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The Profound Presence of Doria Ragland

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What the Google-Genius Copyright Dispute Is Really About

Dylan has released 36 studio and 6 live albums since he first knocked the socks off the folk music world in , and his lyrics, which have a way of colonizing entire lobes of the brains of Dylan aficionados, have been collected in bound form before. Ricks describes their design as inspired and lauds their creation of a format that allowed the three editors to present the lyrics graphically, with the rhymes and emphasis true to the songs as they are heard. Do the lyrics stand on their own as poetry? Ricks likens the question to asking whether it would be edifying for someone to read only the screenplay of Citizen Kane.

And with Dylan, a song may be altered with different instrumentation or different words during its long life, to the point where it is less a version of a song than a new song. Dylan and his agents approved both the text and the design of the book, and offered any material or information that Ricks and the Nemrows needed to get it right, they say. Beyond a reverence for Dylan, the book reflects a partnership born at BU, and a shared commitment to timeless words and craftsmanship.

Bob Marley: Lyrical Genius - Kwame Senu Neville Dawes - Google книги

My copy arrives this or next week. No matter what any other artist creates, this will remain the most important book I own and will become an heirloom for the generations that come after me. The harp illustration on the cover says what every word in the book cannot. How could Genius be so sure the lyrics on Google came from its community? Its engineers employed a clever trick, as The Wall Street Journal reported: They boobytrapped a selection of their transcripts, secretly embedding a watermark in order to track who copied their lyrics across the web.

But the day after the story published, Genius noticed something: The watermark had disappeared on most of those lyrics now on Google. Now, for most of the songs that Genius had sent the Journal , all the apostrophes are straight in Google results.

Bipolar Disorder and Creativity: “Madness versus Genius”

Had Google tried to scrub the evidence of its pilfering? Google is still displaying lyrics copied from Genius.

The engineering team at Genius has been keeping track of what appears on Google lyrics One Boxes since last October, scraping and caching hundreds of Google song lyrics results every day. So they went and looked back at the daily caches to see when the watermark disappeared. They found that the watermark had been present on all the sample lyrics until June 12, and then it disappeared on June Though the WSJ story published on June 16, Genius says it had been in contact with WSJ reporters before June 12, raising the possibility that the watermark was scrubbed after being reached for comment by journalists.

When reached for comment, Google denied making any changes.

It pointed WIRED to Canadian-based lyric transcription service LyricFind, which on Monday publicly took the blame for the Genius watermark showing up on Google Search pages while refuting the framing of most of the reporting on the issue. So is the watermark disappearing proof that someone was trying to cover their tracks, as Genius suggests, or that LyricFind was actually removing Genius-sourced lyrics from its database, as its CEO seems to be suggesting? If the lyrics were now being sourced from somewhere else, they presume there would be other differences, like typos or dissimilar words or punctuation.

Microsoft Bing and Amazon Music also appear to have Genius-watermarked lyrics. Microsoft has not responded to a request for comment. The publishers and songwriters do. Rather, they license them and print them with permission. Both Genius and Google hold a license from the music publishers to print song lyrics.


Genius underscores that it has grown up a lot since then. A spokesperson says it now works closely with the industry to ensure songwriters make money when Genius makes money. One of its original fiercest critics , songwriter David Lowery, came out in support of Genius this week. Even if Genius has no copyright claim here, Google or its contractors copying from Genius still might be unfair from a competition standpoint. Is Google entering an unrelated market i.

When you search Google for the answer to a math question, and the search engine completes the equation for you rather than surfacing a calculator, is that anticompetitive with calculator sites? When it comes to things like reviews sites or travel booking, the anticompetitiveness argument is easier to make—as the likes of Yelp and the travel industry repeatedly have. Genius says traffic from Google to its site has dropped since Google began surfacing lyrics on its search results pages.