I'll Never Smile Again Lyrics by Frank Sinatra

Arrangement of finishing section could be better. Polka Dots And Moonbeams is definitely one of my favorites, waiting for many people to be discovered. Sinatra loves to put emphasis on lyrics a lot, but when it is this fast, song loses a lot of its meaning, if it has any potential. Fools rush in, where wise men never go. But wise men never fall in love, so how are they to know?

Just amazing, a must. Devil May Care begins with an ordinary arrangement of big band era songs. Nothing special, but worth a try. All News Daily Roundup. Album Reviews Song Reviews. Song Lyrics. Review: RIFF-it.

Missing lyrics by The Pied Pipers?

RIFF-it good. Listen while you read! Add Comment. Dolores 3. I'll Never Smile Again 5. In the Blue of Evening 6. Stardust 8. The Song Is You 9.

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