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Some machines have like 20 messages still on them. What kind of messages would you hear? There was this one guy named Peter, and his girlfriend left a message to say she was heading to the hospital. She called again to tell him the results of the EKG. On another machine I heard a message from a girl who called her ex-boyfriend to let him know that her mother had died.

Have you heard anything back from the exes featured in the Break-up Text paintings? That sounds like a nightmare. A part of inviting them was about revenge. None of them came, obviously. I am always amazed at what my students create. In addition to the templates for the project, there is a two page handout that explains the basics of the Declaration of Independence and the four parts. Your students will walk away from this project with a basic knowledge of the key parts of the document.

Included in the file are handouts that your students can write the breakup letters, or there is a link to a Google Slides Presentation where the students can type their letters out. This is what I use primary and the students enjoy it a lot more! For the "Facetime" option, your students will need to record on their own device and then add it to the Google Slides.

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How to break up with grace, dignity and eloquence

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In this Minisode Monday, recent guest Jenny …. In this episode: A listener sends supportive feedback …. In this Minisode Monday, recent guest Charles …. In this episode: Is quitting something stable you hate …. Paul Bloom paulbloomatyale is a developmental psychologist and author of the upcoming Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion. He joins …. This week we tackle one of the most overused …. In this episode: Is it possible to strike a balance …. The Art of Charm TheArtofCharm presents one of the most important tools in the toolbox: perfecting your elevator pitch -- a brief and memorable ….

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