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If you write something in pencil or pen on paper, you can easily erase it if you decide to change it later.

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If you write something on a computer, you can easily delete your work and start from scratch. In the Bible, the book of Exodus recalls that there were two sets of commandments. The first set of commandments were extolled in stone by God but were then smashed by Moses when, upon his return from Mount Sinai, he saw the Children of Israel worshipping an idol. The second set of commandments were later cut by Moses and rewritten by God. According to traditional Jewish teachings, those sacred stone tablets were made of blue sapphire to serve as a symbolic reminder of the heavens and His throne.

This phrase first came to widespread popularity in the 18th century, when people started to make tombstones out of stone and granite. Setting something in stone is traditionally known to be the most permanent choice, but our culture has moved away from using materials such as marble, slate, or wood for headstones.

Civil War battlegrounds paved the way for endless wooden crosses. Soon thereafter, deceased soldiers were memorialized in stone tombs. Granite became a preferred material. New England was well-known for plentiful rock that made gravestones easier to make and shipping more convenient.

Grave markers also began to take thin, rectangular shapes during this era. After the Industrial Revolution, the 20th century served as a bridge between fabrication methods of the past and methods of the future.

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At the beginning, headstones were still cut by hand and polished using ancient techniques that left stone susceptible to corrosion and decay. Over time, machines became widely popular for cutting and finishing stone with perfect regularity, giving way to complex shapes and intricate customization options. In fact, true granite employs the best grades of small-grained granite to create beautiful memorials that will remain intact with clear epitaphs for over years. Legacy Headstones offers beautiful and durable headstones that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Best of all, every headstone we produce is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

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We are much more than our circumstances. We are much more than our thoughts and emotions. Life does not happen to us. Life flows through us. Word in Definition. Princeton's WordNet 0.

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  • Numerology Chaldean Numerology The numerical value of set in stone in Chaldean Numerology is: 6 Pythagorean Numerology The numerical value of set in stone in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5. Examples of set in stone in a Sentence Holly Newman : The world is not set in stone. Environments change.

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    Jessica Paar : We were introduced recently to members of the Boston Committee and had a very preliminary conversation about collaborating on a special beer in the future, there's nothing set in stone. Mann : There are those who believe our fate is set in stone.

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