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The truth about filters E-cigarettes Light smoking Why do I smoke? Smoking is an addiction Get support.

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Don't give up. Smoking is an addiction. Get support. Don't give up! The Quitline — A program with experience, care and expertise. Learn more. Healthcare support — Most health plans cover stop—smoking medications.

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Popular content. Medications Stop-smoking medications are proven to help. Which is right for you? Why do I smoke? Quitting smoking is hard to do and here's why Health insurance benefits Your healthcare plan covers more than you think.

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How to quit Practice makes perfect. While taking a drag on a cigarette makes you feel good and relaxed at first, over time your brain adjusts to the stimulation caused by nicotine. So you need more nicotine to get that same feeling and eventually you need nicotine just to feel normal. No two people have the same experience quitting smoking. Some people find they can quit with little or no withdrawal symptoms, and others have a really tough time quitting. Here are a few reasons some people might find quitting smoking more difficult than others.

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Genetics — Some people are naturally more susceptible to addiction and therefore become hooked easier and can have a harder time quitting. How Addicted You Are — Not everybody has the same level of addiction. Those who are more addicted often require more support to successfully quit smoking. How Motivated You Are — How motivated you are to quit smoking can play a big role in your quit success. Timing — When there are other stressful things happening in your life it can be very difficult to successfully quit smoking.

Whatever your goal is, our program will help you reach it. Addiction — When you smoke, your body develops a physical addiction to nicotine that means it needs nicotine to feel normal. An important part of quitting smoking is to begin associating these routines or triggers with things besides reaching for a cigarette. The MyQuit program will help you learn more about what kind of smoker you are and teach you techniques that will significantly increase your chances of succeeding. Quit smoking medications have been shown to double or triple your chances of successfully quitting smoking. These medications are safe to use and can help manage cravings and other feelings of withdrawal while you get used to life as a non-smoker.

While medication usage will vary from person to person, they are typically used for weeks. NRT helps to reduce your withdrawal symptoms, like cravings to smoke, anxiety, irritability, and headaches that commonly occur when trying to quit smoking. NRT comes in the form of patch, inhaler, gum, lozenge, or mouth spray. Each form can be used alone, but many people use two or more forms of NRT to help them quit. The type, amount, and length of NRT treatment can be changed to meet your needs.

Zyban also known as bupropion is another pill option. Zyban helps reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms by changing the levels of naturally occurring chemicals in the brain. Champix also known as varenicline comes in pill form.

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It works by stimulating the nicotine receptors in your body to reduce both cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Many patients find it takes away the satisfaction you get from smoking. You may feel tightness in your throat or stomach, accompanied by feelings of tension or mild anxiety. The intensity of cravings usually decreases over a week period. So the trick is to delay long enough for the craving to pass.

Here are some tips to remember when you feel the urge to smoke. Along with experiencing regular cravings when you quit smoking, many people have triggers that cause them to reach for a cigarette.

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By first understanding your triggers and then changing your routines, you will dramatically increase your chances of success. Here are some possible triggers you might have. One of the most underused sources of support when quitting smoking comes from family and friends. The fact of the matter is though, that telling close friends and family about your quit attempt can increase your odds of succeeding.

When you decide to quit, show your friends and family members the Support section of this website. It will give them great tips on how they can help you through your journey. Slips and relapses are a very common part of quitting. Here are some tips that can help you prevent a relapse and keep you on the right track to successfully quitting. There are many benefits to being active when planning to quit. Eating healthy when quitting can be a great way to manage your weight and get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Learn All About Quitting Smoking. Learn about Quitting.

How Addiction Works. Why do some people find it easier than others to quit? How You Quit is Personal. Benefits of Quitting Smoking. Benefits to Lifestyle: More money to spend More time to spend with family and friends Food will taste better Sense of smell will be improved. Think the damage has already been done?

Take a look at this chart to see just how quickly your body can recover when you quit smoking.