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After death, our spirits will have the same attitudes, appetites, and desires we had at the time of our physical death on earth see Alma There are two major states or divisions among the spirits in the spirit world: paradise and spirit prison.

1. Report the Death

They can still choose good or evil and accept or reject the gospel. Heaven is generally understood to be the place where God dwells and where righteous people may eventually dwell. In this sense, it is different from the paradise of the spirit world.

In a general sense, it is the spiritual condition suffered by those who have rejected the gospel. Resurrection is the reuniting of spirit and body in a perfected, immortal state see Alma People will be resurrected at different times. Some righteous people have already been resurrected since that time. After the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, many more righteous people will be resurrected. During the Millennium, other good people will be resurrected. After the Millennium, the wicked will be resurrected.

Resurrected bodies are flesh and bone see Luke , immortal see Alma , perfect see Alma , glorious, and beautiful. Williams [], Jesus Christ will be our Judge see John , 27—29 ; Romans Some cultures and religions feel that being able to see the person who died offers a sense of closure, while some prohibit embalming and therefore effectively prohibit open-casket ceremonies. In some cases, depending on the cause of death, the cost and challenges of preparing the body to be viewed can be too great. While some funeral homes specialize in cosmetic restoration services, others may not have the resources to sufficiently prepare the body for viewing.

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You must also decide what clothing you want the person who died to be buried or cremated in, along with other belongings you want to have buried with the person. If the body will be cremated, keep in mind that any objects you'd like to save as keepsakes, such as jewelry or clothing, should be removed from the body prior to cremation.

10 Horrifying Things that Happened at Funerals

If you're planning a burial, you'll need a casket and a burial vault or grave liner. If you're planning a cremation, you'll need a cremation casket and an urn. All of these products will be available at the funeral home or cremation service. Transportation via hearse will be required to move the body from the funeral location to the cemetery, and the funeral home will provide and charge for this service. Transportation may be desired to get immediate family members from the funeral location to the cemetery in a funeral procession, and the funeral home can provide and will charge for this service, though you may also drive yourself.

The death penalty – your questions answered

Note : If you're working with a funeral home, the funeral director should be taking care of these arrangements. As these calls can be emotionally difficult, it can be helpful to develop a script, or jot down talking points, so you make sure you provide all necessary information. To get the word out to a larger audience, a death notice is a paid announcement you place in a newspaper or on a website that notifies people of the death and any services that will be held.

An obituary is an article written by a media outlet offering a biography of the person.

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Everplans Free Service : Funeral Update allows you to create a free funeral website with a personalized URL to share information about the funeral and surrounding events, notify your family and friends of the details, and update everyone at once if anything changes. If you need to purchase an outfit or have an outfit dry cleaned, these are tasks that someone else may be able to handle for you. Gather Personal Items : If a photograph or photographs of the person who died will be displayed at the service, collect those photos.

If you will have a guestbook at the service, remember to bring the guestbook and pens. It could also be a funeral director, or someone who has experience directing a funeral service. Choose Speakers and Write Eulogies : Be prepared that some people may decline a request to speak.

The death penalty – your questions answered | Amnesty International

Also be prepared for requests to speak from people you did not consider. Create Programs : Funeral programs usually contain the order of the service including the names of participants and any readings or musical pieces that are performed as well as an obituary. Purchase a Guestbook : Guestbooks allow the family to know who attended the funeral, and you may purchase one from the funeral home or from a stationery store.

Guestbooks are usually placed at the entrance to the service venue. Skip to main content. The Five Stages Of Grief. Funeral Traditions Of Different Religions. Report the Death You must report a death to the proper authorities to begin the death certification process, which is jointly completed by a doctor or coroner and a funeral director.

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When you have no other options, call If the person who died was an organ donor, inform the appropriate authorities so they can preserve the organs and prep them for donation. Prepare To Work With A Funeral Director You need to engage a funeral director to complete the death certificate and properly transport and store the remains.