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They were quite surprised when I spoke to the crowd that morning.

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They had no idea that I was the Pastor of the Church they had attended for the last month. It was probably better that way. Sometimes a title can be an impediment. Imagine what it must have been like for Jesus! How do you start a conversation with Jesus? If you were Jesus what would you say? The normal icebreakers are not going to work …. How does Jesus make a memorable first impression? Where do you begin when you are the Saviour of the world and Your purpose for coming is to form genuine trust relationships with others? How can you hope for initial rapport to be created?

At least Jesus knows one thing to avoid in starting a conversation…. Some say His disciples have a false understanding and He needs more time to teach them what the word Messiah really means.

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Others say He wants them to wait until the Holy Spirit comes to empower them before sharing who He is. Still others say that it would cause a riot to tell people that He is the Messiah and Jesus wants to avoid confrontation or an uprising. These reasons seem complicated and unnecessary. The simplest explanation is that Jesus is not interested in titles but in genuine interactions; in starting up a conversation with us where we can get to know Him without any frills. He wants us to come to a knowledge of the truth by meeting us where we are and allowing us to be open with Him. Philippians NLT gives great advice in starting a conversation.

Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.

Instead, He gave up His divine privileges; He took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being. Normally you can't expect miracles to take place in your first interactions with someone new … except when you start a conversation with Jesus. Some people say You are the prophetic voice of our time?

Great way to begin! But be warned - starting a conversation with Jesus could end up being a life-changing encounter. I wondered how many other people got to that question and just stayed there, not bothering to examine the truth claims of those religions and using common sense and the law of logic to narrow down the list. Well, I asked Jesus if he thought it was possible that only one of them could be right? He paused to think about my question. Many people are going to get it wrong. Does that mean the correct answer does not exist?

Now imagine you were accused of murder and sent before the judge to plead your case. I treated my customers fairly. I gave money to the needy. Please, look at all the good I have done and find me innocent of this crime. He might sentence me to death. If he did anything less, he would not be a good judge. We have all hated someone, so that makes us murderers. If you stood before a judge, you would be found guilty.

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Me too. We are all guilty. But, Jesus the carpenter paid the penalty for our crimes so we could be free. What kind of god is Allah that when a Muslim gets to heaven god dismisses the life-long list of crimes because he also did good things? That is not justice. That is not a good judge. This is not a good God. Every other religion would have mankind try to reach up to God, but with the Christian faith God reaches down to humanity.

It has nothing to do with our own merit. We can never be good enough to earn our way to heaven.

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This would not be a good judge. He must punish man for his sins, if He is good.

I could tell my maintenance friend was processing what I told him. Around that time I was grabbing a snack to eat. Truth was standing right there, staring him in the face! I think it depends on who you are. Maybe that is the absolute truth. By this time Jesus and I were standing on the back porch. When we apply this law to the claims of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity it means that one is right and the other two are wrong. Jesus cannot be both God and not God. The end goal of Buddhism is to rid oneself of all desires.

She had a 3 hour conversation with Jesus! Awesome testimony

Did you know that 11 out of the 12 disciples were murdered for their faith in Jesus? He spent another 40 days with them, preaching to the masses, before ascending to heaven.

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These disciples spent the rest of their lives telling everyone about this Savior. The disciples went to their death claiming they had seen Jesus in action and that He had come back from the dead. They were ultimately murdered for their belief.